32 Prepositions List and Example Sentences PDF

32 Prepositions List and Example Sentences

What is preposition?

The words that is preceding a pronoun or noun and showing a relation with another word or clause s called preposition. For example in, on, at around, upon are the prepositions.

There is a vast use prepositions in English. Here 32 prepositions are listed with the example sentences that will help you to improve your English language and fluency.

Some common Examples of prepositions

About: They were talking about the death of his father.

For: For me, he is a trusted man.

Due to: Due to overdose of medicine he is seriously ill.

Abroad: He went abroad.

Hence: We have to travel hence we can’t talk now.

Because of: She was there because of his kindness.

Between: My school is between my house and the library.

By: He always goes to school by bicycle.

But: We want to play cricket, but it is hot outside.

Below: She is waiting for you below in the street.

Against: Why are you talking against me?

Around: I can lift around 30kg.

Away: Put your mobile away.

Across: There is no boat across the river.

Ago: She was my friend a year ago.

Along: The ship sailed along the coast.

Ahead of: They are ahead of their work schedule.

According toAccording to Salma, she is not a joke.

Above: Your efforts are above average.

After: I will take breakfast after the bath.

AsAs it’s getting, we’ll not going outside.
As far asAs far as I know, he has bad company.

Despite: He hates his wife despite living with her.

From: From my side, all of you are clear.

Except: I will invite all of you, except Sara and Gilbert.

Before: I will reach the Zoo before you.

Beside: His sister sat down beside me.

Behind: Mu Uncle is behind the Sara.

BesidesBesides, I am tired.

Beneath: Can you please site beneath Karim.

During: We will play hockey during lunch break.

Down: Come down, I have to talk.