Adjective List and types

30+ Adjective List and Types in English


Do you find yourself running out of adjectives to describe things? If so, take a look at this list of different types of adjectives in English. Learn the definitions and examples, then try using some of them in your own writing. With practice, you’ll be able to choose the perfect adjective to convey your meaning every time.

Adjective List and Types in English

Word Type
content adjective, verb, noun
adult adjective, noun
due adjective, noun, adverb
powerful adjective
middle adjective, noun
nearby adjective, adverb
prior adjective, noun, idiom
sharp adjective, verb, adverb
regular adjective, noun
comfortable adjective, noun
healthy adjective
wild adjective, adverb, noun
proud adjective, idiom
fast adjective, adverb, verb
effective adjective, noun
rare adjective
emotional adjective
interesting adjective
old adjective
similar adjective
wise adjective, verb, idiom
initial adjective, noun, verb
thick adjective, adverb, noun
broad adjective, noun
apart adjective, adverb
equivalent adjective, noun
impossible adjective
round adjective, noun, adverb
happy adjective
federal adjective
spiritual adjective, noun
brief adjective, noun, verb
crazy adjective, noun, idiom
narrow adjective, verb, noun


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