30 Collective Nouns for People | Infographics and PDF

29 Collective Nouns for People

30 Collective Nouns for People | Infographics and PDF! In the English language, many different words can be used to describe a group of people. You might say “a family,” “a crowd,” or “a team.” These are all collective nouns.

Collective nouns are an important part of English grammar, and they can be really fun to use. They can make your writing more interesting and help you sound more like a native speaker.

Today, we’re going to look at 30 collective nouns for people. We’ll also provide an infographic and PDF so that you can download and refer to them later. Let’s get started!

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30 Collective Nouns for People

  1. a crowd of people
  2. a caravan of gypsies
  3. a troop of scouts
  4. a class of students
  5. a tribe of natives
  6. a choir of singers
  7. a board of directors
  8. a pack of thieves
  9. a team of players
  10. a troupe of artistes
  11. a posse of policemen
  12. a line of kings
  13. a staff of employees
  14. a horde of savages
  15. a bevy of ladies
  16. a gang of prisoners
  17. a bunch of crocks
  18. a party of friends
  19. a regiment of soldiers
  20. a host of angels
  21. a congregation of worshippers
  22. a body of men
  23. a staff of servants
  24. a group of dancers
  25. a company of actors
  26. a dynasty of kings
  27. a crew of sailors
  28. a band of musicians
  29. a patrol of policemen
  30. a mob of rioters