100 Common Chat and Internet Abbreviations List

Chat and Internet Abbreviations List

When you’re chatting online with friends, family, or others in a foreign country, it’s important to know the most common chat abbreviations. That way, you can communicate more easily and quickly with them. This list includes 100 of the most commonly used chat and internet abbreviations. Use this guide to help improve your online communication skills!

Internet Abbreviations List (Common Chat)

ASL  Age/Sex/Location
AFAIK  As far as I Know
ATM  At the moment
AFK  Away from Keyboard
BBIAB  Be back in a bit
BBL  Be back later
BRB  Be right back
B/C  Because
B4  Before
BFF  Best friend forever
B/W  Between
BTW  By the way
CTN  Can’t talk now
CYE  Check your email
QT  Cutie
DI  Download
ETA  Estimated time of arrival
FWIW  For what it’s worth
FYI  For your information
GG  Good game
GJ  Good job
GL  Good luck
GMV  Got my vote
GTG  Got to go
GR8  Great
HW  Homework
HTH  Hope this helps
XOXO  Hugs and kisses
IDK  I don’t know
IKR  I know, right?
IC  I see
IIRC  If I remember correctly
IAC  In any case
IMHO  In my humble opinion
IMO  In my opinion
IRL  In real life
IM  Instant message
J/K  Just kidding
NP  no problem
NTN  No thanks needed
OT  Off topic
OMG  Oh my God
OMW  On my way
POS  Parent over shoulder
PPL  People
PC  Personel computer
PLS  Please
RE  Regarding
SRY  Sorry
TC  Take care
TTFN  Talk to you later
TXT  Text
TY  Thank you
THX  Thanks

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