10 Most Common English Slang Words, Meaning and Examples

Common English Slang Words

10 Most Common English Slang Words, Meaning and Examples! In order to sound like a native English speaker, you need to know some common slang words. This article will list 10 of the most commonly used slang words, their meanings, and examples of how to use them. Keep in mind that not all of these words are appropriate for all settings – use your best judgement! 🙂

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Where to use these slangs words?

One place to use slang words is in casual conversation with friends. You can also use them when you are texting or messaging someone. Slang words can also be used in social media posts.

10 Slang Words, Meaning, and Examples

1) Dunno

Meaning: I don’t know

Example: “I dunno what to get John for his birthday.”

2) Fam

Meaning: Close friends or family

Example: “I’m going over to fam’s house for dinner.”

3) Lit

Meaning: Drunk

Example: “I got lit last night and now I’m paying for it.”

4) Woke

Meaning: Aware of current events and social issues

Example: “I’m trying to stay woke and learn more about the world.”

5) Bae

Meaning: Term of endearment for a romantic partner

Example: “Bae, I love you.”

6) Ship

Meaning: To support a romantic relationship

Example: “I ship John and Jane because they’re so cute together.”

7) Stan

Meaning: To be an extremely dedicated fan

Example: “I’m such a stan for Beyonce, I know all her songs by heart.”

8) Thirsty

Meaning: Desperate or horny

Example: “I’m thirsty AF right now.”

9) Snatched

Meaning: Looking good

Example: “Did you see Kim’s outfit? She looking snatched!”

10) Tea

Meaning: Gossip or information

Example: “I need the tea on what happened at the party last night.”

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