40 Transport Names List in English with Pictures PDF

40 Transport Names List in English with Pictures PDF

We have to travel in transport if we know the basic vocabulary words related to transport in English it will be very helpful for us either in our own country or in other international country. Here is the list of 40 basic and most commonly used transport means or vehicles names with pictures.

Transport help us to cover the distance of days in hours and of days in minutes. We must have an idea about every transport that we can use to travel from one place to another.


Here are 40 Transport Names List

  1. Aircraft
  2. Bathyscaphe
  3. Bike
  4. Cargo ship
  5. Compact car
  6. Conestoga wagon
  7. Limousine
  8. Maglev
  9. Motorcar
  10. Oar
  11. Ocean liner
  12. Oil tanker
  13. Railroad
  14. Recreational vehicle
  15. Roadster
  16. Sailboat
  17. Sedan
  18. Ski lift
  19. Sledge
  20. Stagecoach
  21. Convertible
  22. Crane
  23. Crop duster
  24. Delivery van
  25. Dinghy
  26. Dray
  27. Dump truck
  28. Earth mover
  29. Ferry
  30. Funicular railway
  31. Galleon
  32. Garbage truck
  33. Hot rod
  34. Hydroplane
  35. Ice boat
  36. Jet pack
  37. Journey
  38. Ketch
  39. Surrey
  40. Warship

Transport Examples in Sentences with Pictures

  1. Car

He has many cars, but he never show offs.

  1. Bus

Bus was the only transport option to the college.

  1. Cycle

My cycle tire got punctured during our last race.

  1. Bike

My brother just bought a new heavy bike.

  1. Rickshaw

His father is a rickshaw driver.

  1. Crane

He know how to drive a crane.

  1. Aircraft

The aircraft were met by a hail of gunfire.

  1. Ship

The crew sailed the large ship.

  1. Rail

He is coming to Lahore by rail.

  1. Boat

He made a boat for himself.