150 Informal and Formal Words List in English

150 formal and informal words

In order to improve your English skills, it is important to learn the differences between informal and formal words. This will help you communicate more effectively in different situations. Here is a list of 150 commonly used informal and formal words to get you started.

Below is the list of 150 formal and informal vocabulary words:

Informal Formal
Buy Purchase
Mad Insane
Hurt Damage
Job Occupation
Point out Indicate
All right Acceptable
Death Demise
Eager Avid
Mainly Principally
Put in Insert
Get Obtain
Put up Tolerate
Look at Examine
Lucky Fortunate
But However
Sick Ill
Sorry Apologize
Need to Required
Put up Tolerate
Stand for Represent
Call on Visit
Start Commence
Avoid Evade
Seem Appear
Worse Inferior
Shorten Decrease
Show Illustrate
Also Moreover
Cheap Inexpensive
Tell Inform
Buy Purchase
Get in touch with Contact
Give up Quit
Bad Negative
Chance Opportunity
Wrong Incorrect
Put off Postpone
See Observe
Anyway Nevertheless
Leave out Omit
It’s about It concerns
Let Allow
Rack up Accumulate
Mad Insane
Make up Fabricate
Refer to Consult
Blow up Explode
Empty Vacant
Empty Vacant
Keep Retain
Show up Arrive
Buy Purchase
Find out Ascertain
Give Provide
Set up Establish
Lack Deficiency
Use Utilize
Check Verify
Have to Must
Help Assist
Clear Transparent
Mend Repair
Hurt Damage
Live Reside
Keep Preserve
Show Demonstrate
Hungry Famished
I think In my opinion
Look into Investigate
Dim Indistinct
Get Obtain
Free Liberate
Tell Inform
Put off Delay
Whole Complete
Ask Enquire
But However
Whole Entire
Say no Reject
Worse Inferior
End Finish
Get Receive
Dad Father
Hopeless Futile
Idea Notion
Ring up Call
Sight Vision
Think about Consider
Dim Indistinct
Need Require
Free Release
Let Permit
Lack Deficiency
Thanks Gratitude
Seem Appear
Set up Establish
Seem Appear
Sorry Apologies
Use Consume
Live Reside
Lively Energetic
Ask for Request
Dare Challenge
Want Desire

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