50 English Sentences Used in Daily Life Pdf

50 English Sentences Used in Daily Life

The tense which tells us about the action that shows routine, present occurrence is known as the present simple tense. Here we will learn 50 basic and easy sentences of present simple or indefinite tense.

You can use these sentences when you talk to someone. This is the good collection of sentences that will help you to improve your English. If you are beginners and want to learn English as a second language then this lesson will help you a lot..

  1. He does not tell a lie.
  2. What nonsense!
  3. He must be tired.
  4. Long time no see
  5. I am having my haircut.
  6. That’s so kind of you
  7. He is so called a teacher.
  8. Would you please speak slowly?
  9. How disgusting!
  10. Do you have some money?
  11. It’s all yours
  12. I will try my level best
  13. He feels like.
  14. He always keeps telling a lie.
  15. Don’t you disturb me?
  16. Are you there?
  17. How dare you!
  18. Have a tea.
  19. Don’t get me as stupid as you.
  20. Sorry for the inconvenience
  21. Come what may!
  22. He is very stingy
  23. Go up
  24. Are you married all?
  25. Have you ever been to Vinod’s home?
  26. He has been to school.
  27. Excuse me.
  28. How much time it will take?
  29. He has gone to market
  30. Wonderful!
  31. Doesn’t matter
  32. Is it?
  33. Get Off
  34. He will be in the room.
  35. Have you ever…
  36. I am doing my work.
  37. How disgraceful!
  38. Go yourself.
  39. I am full.
  40. I am going to the office.
  41. Don’t do this.
  42. He saw a running thief.
  43. Rest assured
  44. Do come
  45. Watch out!
  46. As you please
  47. Glad/Nice to meet you
  48. Well done, dear
  49. A set of books is on the table.
  50. Don’t wink.