10 Opposite Words in English, Top 10 Opposite Words

10 Opposite words in English

Do you know your opposite words in English? They can be really useful, especially when you want to express a strong contrast. Here are the top 10 opposite words in English, with examples of how to use them. Can you think of any others? Let us know in the comments!

Top 10 Opposite Words in English

  • arrival– departure
  • arrest– free
  • argue– agree
  • above– below
  • allow– forbid
  • artificial– natural
  • arrive– depart
  • about– exactly
  • approximately– exactly
  • already– not yet

Opposite Words in Examples

1) arrival– departure

  • Upon my arrival she was shocked.
  • What is the time of departure.

2) arrest– free

  • He was arrested for armed robbery.
  • The hostages were finally set free.

3) argue– agree

  • I argued with him about the bill.
  • We all agreed that it was a great film.

4) above– below

  • The box was too heavy to lift above my head.
  • I can’t reach the book, it’s just below my grasp.

5) allow– forbid

  • You are allowed one carry-on bag per person.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in this building.

6) artificial– natural

  • Is that an artificial or a natural Christmas tree?
  • I prefer natural fabrics to artificial ones.

7) arrive– depart

  • When will you arrive in New York?
  • The train departs at 6:00 p.m.

8) about– exactly

  • I have a few questions about the project.
  • Can you tell me exactly how many people were there?

9) approximately– exactly

  • Approximately how much money did you spend?
  • I know exactly what I want for my birthday.

10) already– not yet

  • Have you finished your homework already?
  • I haven’t received the book yet, it must be lost in the mail.