45 Collective Noun For Things – Infographics and PDF

45 collective noun for things! Examples of collective nouns for things, which include a PDF and photographs. Example sentences and PDF for 100 collective nouns for things. A group of things is described with a collective noun. This article includes a PDF lesson that will help you learn a comprehensive list of collective nouns.

  1. A bale of cotton
  2. A bouquet of flowers
  3. A cluster of coconuts
  4. A harvest of wheat
  5. An anthology of poems
  6. A block of flats
  7. A bundle of sticks
  8. A hedge of bushes
  9. A library of books
  10. A pack of cards
  11. A basket of fruit
  12. A book of notes
  13. A chest of drawers
  14. A packet of letters
  15. A quiver of arrows
  16. A cloud of dust
  17. A pair of shoes
  18. A reel of film
  19. A stack of wood
  20. An archipelago of islands
  21. A catalogue of prices
  22. A fleet of ships
  23. A galaxy of stars
  24. A string of pearls
  25. An outfit of clothes
  26. A bowl of rice
  27. A forest of trees
  28. A sheaf of grain
  29. A shower of rain
  30. An orchard of fruit trees
  31. A comb of bananas
  32. A range of mountains
  33. A ream of paper
  34. A set of clubs
  35. An album of photographs
  36. A batch of bread
  37. A clump of bushes
  38. A group of islands
  39. A hail of bullets
  40. A wad of notes
  41. A battery of guns
  42. A bunch of keys
  43. A collection of coins
  44. A hand of bananas
  45. A heap of rubbish

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A list of Common Collective Nouns

  • a bevy of ladies
  • a body of men
  • a flock of turkeys
  • a gaggle of geese
  • a gang of crooks
  • a group of engineers
  • a herd of donkeys
  • a herd of elk
  • a pack of bears (polar bears)
  • a pack of wolves
  • a regiment of soldiers
  • a set of bowls
  • a shoal of bass
  • a swarm of gnats
  • a troop of scouts
  • an orchestra of musicians
  • a body of men
  • a bunch of crocks
  • a chest of drawers
  • a flock of birds
  • a gang of prisoners
  • a group of people
  • a harvest of wheat
  • a herd of elephants
  • a herd of sea horses
  • a herd of swans
  • a shower of bastards
  • a staff of employees
  • a staff of servants
  • a swarm of butterflies
  • a tribe of natives
  • a troupe of monkeys
  • a bale of cotton
  • a caravan of gypsies
  • a chest of drawers
  • a company of actors
  • a galaxy of stars
  • a herd of fairies
  • a herd of seals
  • a herd of walruses
  • a herd of zebras
  • a library of books
  • a pack of hounds
  • a stud of horses
  • a team of players
  • a troop of scouts
  • a troupe of artistes
  • an anthology of poems
  • a battery of guns
  • a block of flats
  • a choir of angels
  • a collection of coins
  • a gang of hoodlums
  • a herd of caribou
  • a herd of yaks
  • a horde of savages
  • a mob of kangaroos
  • a mob of meerkats
  • a mob of rioters
  • a party of friends
  • a swarm of bees
  • a troupe of shrimp
  • an outfit of clothes
  • a bundle of sticks
  • a class of students
  • a comb of bananas
  • a crew of sailors
  • a crowd of onlookers
  • a flock of swifts
  • a gang of prisoners
  • a herd of goats
  • a nest of mice
  • a pack of stoats
  • a panel of experts
  • a pride of lions
  • a range of mountains
  • a stack of wood
  • a staff of employees
  • a swarm of flies
  • a board of trustees
  • a bunch of crocks
  • a class of students
  • a fall of woodcock
  • a flock of parrots
  • a herd of cranes
  • a herd of wrens
  • a mob of emus
  • a pack of mongooses
  • a pack of mules
  • a party of friends
  • a pile of books
  • a shoal of pilchards
  • a string of pearls
  • a swarm of rats
  • a batch of bread
  • a board of directors
  • a choir of singers
  • a cloud of insects
  • a flock of goats
  • a herd of horses
  • a herd of ponies
  • a mob of sheep
  • a mob of thieves
  • a pack of sharks
  • a patrol of policemen
  • a patrol of policemen
  • a sheaf of grain
  • a swarm of eels
  • an army of ants
  • a board of directors
  • a cluster of coconuts
  • a company of actors
  • a crowd of people
  • a flock of camels
  • a flock of seagulls
  • a group of islands
  • a hand of bananas
  • a herd of oxen
  • a party of friends
  • a plague of locusts
  • a ream of paper
  • a school of whales
  • a series of photos
  • a wad of notes
  • a zoo of wild animals
  • a bowl of rice
  • a broad of chickens
  • a bunch of seals
  • a gang of criminals
  • a gang of thieves
  • a group of dancers
  • a heap of trash
  • a herd of llamas
  • a herd of moose
  • a pack of grouse
  • a set of clubs
  • a shoal of salmon
  • a stud of horses
  • a team of players
  • a troupe of minstrels
  • a troupe of performers