33 Collective Nouns for Animals

33 collective nouns for animals

There are many different ways to group animals. We can think of them by their habitats, their diets, or even their names. But did you know there are also collective nouns for animals?

A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of things, usually creatures. For example, a pride of lions, a pack of wolves, or a flock of birds. In this blog post, we’ll introduce 33 different collective nouns for animals. These terms can be useful in conversation and writing. So whether you’re discussing wildlife or just trying to impress your friends with your vast knowledge of animal groups, read on!

The collective nouns are used to represent the group of things. Here we will learn the collective nouns for the groups of animals. We will come to know what are the names of different groups of animals in English?

Collective Nouns for Animals

  1. A mob of emus
  2. A litter of cubs
  3. A swarm of bees
  4. A flight of birds
  5. A string of horses
  6. A host of sparrows
  7. A train of camels
  8. A board of chickens
  9. A pride of loins
  10. A colony of gulls
  11. A bed of eels
  12. A kindle of kittens
  13. A pack of wolves
  14. A bevy of quail
  15. A clutter of spiders
  16. A band of jays
  17. A nest of mice
  18. A could of insect
  19. A team of oxen
  20. A flock of sheep
  21. A stud of horses
  22. A plagues of locusts
  23. An army of ants
  24. A hive of bees
  25. A herd of cattle
  26. A troop of lion
  27. A haul of fish
  28. A catch of fish
  29. A school of wolves
  30. A gaggle of geese
  31. A murder of crows
  32. A shoal of fish
  33. A litter of puppies