42 Daily Use English Sentences Examples Pdf

42 daily used english sentences

Looking to improve your English skills? Check out this free 42 Daily Use English Sentences Examples. With examples of how to use everyday phrases in context, you’ll be speaking like a pro in no time. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced learner, these sentences will come in handy daily. So download the pdf now and get started!

English Sentences Examples (Daily Use)

1) I can’t find my keys.

2) Can you help me?

3) I’m sorry.

4) Thank you.

5) Yes, please. / No, thank you.

6) Excuse me.

7) Congratulations!

8) I’m hungry. / I’m thirsty.

9) May I have… please?

10) What’s this? / What’s that?

11) That’s enough, thank you.

12) Do you have… ?

13) How much is this/that?

14) Where is…?

15) Turn left/right at the corner, please.

16) Go straight ahead, please.

17) It’s on the left/right.

18) It’s in front of you/behind you.

19) I don’t understand.

20) I’m sorry, I don’t know.

21) Pardon me?

22) Could you please repeat that?

23) What does this mean?

24) How do you say…?

25) Cheers! / Thank you!

26) That was delicious!

27) This is a nice place.

28) I don’t like it here.

29) It’s very cold today.

30) It’s very hot today.

31) Wow, it’s raining!

32) Oh no, it’s snowing!

33) I’m so tired.

34) I need to rest.

35) I feel sick.

36) I hurt myself.

37) Call a doctor, please!

38) Help! / Fire!

39) Stop! Thief!

40) Congratulations on your success!

41) Get well soon!

42) Happy birthday! / Happy anniversary!