50 Verbs in English, Verb 1 2 3 Form List, Verb 1 2 3 Words

50 Verbs in English, Verb 1 2 3 Form list, Verb 123 Words! Verb  123 words are extremely essential in the English language. Learning English grammar is always crucial, and forms of verbs are one of them. We must first comprehend the concept of regular and irregular verbs before we can discuss verb forms.

Regular verbs are fairly straightforward, and we simply add –ed to the end of the basic form to make the V1 V2 V3 forms (V1 form). In the case of irregular verbs, there is no pattern; they do not obey any rules. You must memories them in their current form.

50 Verbs in English, Verb 1 2 3 Words

V1 Base Form V2 Past Simple V3 Past Participle
strike struck struck
stink stank stunk
hide hid hidden
hear heard heard
drink drank drunk
breed bred bred
bear bore born
be was/were been
steal stole stolen
hang hung hung
have had had
do did done
buy bought Bought
swing swung swung
hold held held
dwell dwelt dwelt
bend bent bent
begin began begun
eat ate eaten
swim swam swum
lean leant leant
keep kept kept
dream dreamt dreamt
beget begot begotten
beat beat beaten
swear swore sworn
sting stung stung
fight fought fought
burst burst burst
burn burnt burnt
abide abode abode
tell told told
think thought thought
stick stuck stuck
hit hit hit
grow grew grown
bring brought brought
string strung strung
strive strove striven
hurt hurt hurt
feel felt felt
drive drove driven
awake awoke awoken
tear tore torn
teach taught taught
lead led led
lay laid laid
grind ground ground
draw drew drawn
build built built
sweep swept swept
know knew known
kneel knelt knelt
fall fell fallen
feed fed fed
broadcast broadcast broadcast
arise arose arisen

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A List of Verbs in English

Would Wash Vacuum
Tolerate Take Submit
Strike Stand Stack
Spread Solve Slide
See Require Receive
Prevent Overcome Operate
Miss Measure Maintain
Listen Knit Keep
Install Hurry Hesitate
Give Fold Fall
Explain Examine Doubt
Distribute Develop Deserve
Create Complain Catch
Build Break Bounce
Bind Bend Behave
Attach Astonish Apologize
Afford Win Threaten
Tend Swing Sweep
Stink Steal Sow
Shine Sell Rise
Represent Relax Reduce
React Put Push
Prove Pour Ought to
Open Might Light
Jog Insist Illustrate
Identify Hope Hear
Fit Extend Establish
Enhance Encourage Earn
Determine Defer Dare
Contain Compete Carry
Borrow Beg Bathe
Awake Attract Approach
Admit Adjust Think
Taste Swell Supply
Suggest Stir Spell
Speak Ski Ring
Retire Resist Replace
Reflect Propose Plan
Own Organize Offer
Lose Lack Kiss
Inform Ignore Generate
Finish Explore Enter
Enable Dry Drink
Discover Demand Cut
Count Consult Celebrate
Bow Believe Attend
Attempt Assure Arrive
Arise Anticipate Add
Acquire Accept Write
Whip Walk Tell
Tear Suppose Slip
Show Shall Seem
Sanction Ride Remind
Relate Regret Recall
Pursue Punch Postpone
Observe Mix Mention
Make Look Like
Leave Impress Hit
Hang Freeze Forbid
Fight Entail Drop
Drill Do Describe
Deal Convince Consider
Commit Buy Breed
Bet Avoid Arrange
Appreciate Adopt Weigh
Want Wait Talk
Suffer Stop Stick
Sing Serve Satisfy
Risk Repair Remain
Rely Recommend Prefer
Pinch Overtake Obtain
Negotiate Must Meet
Manage Lay Know
Kneel Indicate Improve
Hop Have Fry
Find Emphasize Destroy
Deliver Decide Dance
Crawl Cook Consist
Communicate Calculate Bring
Beat Bear Ask
Appear Acknowledge Wave
Wake Value Swear
Sting Start Spill
Snore Should Shed
Sew Send Say
Run Rid Retain
Resent Recollect Qualify
Pull Promise Possess
Peel Paint Melt
Mean Learn Kick
Iron Introduce Imply
Forgive Follow Feel
Expect Ensure Drive
Dream Disagree Cry
Cost Consent Confirm
Come Claim Choose
Argue Aim Accuse
Will Volunteer Survive
Specify Smell Sleep
Sit Sink Shrink
Set Roast Refuse
Protect Proceed Practice
Persuade Pay Owe
Order Need Mow
Lift Lie (not to tell the truth) Lend
Leap Involve Incorporate
Hug Hold Hide
Hate Happen Grow
Grind Forget Expand
Drag Dive Deny
Criticize Concern Cling
Change Can/Could Burst
Become Approve Allow
Agree xplain everything. Weep
Wear Watch Warn
Vary Understand Tiptoe
Throw Swim Struggle
Stretch Squat Slice
Shoot Settle Scrub
Remember Relieve Pretend
Point Participate Occur
May Lean Laugh
Justify Investigate Intend
Go Feed Exist
Enjoy Differ Desire
Depend Creep Complete
Climb Chop Care
Burn Bite Be
Bake Advise Admire
Adapt Achieve Wish
Try Translate Teach
Surprise Succeed Study
Spit Spend Shut
Shake Refer Realize
Read Quit Prepare
Play Perform Neglect
Mind Matter Love
Lie (in bed) Lead Jump
Invest Include Imagine
Hurt Get Fly
Fail Experiment Engage
Eat Dislike Discuss
Delay Continue Compare
Broadcast Boil Blow
Belong Begin Assume
Apply Announce Adore