100+ Common Collocations List in English

Common Collocations List in English! A collocation is a group of words or phrases that appear together more frequently than would be anticipated by coincidence. Collocations are terms that are frequently used together. A collocation is a grouping of two or more words in English that are frequently used together. The way words go together or form stable relationships is referred to as collocation. A collocation is a grouping of two or more words in English that are frequently used together. Below is the list of some common collocations in English.

Common Collocations List

Do Collocations

  • Do harm
  • Do someone a favour
  • Do something right
  • Do nothing
  • Do your best
  • Do something wrong
  • Do some work
  • Do the dishes
  • Do your hair

Break Collocations

  • Break a leg
  • Break a record
  • Break the rules
  • Break the ice
  • Break a glass
  • Break the law
  • Break a neck
  • Break a promise
  • Break free

Have Collocations

  • Have a look at something
  • Have a rest
  • Have sympathy
  • Have a bath
  • Have a relationship
  • Have a haircut
  • Have fun
  • Have lunch
  • Have a feeling
  • Have a dream
  • Have a good time

Come Collocations

  • Come close
  • Come early
  • Come in first
  • Come to an agreement
  • Come into view
  • Come second
  • Come late
  • Come on time
  • Come in last

Save Collocations

  • Save someone a seat
  • Save space
  • Save one’s strength
  • Save electricity
  • Save someone’s life
  • Save money
  • Save something to a disk
  • Save time
  • Save energy

Make Collocations

  • Make progress
  • Make the bed
  • Make breakfast
  • Make a mess
  • Make a profit
  • Make a noise
  • Make furniture
  • Make a promise
  • Make a point
  • Make sense
  • Make trouble

Get Collocations

  • Get home
  • Get fired
  • Get permission
  • Get a life
  • Get divorced
  • Get the picture
  • Get lost
  • Get started
  • Get a job

Pay Collocations

  • Pay by credit card
  • Pay a fine
  • Pay the price
  • Pay wages
  • Pay someone a visit
  • Pay attention
  • Pay a visit
  • Pay a compliment
  • Pay interest

Catch Collocations

  • Catch one’s breath
  • Catch some rays
  • Catch the flu
  • Catch a chill
  • Catch a thief
  • Catch someone’s eye
  • Catch a glimpse
  • Catch a ball
  • Catch a cold

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