100 English Sentences Used in Daily Life PDF

100 English Sentences Used in Daily Life

100 English Sentences Used in Daily Life! ESL students will find the English sentences in this blog post useful for their day-to-day lives. The sentences are all common expressions that people use in conversation. By practicing these expressions, students will be able to improve their communication skills and feel more confident using English. Additionally, they can learn about American culture by reading the explanations of the sentences.

How to learn daily sentences?

There are a few different ways that you can learn the English sentences in this blog post.

First, you can copy the sentences and use them in your own conversations.

Second, you can listen to the audio recordings of the sentences.

Third, you can practice writing the sentences by using the English grammar rules.

Lastly, you can try to use the sentences in a real-life situation.

English Sentences Used in Daily Life

  • What a bother!
  • Wonderful!
  • Get lost.
  • Have you ever eaten pizza?
  • It’s all yours
  • He saw a running thief.
  • He always keeps telling a lie.
  • Hurry up!
  • That’s so kind of you
  • Having said that….
  • Not the least!
  • Watch out!
  • How disgusting!
  • Don’t talk nonsense
  • Don’t get me as stupid as you.
  • Get Off
  • Sorry for the inconvenience
  • I beg your pardon
  • Glad/Nice to meet you
  • He does not tell a lie.
  • Oh, I am sorry. I have got a bit late
  • Don’t wink.
  • Do come
  • Have you ever…
  • I am having my haircut.
  • Let it be
  • Fancy price.
  • I am full.
  • Are you there?
  • He will be in the room.
  • Have a tea.
  • How much time it will take?
  • Are you married all?
  • As you please
  • I am having dinner.
  • Go down
  • I am having lunch.
  • Has someone come?
  • I am going to the office.
  • Come what may I will not talk to him.
  • Excuse me.
  • He feels like.
  • He is good at English.
  • Would you please speak slowly?
  • How dare you!
  • A set of books is on the table.
  • Don’t do this.
  • He is so called a teacher.
  • I will try my level best
  • He has gone to market
  • How disgraceful!
  • He went to school.
  • Doesn’t matter
  • Do you have some money?
  • Please help yourself
  • What nonsense!
  • He has been to school.
  • Well done, dear
  • By God’s Grace!
  • Long time no see
  • He has been to the market.
  • Come what may!
  • Don’t embarrass me.
  • Don’t you disturb me?
  • He is very stingy
  • Yes, by all means
  • Didn’t you go to the cinema yesterday?
  • Go up
  • Of Course!
  • Is it?
  • Have you ever been to Vinod’s home?
  • He must be tired.
  • Have you ever been to Delhi?
  • Good heavens!
  • Rest assured
  • I am doing my work.
  • Go yourself.
  • Do come.