40 Herbivorous Animals Name List | Infographics & PDF

40 Herbivorous Animals Name List

40 Herbivorous Animals Name List! Have you ever wondered which animals are herbivores? Here is a list of 40 animals that are strictly herbivores. Some of these animals may surprise you! Read on to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

What are the Herbivorous Animals?

Herbivores are animals that consume plant material, typically for the purpose of digesting the cellulose in order to obtain essential nutrients.

While most herbivores have specialized digestive systems that allow them to break down plant matter, some – like the giant panda – rely on gut flora to do most of the work.

Most herbivores are folivores, meaning that their diet consists primarily of leaves.

Others, like the rhinoceros, are frugivores and primarily eat fruit. still others, like the koala, are give or take and will eat both leaves and fruit depending on what is available.

40 Herbivorous Animals Name List in English

  1. Mula
  2. Bongo
  3. Camel
  4. Deer
  5. Bumblebee
  6. Iguana
  7. Gorilla
  8. Moth
  9. Grasshopper
  10. Antelopes
  11. Manatee
  12. Kakapo
  13. Butterfly
  14. Honey bee
  15. Koala
  16. Hare
  17. Okapi
  18. Giraffe
  19. Ascidias
  20. Impale
  21. Bison
  22. Dugongo
  23. Capybara
  24. Kangaroo
  25. Fruit Bats
  26. Giant Panda Bear
  27. Cow
  28. Goat
  29. Elephant
  30. Bushbuck
  31. Rabbit
  32. Butter
  33. Horse
  34. chinchilla
  35. Howler Monkey
  36. Buffalo
  37. Call
  38. Hippopotamus
  39. Beaver
  40. Caterpillar

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