32 Prepositions List and Example Sentences

32 Prepositions List and Example Sentences

32 Prepositions List and Example Sentences! Prepositions can be confusing for ESL students, but with a list and some practice, they can become comfortable using them in everyday conversation. This PDF lists 32 prepositions with example sentences to help sharpen your understanding. Print it out and keep it handy as you learn more about English grammar.

Definition of Prepositions:

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between an object and another word in a sentence. Prepositions are usually placed before a noun or pronoun.

1) Prepositions of Time:

at, on, in

2) Prepositions of Place:

in, on, at, by

3) Prepositions of Direction:

in, into, out of, onto, up to, down from

4) Prepositions of Movement:

into, out of, through

Preposition Example Sentences

1. I’m at work now.

2. I’ll be home at 5pm.

3. She’s from Spain.

4. The party is in the basement.

5. He walked by me without saying a word.

6. We’re moving out of our apartment next month.

7. The cat ran through the door and into the garden.

8. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

Some common Examples of Prepositions

About: They were discussing about the death of his father.

In: There is a fly in the soup.

On: She was sitting on the bed.

At: Meet me at the airport.

By: I was touched by his kindness.

For: I’m doing this for you.

In front of: He was standing in front of me.

Behind: He was hiding behind the door.

Under: The cat is under the bed.

Above: The moon is above us.

Below: Snow was accumulating below the window.

Prepositions of Place: in, on, at, by

1) In – inside of something

Examples – The kids are in the pool. There’s a spider in your hair!

2) On – resting on or supported by something

Examples – The book is on the table. The cat is on the roof.

3) At – an exact location

Example – Meet me at the library.

4) By – near or next to

Example – I was sitting by the river.

Prepositions of Time: at, on, in

1) At – a specific time

Example – I’ll meet you at 3pm.

2) On – days and dates

Example – We’re going out on Saturday night.

3) In – months, years, centuries, long periods of time

Example – In the summer, I like to go swimming. Julius Caesar lived in the first century BC.

Preposition of Direction: in, into, out of, onto, up to, down from

1) In – a location

Example – He’s in the kitchen.

2) Into – moving into or towards something

Example – I walked into the room. The cat went into the garage.

3) Out of – coming out of something

Example – The baby was crying out of hunger. He escaped out of the window.

4) Onto – moving something on top of something else

Example – She put the tray onto the coffee table.

5) Up to – going as far as; reaching a point

Example – I’m up to date on my work. I climbed up to the top of the mountain.

6) Down from – coming down from something

Example – The bird flew down from the tree.

Prepositions of Movement: through, across, over

1) Through – moving in one side and out another

Example – We drove through the tunnel. The ball went through the window.

2) Across – moving from one side to another

Example – He walked across the street. The river flows across our property.

3) Over – moving on top of something else; above something else

Example – The airplane flew over our house. He jumped over the fence.