25 English Garden Words, Garden Vocabulary in English

25 English Garden Words, Garden Vocabulary in English

Vocabulary words related to the garden are also a part of the basic vocabulary words. It does not matter you are the fond of gardening or not. You must know the terms related to the garden and the things used in a garden. These vocabulary words are important for both speaking and wring essay.

Here is the list of most common and important words that are used in garden. This lesson is important for both the beginners and the kids.

Below is the list of garden words:

  1. Axe
  2. Bench
  3. Boots
  4. Branch
  5. Broom
  6. Cow
  7. Fence
  8. Fertilizer
  9. Animals
  10. Flower
  11. Flower pot
  12. Garden gloves
  13. Garden hose
  14. Hedge
  15. Hoe
  16. Hoe
  17. Land
  18. Lawn mower
  19. Plant
  20. Rake
  21. Saw
  22. Shovel
  23. Tree
  24. Watering can
  25. Wheelbarrow

Garden Words Examples

  • She was working in the garden since morning.
  • Sara is trimming the tree.
  • Hafsa is watering the plants.
  • I want to buy some flower pots for my garden.
  • This fertilizer is not working for my garden plants.
  • He was making the land with land mower.