40 Examples of Collective Nouns in English

40 examples of collective nouns

Are you looking to improve your English vocabulary? Then learning some collective nouns is a great place to start! Collective nouns are words used to describe a group of things, and there are many of them in the English language.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 40 examples of collective nouns in use. After reading through these examples, you’ll have a better understanding of how to use these words yourself. So let’s get started!

40 Examples of Collective Nouns in English

  1. A group of islands
  2. A chest of drawers
  3. A caravan of gypsies
  4. A block of flats
  5. A battery of guns
  6. A forest of trees
  7. A book of notes
  8. A board of directors
  9. A group of dancers
  10. A catalog of prices
  11. A galaxy of stars
  12. A haul of fish
  13. A chest of drawers
  14. A harvest of wheat
  15. A bevy of ladies
  16. A basket of fruit
  17. A bunch of crocks
  18. A bundle of sticks
  19. A fleet of ships
  20. A hive of bees
  21. A gang of prisoners
  22. A hand of bananas
  23. A bevy of ladies
  24. A bunch of crocks
  25. A heap of rubbish
  26. A caravan of gypsies
  27. A chest of drawers
  28. A bunch of keys
  29. A batch of bread
  30. A catalog of prices
  31. A herd of cattle
  32. A bale of cotton
  33. A body of men
  34. A bowl of rice
  35. A bouquet of flowers
  36. A hail of bullets
  37. A gaggle of geese
  38. A hedge of bushes
  39. A body of men
  40. A choir of singers

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