100 Opposite Words in English

100 Opposite Words

100 Opposite Words in English! As an ESL student, you may be looking for new and interesting words to add to your vocabulary. Here’s a list of 100 opposite words in English, perfect for increasing your word power! Whether you’re looking for synonyms or antonyms, this list has you covered. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

What are the Opposite Words?

The opposite words are the words that have the opposite meaning of each other. They are also known as antonyms. For example, the word ‘wet’ is the opposite of the word ‘dry’.

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Below is the list of 100 opposite words in English:

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Word Opposite
Catch  Miss
Defence  Attack
Miss  Hit
New  Ancient
Sad  Happy
Attack  Defend
Dead  Alive
Elementary  Advanced
Satisfy  Annoy
Save  Spend
Husband  Wife
Ignore  Notice
Occupied  Vacant
Sadness  Happiness
Arrest  Free
Asleep  Awake
Useless  Useful
Vacant  Occupied
Yes  No
Artificial  Natural
Body  Soul
Argue  Agree
Ascent  Descent
Woman  Man
About  Exactly


Word Opposite
Already  Not Yet
Buy  Sell
Calm  Excited
Emigration  Immigration
Foreground  Background
Give  Take
Arrival  Departure
Busy  Lazy
Comedy  Drama
Slim  Fat
Winter  Summer
Careless  Careful
Day  Night
Negative  Affirmative
Present  Past
Satisfaction  Regret
Safety  Danger
Thick  Thin
Thin  Thick
Defeat  Victory
Defend  Attack
Flat  Hilly


Word Opposite
Presence  Absence
Private  Public
Complicated  Simple
Emigrate  Immigrate
Immigration  Emigration
Nephew  Niece
There  Here
Vertical  Horizontal
Follow  Lead
Go  Come
Humid  Dry
Empty  Full
Fix  Break
Lose  Win
Loud  Quiet
Miss  Catch
Never  Always
Immigrate  Emigrate
Moon  Sun
Odd  Even
Death  Birth
Floor  Ceiling
Bore  Amuse
Compliment  Insult
Allow  Forbid
Ask  Answer
Ceiling  Floor
Above  Below
Valley  Mountain
Victory  Defeat


Word Opposite
For  Against
Girl  Boy
Ill  Healty
In Front Of   Back
Moderate  Extreme
Whole  Part
Wide  Narrow
Yesterday  Tomorrow
Harvest  Plant
Hungry  Thirsty
Forbid  Allow
Loser  Winner
Safe  Dangerous
Same  Different
Women  Men
Work  Rest
Approximately  Exactly
Arrive  Depart
Young  Old
Near  Distant
Off  On
Careful  Careless
Deep  Shallow


100 Opposite Words list 100 Opposite Words list in english

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