10 Examples of Common Nouns | What are common nouns?

10 Examples of Common Nouns

10 Examples of Common Nouns! A noun is a word that refers to a person, place, or thing. Nouns can be common or proper. Common nouns are everyday words that refer to general things, such as dog and cup. Proper nouns are specific names for people, places, and things, such as Mike and London. In this blog post, we will look at 10 common examples of nouns. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list!

What is a Common Noun? A common noun is a word that refers to a person, place, or thing in a general way. It is not specific, and typically does not include the article “the.” For example, the word “dog” is a common noun, while “The Dog” would be a proper noun.

10 Common Nouns

1. Person: John, Sarah, kid

2. Place: London, room, country

3. Thing: toy, computer, idea

4. Animal: lion, deer, snake

5. Plant: tree, rose, vine

6. Food: sandwich, cake, ice cream

7. Drink: water, juice, coffee

8. Object: ball, book, table

9. Event: party, holiday, wedding

10. Feelings: happiness, love, anger

Common Nouns in Examples

1) There are many types of animals in the world.

2) I live in a small town in England.

3) Do you want to go to the cinema tonight?

4) I don’t like spinach.

5) We went to Paris for our honeymoon.

6) My best friend is called Sarah.

7) I can’t find my keys!

8) A car hit a tree this morning.

9) I’m so excited for Christmas!

10) I’m feeling really angry right now.

As you can see, common nouns are everywhere in our everyday lives! We use them all the time, both in speaking and writing.