20 Signs and Symbols You Should Know

20 Signs and Symbols You Should Know! 20 Signs and Symbols You Should Know! The English vocabulary is extremely large, and it is impossible to acquire all of it at once. We’ve broken down the vocabulary into separate categories to make it easier for you to learn it without becoming bored.

Signs and symbols are widely used in our daily lives, and we use them in our writing as well. Let’s look up the correct English names for various signs and symbols. We have supplied 20 distinct number signs and symbols in this session. This lesson’s PDF is available at the bottom of the page; you must also download it.

20 Signs and Symbols in English

= Equal
; Semicolon
| Bar / pipe
{ } Curly Brackets
% Percent
> Greater Than
_ Underscore
@ At
, Comma
< Less Than
$ Dollar Sign
Quotation Mark
. Full Stop
[ ] Square Brackets
! Exclamation Mark
/ Slash
& And
: Colon
# Hash
? Question Mark

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