20 Exercises on The Adverb, Adverbs Exercises Pdf

Exercises of Adverbs

20 Exercises on The Adverb, Adverbs Exercises Pdf

What are the Adverbs?

Adverbs are the modifying words. They are used to modify verb, adjectives and other adverbs.

Below are 20 exercises of adverb, you can download the printable pdf of the adverbs below:

Put the adverbs in the right places: (manner-place-time)

  1. The carpenter had made the table (by evening, in six hours, with teak wood).
  2. They start for another country (in january, on the first friday, at noon).
  3. All those students visit (hill stations, in summer, eagerly).
  4. The children go to sleep (in their room, after hearing a story, at night).
  5. The battle started (in 2005, on january 2, at midnight, after great preparation).
  6. We shall fly (for hours, over the sea, very high).
  7. Salem teaches (in two schools, quite well, for a long time).

Put the adverbs at the right place (frequency)

  1. We had answered the questions when the bell rang. (hardly)
  2. As it is enough for us to eat for two days. (scarcely or hardly)
  3. We used to play in the park when we were children. (often)
  4. Have your neighbors helped you? (never)
  5. We were lost in the street. (nearly)
  6. She was fifteen when she passed the matriculation exam. (hardly)
  7. They are present in class when the examination is near. (always)

Fill in the suitable adverbs in the following.

  1. My sheepdog sat _____ in the pool.
  2. Neil _____ placed a card on the card house.
  3. My grandpa snored _____.
  4. Chloe played on the beach
  5. I will visit my friend
  6. George, will you come