80 Sentences of Simple Present Tense Pdf

80 Sentences of Simple Present Tense

  1. My sister works at the theatre.
  2. I don’t like tea.
  3. The earth goes round the sun.
  4. How often do you see George?
  5. She likes bananas.
  6. My father always washes the cars.
  7. He drives to work.
  8. Our holiday starts on the 26th March.
  9. The sun rises at the east.
  10. Do you usually speak to him like that?
  11. The course starts next Sunday.
  12. Do you like spaghetti?
  13. It usually rains every day here.
  14. He does not think.
  15. They speak English at work.
  16. They don’t have any money.
  17. I love my new pets.
  18. It rains every afternoon in the hot season.
  19. It mixes the sand and the water.
  20. You have some schoolwork to do.
  21. He thinks he is very handsome.
  22. California is in America.
  23. She loves to play basketball.
  24. She doesn’t see Peter every day.
  25. Does he go to school?
  26. I run four miles every morning
  27. You do not think.
  28. They watch television regularly.
  29. She only eats fish.
  30. The train leaves every morning.
  31. We go to the gym club together.
  32. Does Jonathan always turn off the lights?
  33. Julie talks very fast.
  34. He loves to play basketball.
  35. They drive their kids to school every day.
  36. We walk slowly.
  37. Alex brushes her teeth twice a day.
  38. We play tennis every morning.
  39. I do not want to go with you!
  40. Do they talk a lot?
  41. We do not think.
  42. Do we know each other?
  43. He goes to football every day.
  44. I do not want to go with you!
  45. Mary enjoys cooking.
  46. I have no money at the moment.
  47. She’ll see you before she leaves.
  48. They speak English in USA.
  49. We generally sing songs all together.
  50. We go to a gallery every Sunday.
  51. Cows eat grass.
  52. The sun sets in the west.
  53. She understands English.
  54. You run to the party.
  55. I run every weekend.
  56. Does he write an email?
  57. My cat runs very fast.
  58. It does not think.
  59. They sleep in the afternoon
  60. We cook every day.
  61. California is not in the India.
  62. Do you surf the Internet every day?
  63. Michael doesn’t work.
  64. The Earth is spherical.
  65. Every child likes an ice-cream.
  66. I like geography and science.
  67. We live in Texas.
  68. Does he go to school?
  69. The sun sets in the west.
  70. She enjoys playing the piano.
  71. The train leaves in ten minutes.
  72. My friends don’t usually leave so early.
  73. We see them every week.
  74. The students wear their uniform.
  75. She doesn’t use a computer.
  76. They do not think.
  77. Her mother is Peruvian.
  78. I do love my new pets.
  79. She swims every morning.
  80. John likes me, doesn’t he?