50 Adverbs of Manner, Definitions and Example Words

50 Adverbs of Manner

50 Adverbs of Manner, Definitions and Example Words! English has a wide range of adverbs, which are words that modify verbs, adjectives or other adverbs. Adverbs can express manner (how something is done), place, time or degree.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 50 common adverbs of manner and their definitions. We’ll also provide example sentences to help illustrate how they’re used. So, if you’re looking to improve your English grammar skills, keep reading!

Definition: Adverbs of manner are words that describe how someone does something. For example, “He swims quickly.” In this sentence, the adverb “quickly” describes how the subject, “He,” is swimming.

50 Common Adverbs of Manner

Here is a list of 50 common adverbs of manner, their definitions, and example sentences:

1. Accidentally – happening by chance; not on purpose

I accidentally hit the ball out of bounds.

2. Badly – in a poor or unsatisfactory way

I feel badly about what happened at the game yesterday.

3. Bravely – with courage; not afraid to face danger

The firefighters went into the burning building brave.

4. Carefully – with caution; taking precautions

The doctor examined the patient carefully.

5. Cleverly – in a clever or skillful way

He cleverly solved the puzzle.

6. Completely – entirely; to the full extent

I completely forgot about our date tonight.

7. Easily – without difficulty; effortlessly

She easily completed the test in record time.

8. Faithfully – accurately; without fail

The reporter faithfully recorded every detail of the trial.

9. Fast – quickly; at high speed

He was running so fast, I couldn’t keep up with him.

10. Firmly – strongly; securely

She firmly grasped his hand.

11. Foolishly – in a foolish or stupid way

I foolishly left my phone at home.

12. Gently – softly; timidly

He gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

13. Gladly – with happiness or pleasure

I would gladly help you with your project.

14. Happily – in a happy way; contentedly

They happily accepted our offer.

15. Hard – with force; not easily

He hit the nail hard so it would go into the wood easily.

16. Hardly – barely; scarcely

I could hardly hear what she was saying, she was speaking so softly.

17. Honestly – truthfully; without lying

Honestly, I don’t know what happened to your phone.

18. Honestly – in an honest or sincere way

I honestly don’t know what happened to your phone.

19. Hungrily – in a way that shows you are very hungry

She was eating hungrily, as if she hadn’t eaten in days.

20. Hurriedly – quickly; without taking time to think

He hurriedly packed his bags and left for the airport.

21. Ignorantly – without knowing or understanding

They were ignorantly asking questions about the topic they knew nothing about.

22. Impulsively – on the spur of the moment; without thinking first

She impulsively bought a new dress without considering if she needed it or not.

23. Independently – separately from others; not under someone else’s control

The children were working independently on their math problems.

24. Late – after the correct or expected time

I’m sorry I’m late, I had trouble finding a parking spot.

25. Loudly – in a way that is easy to hear

She loudly exclaimed that she was done with the project.

26. More – to a greater extent or degree

He wanted more money for his work.

27. Nearly – almost; nearly there

I nearly finished my work, but then I realized I made a mistake.

28. Naturally – as would be expected; normally

Naturally, he was upset when he found out his team lost.

29. Neatly – in an orderly or tidy way

She neatly stacked the books on the shelf.

30. Noisily – in a way that makes a lot of noise

The kids were noisily playing in the other room.

31. Often – many times; frequently

I often go for walks after dinner.

32. Only – to the exclusion of all others

She only wanted to talk about herself and refused to ask about me.

33. Quickly – in a short period of time

He quickly completed the project and turned it in on time.

34. Quietly – without making a lot of noise

She quietly whispered that she was sorry.

35. Rapidly – quickly; at high speed

The car rapidly approached the stop sign.

36. Regularly – at fixed or prescribed intervals

He regularly goes to the gym to work out.

37. Repeatedly – more than once; over and over

She kept repeating that she was sorry for what she had done.

38. Seriously – in a serious or important way

He seriously injured his ankle and was unable to walk for weeks.

39. Solely – only; without anyone else

He solely blamed me for the mistake and refused to take any responsibility himself.

40. Slowly – in a slow or gradual way

The sun was slowly sinking below the horizon.

41. Softly – in a way that is not loud

She softly said goodbye and left the room.

42. Solemnly – in a very serious or solemn way

He solemnly swore he would never do it again.

43. Surely – definitely; without question

He surely would have won if the other player hadn’t cheated.

44. Temporarily – for a limited period of time

I’m only going to be here temporarily, I’m not moving to this town permanently.

45. Thoroughly – completely; fully

I need to thoroughly clean my room before my mom comes home.

46. Truly – in an honest or sincere way

Truly, I didn’t know what to say to him.

47. Unexpectedly – in a way that is not expected

He unexpectedly showed up an hour early for our meeting.

48. Upstairs – on or to a higher floor

I’m going upstairs to my room, do you want to come with me?

49. Urgently – in a way that requires immediate action or attention

The patient was urgently rushed to the hospital for surgery.

50. Weakly – in a way that is not strong

He hit the ball weakly and it didn’t go very far.

50 Adverbs of Manner

  • Sleepily
  • Tightly
  • Wildly
  • Healthily
  • Loudly
  • Quickly
  • Recklessly
  • Quietly
  • Justly
  • Rightfully
  • Hastily
  • Kindly
  • Regularly
  • Shyly
  • Clearly
  • Slowly
  • Thoughtfully
  • Gracefully
  • Frantically
  • Honestly
  • Happily
  • Ingeniously
  • Really
  • Sadly
  • Generously
  • Lazily
  • Swiftly
  • Stupidly
  • Unexpectedly
  • Safely
  • Suddenly
  • Inadequately
  • Nervously
  • Greedily
  • Gently
  • Well
  • Loosely
  • Vivaciously
  • Fortunately
  • Hard
  • Roughly
  • Reluctantly
  • Suspiciously
  • Hurriedly
  • Angrily
  • Wearily
  • Cheerfully
  • Truthfully
  • Violently
  • Rudely
  • Straight
  • Tenderly rapidly
  • Weakly
  • Successfully
  • Wisely
  • Accidentally
  • Frankly
  • Noisily
  • Repeatedly
  • Rarely
  • Sharply
  • Victoriously
  • Closely
  • Awkwardly
  • Hungrily
  • Joyously
  • Punctually
  • Powerfully
  • Silently
  • Anxiously
  • Gladly

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