20 Sentences of Present Indefinite tense

20 Sentences of Present Indefinite tense

What is present indefinite tense?

The tense in which we are talking about any action or condition that is happening right now, habits or some kind of occurrences.

How to identify Present indefinite tense?

In present indefinite tense first form of verb is used and in negative and interrogative sentences there is the use of do and does as helping verbs.

What are the examples of Present indefinite tense?

  • Do pigs like milk?
  • My father goes to gym every day.
  • My son lives in London.
  • I do not think.
  • You don’t listen to me.
  • Does he play tennis?
  • He drinks tea at breakfast.
  • My daughter does the laundry.
  • Does she drink coffee?
  • He goes to school every morning.
  • She goes to work by car.
  • Water freezes at 0°C.
  • We catch the bus every morning.
  • My sisters do the ironing.
  • It smells very delicious in the kitchen.
  • She doesn’t teach chemistry.
  • The Earth revolves around the Sun.
  • He doesn’t teach math.
  • His mother arrives tomorrow.
  • Mary brushes her teeth twice a day
  • Cats hate water.