American English and British English words list A to Z PDF

American English and British English words list A to Z

American English vs British English Words! Learn some useful words for Americans and British English. A list of Vocabulary differences between American and British English vocabulary with useful infographics and PDF.

American English vs British English Spelling Difference is also given in this lesson you must check them later on.

Basically American English and British English are not only different in accent but they are also different in pronunciation and spellings in some places.

American English and British English words list A to Z

American English and British English words list A to Z

American & British Words with A

British American
Alsatian German shepherd
American Indian Native American
Aubergine Eggplant
Aerial (TV, radio) Antenna, aerial
Aerial Antenna
Alsatian German shepherd
Accelerator Gas pedal, accelerator
Autumn Fall
At the weekend On the weekend
Anorak Jacket, parka

British – American Words with B

British American
Bill Check (restaurant)
Bank holiday National holiday, federal holiday
Bomb (success) Bomb (disaster)
Biscuit Cookie
Bonnet Hood
Barrister, solicitor Lawyer, attorney
Bank holiday Legal holiday
Bin, dustbin Garbage can/trash can
Biro Ball-point pen
Banknote Bill
Book Make reservations
Base rate Prime rate
Braces Suspenders
Bill Check
Boot Trunk
Boot Trunk /rear deck
Beetroot Beet
Biscuit Cookie
Box room Lumber room
Biscuit Cracker
Break Recess
Bonnet Hood

British – American Words with C

British American
Cotton Thread
Chemist Druggist
Car park Parking lot
Curriculum vitae (CV) Résumé
Chest of drawers Bureau
Clothes peg Clothespin
Condom Rubber
Candy floss Cotton candy
Catalogue Catalog
Cooker Stove
Cotton wool Cotton ball
Caretaker Janitor
Crossroads Crossroad (in the country)
Colour Color
Corporation City
Car park Parking lot
Centre Downtown
Cinema Movie house/ theater
Crisps Chips
Chips French fries
Cloakroom Checkroom, coatroom
Chemist’s shop Drug store / Pharmacy
Chips French fries
Centre Center
Corn flour Corn starch
Cot/Crib Baby bed
Courgette Zucchini
Clothes peg Clothes pin
Cooker Stove
Curtains Drapes
Cupboard Closet
Chemist’s shop Drugstore, pharmacy
Crisps Potato chips
City centre Downtown, city center
Cosy Cozy
Caravan Trailer
Cot (Baby) Crib

British – American Words with D

British American
Dressing gown (bath) robe
Dinner jacket Tux, tuxedo
Driver Engineer (train)
Duvet Comforter
Diversion Detour
Directory enquiries Directory assistance
Drawing pin Thumbtack
District Precinct
Dustbin Garbage can
Drain Sewer pipe
Draughts Checkers
Drink driving Drunk driving
Double cream Heavy cream
Drawing pin Thumbtack
Dummy Pacifier
Dynamo Generator
Dressing gown Bathrobe
Draught Draft
Driving licence Driver’s license

British – American Words with E

British American
Earth wire Ground wire
Estate car Station wagon
Engaged Busy
Estate agent Realtor
Expiry date Expiration date
Enquiry Inquiry
Everywhere Everyplace, everywhere

British – American Words with F

British American
Football Soccer
Flat Apartment
Fortnight Two weeks
Fringe Bangs
Full stop Period
Football Soccer
Flyover Overpass
First floor Second floor
Full stop Period
Film Movie
Fancy dress Costumes
From Monday to Friday From Monday to Friday
Fish-fingers Fish-sticks
Flannel Face cloth, wash cloth
Footpath Sidewalk
Father Christmas Santa Claus
Face flannel Wash cloth
Favourite Favorite
Flat Apartment
Fire brigade Fire department
Fortnight Two weeks
Fag Cigarette
Filling Station Gas station
Flavour Flavor
Film Film, movie

British – American Words with G

British American
Gear lever Gear shift
Gaol/jail Jail
Gents Men’s Room
Ground floor First floor, ground floor (in public buildings)
Geyser Water heater
Goods truck Freight truck
Goods train Freight train
Garden Yard
Ground floor First floor
Gallery Balcony
Garden Yard

British – American Words with H

British American
Hire purchase Installment plan
Holiday Vacation
Holiday Vacation
Harbour Harbor
Humour Humor
Hoover Vacuum cleaner
Hockey Field hockey
Hoover Vacuum cleaner
Headmaster, headteacher Principal
Hairgrip Bobbie pin

British – American Words with I

British American
Indicator Blinker, turn signal
Interval Intermission
Icing sugar Powdered sugar
Icing sugar Powdered sugar
Ironmonger Hardware store
Inverted commas, quotation marks Quotation marks

British – American Words with J

British American
Jumble sale Yard sale
Jacket potato Baked potato
Joe Bloggs Joe Blow
Jumper Sweater
Jewellery Jewelry

British – American Words with K, L and M

British American
Kilometre Kilometer
Knock up Awaken someone
Leader Editorial
Litre Liter
Lift Elevator
Lorry Truck
Let Lease / rent
Letterbox, postbox Mailbox
Lost property Lost and found
Ladybird Ladybug
Lounge suite Business suit
Label Tag
Lift Elevator
Limited Incorporation
Lorry Truck
Mum Mom
Maths Math
Match Game
Motorbike Motorcycle
Motorbike Motorcycle
Mincer Meat grinder
Motorway Freeway, highway, expressway, interstate
Managing director CEO (chief executive officer)
Motorway Freeway / superhighway
Mackintosh Raincoat
Mackintosh Raincoat
Mobile (phone) Cellphone
Mashed potato, mash Mashed potatoes

British – American Words with N and P

British American
News agent News dealer
Number plate License plate
Nappy Diaper
Naught Zero
Pillar-box Mailbox
Postal Code Zip Code
Pram Baby carriage
Post Mail
Pushchair Stroller
Pants Shorts (underwear)
Penknife Pocket knife
Packed lunch Sack lunch
Purse Change purse
Petrol Gas
Postman Mailman
Parcel Package

British – American Words with Q, R and S

British American
Queue Line
Ring up Call
Road surface Pavement
Rubber Eraser
Return ticket Round trip ticket
Roundabout Traffic circle
Rubbish Garbage
Receptionist Desk Clerk
Silencer Muffler (car)
Skipping rope Jump rope
Spanner Monkey wrench
Small Underwear
Sweets Candy
Solicitor Lawyer /attorney
Saloon car Sedan
Stalls Orchestra seats
Sump Oil pan
Staff Faculty
Sticking plaster Adhesive tape
Single ticket One way ticket
Shop assistant Sales clerk

British – American Words with T

British American
To lay the table To set the table
Tap Faucet
Term Semester
To fill in To fill out
Toilet/cloakroom Restroom
To bath To bathe
Telegram Wire
Trousers Pants
Take-away Take-out
Tin Can
Torch Flashlight
To hire To rent
Tea trolley Tea cart
Time-table Schedule

British – American Words with V and W

British American
Valve Tube
Vest Undershirt
Van Delivery truck
Wash up Dishes
Wash your hands Wash up
Waistcoat Vest
Windcheater Windbreaker
Wallet Billfold
Windscreen Windshield
Zebra crossing Pedestrian crossing

British Vs American Clothing Words

american and british clothing differences american and british clothing differences

British English  American English
Waistcoat Vest
Pants / Underwear / Knickers Underwear / panties
Vest Undershirt
Polo Neck Turtle Neck
Jumper / Pullover / Sweater /
Braces Suspenders
Trainers Sneakers
briefs/underpants shorts/jockey shorts
bootlace/shoelace shoestring
Dressing Gown Robe
Mac (slang for Macintosh) Rain Coat
Trousers Pants
Dungarees Overalls
Pinafore Dress Jumper
Suspenders Holds up stockings
Plimsolls Gym Shoes
Wellington Boots / Wellies Galoshes
Nappy Diaper
bowler/hard hat derby
dressing-gown bathrobe
Swimming costume / Cozzy Bathing Suit
Dressing Gown Bath Robe
Pinny / Apron Apron

British Vs American Spelling Differences

american and british spelling differences

 British English  American English
traveller traveler
tyre tire
theatre theater
realise realize
mum, mam or mom mom
kilometre kilometer
jewellery jewelry
humour humor
favourite favorite
dialogue dialog
cosy cozy
colour color
cheque check

British VS American Words Infographics

British and American vocabulary British and American vocabulary British and American words American English and British English words list American English and British English words list American English and British English words list American English and British English words list A to Z


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