Adjectives starting with Y

Adjectives starting with Y |Positive adjectives with Y


Adjectives starting with Y! All the adjectives that start with X to describe a person positively are listed. Adjectives that begin with Y.  It consists of the list of all positive, negative, cool, nice, and good adjectives that start with the word Y. These adjectives are very very important if you want to be a fluent English Speaker.

List of Adjectives starting with Y

Here is the list of commonly used adjectives in English grammar. These are necessary to improve your English.

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Adjectives starting with Y

  1. Yankee
  2. Yappy
  3. yare
  4. Yarning
  5. Yawning
  6. Yay
  7. yearling
  8. year-long
  9. Yearly
  10. Yearning
  11. yeasty
  12. Yeatsian
  13. Yelled
  14. yellow

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  1. Yellow-bellied
  2. Yellow-covered
  3. Yellowed
  4. yellowish
  5. Yellowy
  6. Yelping
  7. Yoke-toed
  8. Yon
  9. Yond
  10. yond
  11. Yonder
  12. young
  13. Young-at-heart
  14. Younger
  15. youngest
  16. Youngish
  17. Youngling
  18. young-looking
  19. Your
  20. Yours
  21. Youth
  22. Youthful
  23. youthful
  24. Yowling
  25. Yucky
  26. Yugoslav
  27. Yugoslavian
  28. Yuletide
  29. Yuman
  30. Yummy

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Adjectives starting with Y

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