10 Antonyms in English, 10 Opposite Words

10 Antonyms in English

In English, there are many words that have opposite meanings, called antonyms. Learning these opposite words is important to improve your English vocabulary. Here is a list of 10 common antonyms in English, with example sentences to help you understand the meaning.

10 Antonyms in English

Word Antonym-1 Antonym-2 Antonym-3
Asleep Conscious Attentive Awake
Advantage Harm Impotence Inferiority
Attention Disregard Lethargy Neglect
Ally Antagonist Detractor Foe
Admit Repudiate Expel Oust
Approval Denial Veto Refusal
Ancient Current Fresh New
Advance  Retire Behind Later
Accurate Indefinite Unreliable Faulty
Agree Reject Resist Object
Approached  Departed Leave Retreat
Ascend Drop Slump Decline
Alive Unconscious Sluggish Deceased
Accept Fail Deny Reject
Absence Plenty Existence Enough
Attack Flight Shelter Shield
Abundant Lacking Sparse Meager
Artificial Genuine Real Unaffected
Answer  Query Quiet Trouble

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