50 Proper Nouns List Examples and PDF

50 Proper Nouns List Examples! Noun is divided into two types: common nouns and proper nouns. Any specific name for a location, person, or thing is a proper noun. Because proper nouns are so abundant in English, they are incredibly important to learn. We employ proper nouns on a daily basis in our English conversations. You must be careful while writing in English since proper nouns always begin with a capital letter.

A proper noun is a name for a specific person, place, or thing that is not general. In English, proper nouns are always capitalized, regardless of where they appear in a sentence.

Examples of Proper Nouns


India is my favorite country and I would love to visit India.

Berlin Wall

Do you know the reason behind the fall of the Berlin Wall?


I have a 48mega pixels Canon camera, and I want to sell it.


Everyone loves Ferrari but very few can afford to have one.

Burger king

Burger King is one of the best fast food points that I know.

Daily news

There is no Daily-News newspaper for today.


France is one of the fastest-growing countries.


The dollar price is rising day and night.


December is the month of my father’s birth.

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is at its peak due to heavy rain and storm.

examples of proper nouns

List of Proper Nouns

  1. London
  2. Jupiter
  3. English
  4. Doctor Norris
  5. China
  6. Canon
  7. January
  8. Indian ocean
  9. India
  10. Deadpool
  11. California
  12. Agatha Christie
  13. Judaism
  14. Harman miller
  15. December
  16. BMW
  17. Australia
  18. France
  19. Eiffel Tower
  20. Christmas
  21. Audi
  22. Africa
  23. Lady Gaga
  24. Jennifer Lopez
  25. Dollar
  26. Dell
  27. Coke
  28. Justin
  29. John
  30. Heidi
  31. Morgan
  32. Daily news
  33. Japan
  34. Italian
  35. Germany
  36. Facebook
  37. Burger king
  38. Black
  39. Himalayas
  40. Google
  41. Ferrari
  42. Daniel
  43. Bata
  44. Atlantic Ocean
  45. Jim
  46. Janet
  47. Ford
  48. Europe
  49. England
  50. Berlin Wall

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