Anti Prefix: Words That Start With Anti Prefix

Anti Prefix

Prefixes and suffixes are a vital part of the English language, serving to modify and add meaning to words. But what if there was a way to avoid using them? This is where the anti prefix comes in.

The anti prefix is a prefix that negates the meaning of the word it is attached to. For example, the word “antidisestablishmentarianism” means “opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England”. The anti prefix would turn this into “support for the disestablishment of the Church of England”.

The anti prefix can be used with any word, but it is most commonly used with words that have negative connotations. By using the anti prefix, we can change these negative connotations into positive ones. For example, the word “anti-Semitism” means “hatred or prejudice against Jews”.

Anti Prefix Words Meanings

Antibiotic Meaning

Antibiotics are a type of drug used to treat infections. They work by killing or stopping the growth of bacteria. There are many different types of antibiotics, and they are used to treat a wide range of infections. Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors based on the type and severity of infection.

Antibiotics cannot be used to treat viral infections, such as the common cold or the flu. Some common side effects of antibiotics include diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. It is important to take antibiotics exactly as prescribed by your doctor in order to avoid these side effects and to ensure that the antibiotic is effective in treating your infection.

Antiseptic Meaning

An antiseptic is a substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. Antiseptics are used to cleanse wounds and prevent infection. Some common antiseptics include alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine. Alcohol is the most commonly used antiseptic in the home. It is effective against a wide range of microorganisms and is inexpensive and easy to use. Hydrogen peroxide is also effective against a wide range of microorganisms. However, it can be harmful if it is not diluted properly. Iodine is effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It is also relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

Antiquity Meaning

When most people think of antiquity, they think of ancient Greece and Rome. These civilizations were some of the first to leave a lasting impression on Western society and continue to be studied and admired even today. However, antiquity refers to any object or idea that is old or outdated. This could include anything from ancient artwork to medieval armor to modern-day advertising slogans.

Antigen Meaning

An antigen is a molecule that can trigger an immune response in the body. The body produces antibodies to specifically bind to antigens. The presence of antigens can be used to diagnose certain diseases.

Antibacterial Meaning

What is antibacterial meaning? Antibacterial meaning is the ability of a substance to inhibit or destroy bacteria. This can be done through chemical or physical means. The term is most commonly used when referring to drugs, foods, and other products that are said to have antibacterial properties.

Many people believe that antibacterial products are more effective at preventing the spread of germs and bacteria than regular soap and water. However, there is little scientific evidence to support this claim. In fact, some researchers believe that overuse of antibacterial products may actually lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Antivirus Meaning

Antivirus is a software program that helps protect your computer from viruses and other types of malware. Antivirus software works by scanning your computer for malicious files and programs, and then removing or quarantining them. It’s important to have antivirus software installed on your computer, especially if you use the internet frequently.

Anticipating Meaning

The anticipation of meaning is a critical part of understanding language. When we hear someone say a sentence, our brains are constantly trying to make sense of it by figuring out the meaning of the words and how they are related to one another. This process starts even before we hear the entire sentence, as our brains begin to form predictions about what the sentence will be about based on the context in which it is said.

Antitoxin Meaning

An antitoxin is a molecule that specifically binds to and neutralizes an antigen, such as a toxin. Antitoxins are produced by the body’s immune system in response to an infection. They are also used in the treatment of certain types of poisoning.

Antimicrobial Meaning

What is antimicrobial? The term antimicrobial refers to any agent that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Antimicrobials can be found in a variety of products including disinfectants, antibiotics, and antiseptics.

Disinfectants are chemicals that are used to kill bacteria and other organisms. Common disinfectants include bleach, alcohols, and quaternary ammonium compounds. Disinfectants are used to clean surfaces such as countertops and floors, and to sterilize medical equipment.

Antique Meaning

What is the antique meaning? The word antique has different meanings, but in general it refers to something old and valuable. It could be a piece of furniture, a work of art, or an object from another time period. Many people collect antiques because they are interested in history and want to own a piece of the past.

Antibody Meaning

What is an antibody? Antibodies are proteins that are produced by the body’s immune system in response to a foreign substance, such as a virus or bacteria. They are designed to attach to and neutralize the foreign substance, which helps the body fight off infection. Antibodies can also be used in lab tests to identify specific substances, such as toxins or drugs.

Anticlockwise Meaning

When we talk about the clockwise and anticlockwise directions, most of us know what these words mean. Clockwise is when you move your arm in a circular fashion and anticlockwise is when you move your arm in the opposite direction. But what do these words actually mean?

The definitions of clockwise and anticlockwise are as follows:

Clockwise – Moving in a circle with the hands of a clock. The usual direction in which something rotates around a central point.

Anticlockwise – A movement or direction opposite to that of the hands of a clock. The opposite of clockwise.

Antifungal Meaning

The word “antifungal” is used to describe a substance that can kill or inhibit the growth of fungi. Fungi are organisms that lack chlorophyll and can only live in environments where there is little oxygen. They include yeasts, molds, and mushrooms.

There are many different types of antifungal medications available, both over-the-counter and prescription. Some common types include creams, ointments, powders, tablets, and capsules.

Antilog Meaning

An antilog is a mathematical function that returns the inverse of the logarithm of a number. The antilog of a number, x, is the number y such that log y = x. The antilogarithm of a number can be found using a calculator or computer, or it can be calculated by hand. To calculate the antilogarithm of a number by hand, you need to know the logarithm table.

Anticipation Meaning

The dictionary definition of anticipation is “the act of anticipating“. Merriam-Webster defines anticipation as “to look forward to something with pleasure or eagerness”. Anticipation is a mental state that comes from expecting something good to happen. It’s the hope and excitement you feel when you think about a future event.

There are many things that can cause anticipation such as an upcoming holiday, a loved one coming home from a long trip, or the delivery of a new car. Sometimes, anticipation is simply based on an assumption that something good will happen. For example, you may be looking forward to your birthday because you assume that your friends will throw you a party.

Antidotes Meaning

An antidote is a medicine or other substance that counteracts the effects of a poison or venom. For example, an antidote to snake venom would be antivenom. Antidotes are also used to treat overdoses of certain drugs, such as opioids.

Antics Meaning

What is the meaning of antics? Merriam-Webster defines it as “a playful or mischievous act or behavior.” Antics can be used to refer to both human and animal behavior. Often, when someone is being naughty or up to no good, they’re said to be “acting out” their antics.

One of the most famous examples of animal antics is the Marx Brothers film “Animal Crackers,” in which the brothers play a number of zany characters who get into all sorts of mischief. Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and Zeppo were masters of physical comedy and their antics are still remembered today.

Antisocial Meaning

Antisocial is defined as a personality disorder characterized by a lack of interest in social activities, and a preference for solitary activities. People with antisocial personality disorder may be perceived as selfish, callous, or excessively violent. They may also be seen as impulsive, irresponsible, and aggressive.

Antihistamine Meaning

Antihistamines are drugs that treat the symptoms of allergies. They work by blocking histamine, a substance released by the body in response to an allergic reaction. This blocks some of the effects of histamine, which can help relieve allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes. Antihistamines are available over-the-counter or by prescription.

Anticipate Meaning

When you anticipate meaning, you are essentially guessing what a word or phrase might mean based on the context of the sentence. This is an important skill to have when reading, as it allows you to understand the text more fully. Sometimes, you may be able to anticipate the meaning of a word based on its root word or other similar words. Other times, you may need to use clues from the sentence itself to figure out the meaning.

Words That Start With Anti

Anticinema Antislave
Antichthones Anticke
Anticlumping Antibootlegging
Antiannexationist Antipeople
Anticolonial Antiblooming
Antidiuretic Anti-fascism
Antian Anticrab
Anti-rad Antihypertensive
Antisocial Antiarrestin
Antireflux Anti-gentilism
Anticonvulsant Anticryptic
Anti-fandom Antidebate
Antiretroviral Anti-globalization
Anticorrosive Anti-Muslim
Antialcoholism Anticommutation
Anticholestatic Antistrophe
Anticonsumerism Anticommutative
Antiquary Anti-misogynist
Anti-discriminator Antistatic
Antibiotin Antiappeasement
Anti-globalism Antibacchic
Anticryptococcal Antialloside
Antiblackism Antidepression
Anticlimbing Anticonstructivism
Anti-suffragism Anticollectivism
Antialarmist Antiaristocrat
Antithetical Anti-devolutionist
Anti-g Anti-antifeminism
Anticollision Anti-Semitically
Anticoagulating Anti-circumcisionist
Anti-marketeer Anticitizenship
Antidepressant Anticivic
Anti-art Anticonsumerist
Anti-clockwise Anticitrullinated
Antiulcer Antivirus
Antidote Antichemical
Antibigotry Antiphlogistine
Anticritical Anticycling
Antiseptically Anticoherer
Antichrist Anticourt
Antituberculous Antibonding orbital
Antideformity Anti-aliasing
Anticommutating Anti-hæmorrhagic
Anticentromere Antidegenerative
Anti-Catholicism Anti-dazzle
Antigen Anti-Stratfordian
Antitrypsin Antichthon
Antichlamydial Anti-gay
Antioestrogen Antidemocracy
Antimyeloperoxidase Antisemitism
Antimalaria Anticipative
Antithesis Antibaldness
Antichristian Anticonfinement
Anticondensate Anti-militarism
Antipathy Anticompromise
Antideserter Anticonstitutionally
Anti-fan Antiartistic
Antianemic Anti-imperialist
Anticonsensus Antibiogram
Anticoherent Anti-beauty quark
Antiarojavoside Anticompetitively
Anti-gravitic Anticlined
Anti-imperialism Antidiscriminatory
Anti-choice Anti-realism
Antialbumid Anticonservativeness
Antiblasphemy Anticommunistic
Antialiasing Anti-Sicilian
Antilooting Anticodon
Anti-vaccinationist Antistate
Anti-Semite Antiblackness
Anticolonization Antiorganic
Anti-transgender Antiracist
Anti-homosexualism Antigenic
Anti-religious Antibes
Anticulture Antidarkening
Anticipatory breach Antichip
Antiballing Anticyclolysis
Anticonquest Antifeminist
Anticorporation Antioxidant
Anticipatingly Anticlassism
Antinomian Anticosmetic
Antifoaming Anti-monarchist
Anticentre Antiarch
Antiterrorist Anti-spyware
Anti-Shintoism Antiscience
Antiastrology Antidegradation
Anti-heterosexual Antianxiety
Anticonfession Anticlastic
Anticlimactic Anticleric
Anti-Rafidite Antibioticked
Antihumanitarian Anticausativity
Antimetastasis Antichronological
Anti-gravity Anticrack
Anticipation Antimesenteric
Antidetective Antiblockade
Antipasto Anti-migraine
Anti-algebra Anti-space
Antithetically Antirational
Antigen Antick
Anti-avoidance Anti-aircraft

Words Starting With Anti

Anti-depressant Antibear
Anticognitive Antiapoptotic
Anti-war Antidefamation
Antichretic Anti-racialization
Antiradar Antired
Anticommutativity Antiimperialist
Anticotunnite Antihistamine
Anticommunity Anti-establishment
Anticommission Antiangiogenetic
Antibirth Anticommuting
Antibelligerent Anticling
Anticollege Anti-Shiism
Antisepsis Antibabesial
Antibattery Anticity
Anti-vax Antilock
Antitumour Antiport
Anticriminal Antichurning
Antineutrophil Anti-access area denial
Anticomedy Antiaggregatory
Antiamendment Anticoagulative
Antiphon Antiazotemic
Antique Antiquated
Antichlor Anticorruption
Antibiotype Anticontagionist
Anti-Shi’ah Antipodean
Antifungal Anti-Assyrianism
Anticoalition Anti-commie
Antinational Anti-circ
Anti-tank Antidefendant
Anticontinuum Anticompensation
Anticoagulantly Antiparachute
Antibiotically Anticytokine
Antiaphrodisiac Anti-folk
Antiblocker Anticontractile
Anti-doping Anticonceptualist
Anticloning Antimetabole
Antibonus Antiasymmetric
Anti-climb Anticonstitutional
Antipsychiatry Antibook
Anti-catarrhal Antihero
Anticonversion Anti-patriarch
Anti-Muslimism Antichoicer
Antinausea Anticontracture
Anti-copyright Anti-vaccination
Anticommandeering Anti-knock
Anticough Anticonfined
Antipathetic Anticrop
Anticippointment Anti-personnel
Antiassimilationist Antiproton
Antiinflammatory Antiaircraft
Antisheep Antichymotrypsin
Antidescriptivism Antirat
Antiquark Antiathletic
Antics Antibiosis
Antiamyloid Antispasmodic
Anticontamination Anti-venene
Anticonfessional Anticolonialism
Anticathexis Antibisexual
Antioxidative Antisiphon
Anti-intellectualism Anti-antifa
Antiberiberi Antifeminism
Antiauthoritarian Anticreasing
Anticonstitutionalist Anticoal
Antidetection Anti-heroine
Antizymotic Antibolshevism
Antidamping Anticorrelate
Anticontra Anticeremonial
Anticondensation Anti-Canadianism
Antiasthma Anticreativity
Antidemonic Anticinematic
Antiamboceptor Antibody
Anticorrosion Antibiofouling
Anti-top quark Antidebt
Anticircumvention Antidesign
Antiblush Anti-Shiitic
Anticounterfeit Antianabolic
Antimuscarinic Antichristic
Anti-Balaka Anticoagulated
Anticipate Anti-monarchism
Antiapoptosis Antistatic
Antinuclear Anticlutter
Antifungal Anti-globalisation
Anticlinal Anticker
Antiallergy Antialien
Anti-federalism Antidefense
Anti-abolitionism Antimitochondrial
Anticonflict Antismoking
Anticline Anti-corruption
Anticountermeasure Antiatheist
Anti-perspirant Antidepressive
Anticipatorily Antiwar
Anti-trans Anti-Shiite
Antiavoidance Antiarthritis
Anticrystal Antiquity
Anti-griddle Antichrist
Antipope Anticlinorium
Anticipate Anti-particle
Anti-fascist Anticyclic
Antiballistic Antiallergic
Antideath Antivirus

Words Beginning With Anti

Antitype Antiflood
Antiangiogenic Antidotes
Antiapoplectic Anti-socialist
Antithetic Anti-LGBT
Anticopulatory Anti-racism
Antithrombin Anticorrelation
Anticircumcision Anticommons
Anti-Microsofter Anti-graft
Antiautomorphism Antianalgesia
Anticous Anti-Gentileism
Anti-foaming agent Antideficit
Antiphonally Anti-freeze
Anticrisis Anticonservation
Anti-homophobe Anti-centrist
Antibiblical Antidiarrhoeal
Antiaromaticity Anti-matter
Antidementia Anti-glare
Anticollusion Antibonding
Antideconstructionist Anticipatable
Anti-hero Anticharm
Anti-discriminative Antithrombotic
Antichronical Antimonide
Anti-metaphysics Antidrug
Anticoncessionary Anticelebrity
Anti-Semiticism Anticonformity
Anti-choicer Anticensorship
Anti-lock Antialignment
Antichthonic Anticlot
Anticipately Anticontagious
Antiviral Anticontraceptive
Antiabortion Anticonsumer
Antiplasmin Anticoncession
Antichristianism Anticigarette
Antimonous Antibi
Antidermatitis Anticausative
Antidesiccant Anti-submarine
Antidegradability Antibailout
Anticoincidence Antiallodynic
Antimalarial Antitoxin
Antiair Antiatherosclerotic
Anticholinergic Antiemetic
Anticooperative Antianimal
Antibicycle Anticounter
Anti-Shi’ism Anticivilization
Anticoherence Anti-Stokes
Antiauthoritarianism Antiarms
Antianhedonic Antidelusional
Anticounseling Antiautomobile
Antibothropic Anti-satellite
Antinomy Antimonarchical
Anti-inflationary Antibaseball
Antiblast Antibishop
Anticommercialization Antimatter
Antimicrobial Antiatom
Anticonformist Anti-racial
Antitank Antialigning
Anti-labor Anti-Semitism
Anticrowding Antiseptic
Anti-communism Antichild
Anticness Antimouse
Anti-virus Antiarmor
Antidemocratic Anticorporatism
Anticopyright Anti-strange quark
Anticryptography Antidesegregation
Anticontact Anticolour
Antichurch Anticlimactically
Antibaboon Antiboson
Antideferral Anti-chip
Antidiscipline Antiallergenic
Anti-goyish Antiulcerogenic
Anti-federal Anticomputer
Anti-brown Antibiotic
Antihistaminic Anti-gravitically
Anti-Taurus Antiarrhythmic
Antimarket Anticircular
Antibacchius Antioxidant
Anti-good Anticompetition
Antidairy Anti-transsexual
Antiattrition Antiboss
Anti-revolutionary Antibaryonic
Antibioresistance Antiviral
Anticholera Antitoxin
Anticathectic Antimony
Antigenicity Anticlockwisely
Anticircus Antipathic
Anticonservative Anti-rocker
Anticlimax Anticombat
Anticyclical Antiarabist
Anticlog Antiperspirant
Anticollaboration Antiassimilation
Anticold Antiapartheid
Antivivisection Antiairport
Anti-civil Antialigned
Anticholinesterase Antialtruistic
Antidestructive Antibolshevist
Antichaotic Antireligious
Antitotalitarian Antiamebic
Anticipatively Antiasthmatic
Antiacne Antidermatitic
Antibiofilm Antiscorbutic

Words That Begin With Anti

Antiresonant Antiassociation
Antianaemia Anticoagulatory
Antiaristocratic Antianopheline
Antigenaemia Anticreole
Anticoccidial Anticreative
Anticlerical Antiagriculture
Anticracking Antifibrin
Anti-Viagra Anti-conspiratorial
Anticlassical Antibanking
Anti-crystal Antic
Anticrash Antitheft
Anticivil Anti-sectarian
Anticonscription Antiblack
Anti-sway bar Anticure
Antimissile Antichaos
Anti-goyism Anti-G straining maneuver
Antiblennorrhagic Antiphoner
Antiarmy Antiapennine
Anticonduit Anticurvature
Anti-federalist Anticoca
Anti-immigrant Antisexual
Antidandruff Antialcohol
Anticoagulation Antiantibody
Anti-vaxxer Anticlotting
Anti-labour Antiamyloidogenic
Anti-bottom quark Antidesertion
Antient Antidermatotic
Anticensor Antielectron
Anti-feature Antiartillery
Antisense Anticross
Antichoir Antifreeze
Antiamoebic Anti-democratic
Anticytotoxicity Anticlimb
Antiphony Antichlorotic
Antiautistic Anti-up quark
Antibomb Anticultism
Antiarabism Anticop
Anticolored Anticounterfeiting
Anti-abortionism Anticore
Antimeridian Anticlastogenic
Antipathy Antigreen
Anticipant Anticrystallization
Anti-rust Anti-sectarianism
Anticoding Anticyclogenesis
Anti-Muslimist Anti-Gentilism
Anticommunism Anti-passback
Antievolution Antiquarianism
Antiquarian Anticonception
Anticlass Anticlimactical
Anticollective Anticor
Anti-lapse Anticontraction
Anti-Shiah Antigravity
Antiallergen Anticonceptualism
Antiapoptotically Antihomosexual
Anti-Palestinian Anticonglomerate
Antidating Antianemia
Antichristianly Antichav
Anticlogging Anticize
Anti-Shi’a Antidazzle
Anti-human Anti-intellectual
Antisocialist Anti-predator
Antianorexia Anti-smoking
Antiblister Antichronism
Anticommunist Anti-authoritarianism
Anticonceptual Anti-Muslimness
Antiangiogenesis Antisymmetric
Anti-circer Antiplatelet
Anti-apartheidism Anti-socialism
Antialbuminuric Antiarchitectural
Antiaromatic Anticipointment
Antiart Anti-utopia
Anti-American Antibank
Antipollution Anti-GG
Anticocaine Antiban
Antipsychotic Anticholesterolemic
Anticyclone Antiasthenic
Anticytotoxic Antialliance
Anti-heterosexist Antibarbarus
Antisemitic Anticipable
Antiparasite Anti-Sunni
Antidam Anticonvulsive
Anticultural Anti-gentileism
Anti-Shi’ite Anticipating
Antiarin Anticompetitiveness
Anti-Semitic Antiparallel
Antiserum Antibalaka
Anticommerce Anti-hunger
Anti-flash Antideadlock
Antisocially Anticonventional
Anticavity Antistreptococcal
Anticlericalism Anticontrol
Anticorrelated Antibody
Anticapitalist Antideforestation
Antianorexic Antidust
Antiself Antichimpanzee
Antiatrophic Antisocial
Antiphonary Antibeauty
Anti-agnostic Antiatomic
Antidesmoglein Antimicrobial
Antiparasitic Anti-Christian
Antiambush Anticlinally
Anticysticercal Anticholeretic
Antichresis Antichatter
Antique Anti-stress
Antitesting Anticrime
Antichoice Anticopying
Anti-balaka Antibacklash
Anticyclonically Antifashion
Anticontagion Antineutrino
Anticommutator Antickly
Antichoreography Anticoercive
Anticonsumption Antirrhinum
Anti-antifeminist Antibias
Antidark Antiarbitration
Antidrugs Anti-Shia
Antianaplastic Anticollaborationist
Anticoup Anti-Sunnism
Antibiological Anticonvective
Antivenom Anti-misogyny
Antihumanist Anti-climax
Antiatherogenicity Anticorset
Anticrowd Antifascist
Antigenically Anticow
Anticelibacy Antibike
Antiquity Anticultist
Antihistamine Antimycobacterial
Antiauteurist Antidemocratically
Anticlockwise Antigravitational
Antiatherogenic Antidentite
Antitumor Antifreeze
Anti-bribery Anticellulite
Antisegregation Antiscientific
Anticoyote Anti-novel
Antiactin Antiwork
Antibleeding Anticommie
Anticomplementary Anticenter
Antiatherosclerosis Antiheroic
Antideer Anticipator
Anti-Sunnite Antipain
Anticompetitive Antimacassar
Antianaemic Antichthonic
Anti-thyroid Anti-life
Anti-metaphysicalism Anticancer
Antitrust Anti-social
Anti-Müllerian Antibot
Anti-Arabism Antiputrescent
Antiamarillic Anti-caking agent
Antidactylus Antiarmour
Anti-inflammatory Anticult
Antiavian Antidecuplet
Anticlericalist Antipodal
Antineoplastic Anticontraception
Anticorporatist Antiandrogen
Antiagnostic Antiamnesty
Anticly Antirabbit
Anti-roll bar Anti-caking
Antiblushing Anticerebral
Anti-Nazi Antiparticle
Antiseptic Antialias
Anticorporate Anticoagulant
Anti-female Antibacterially
Antiarthritic Anticommercial
Antiatheistic Antiandrogenic
Anticolor Antiassignment
Antiboom Anticlockwise
Anti-reform Antiphlogistic
Antibiotic Anticharity
Anti-union Anticensus
Antibaryon Antituberculosis
Anticurare Antichromatin
Antidegradable Antiblockage
Anticlinal vertebra Antibacterial
Antianaphylaxis Antisecretory
Anticholesterol Antinomianism
Anticriticism Antiagrarian
Antideportation Antichildren
Antiglare Anti-goy
Anticommercialism Anti-Hegelian
Anti-Goyism Anticky
Antiphonal Anti-cap
Antiendotoxin Antisocialism
Antiausterity Antiracism
Antidep Anticollectivist
Antiar Anticyclonic
Anti-Catalanism Anticipation
Antidrama Antidesertification
Antiangina Anticestodal
Anti-Samaritanism Antiwhaling
Anticrease Anti-Müllerian hormone
Antiauxin Anti-racist
Anticonsolidation Antithymocyte
Antiderivative Antiblue
Antibilious Anti-abortionist
Antiauthority Anti-pattern
Anticipatory Antibipolar
Anticyclotomic Antianginal
Anticolonialist Antibacterial
Anticruelty Antiarson
Anti-national Antidynastic
Antislavery Antigliadin
Antilog Antibird
Anticommute Antierosion
Anti-tyrannist Antiherpes
Antibillboard Antidesmin
Antihuman Antialtruism
Antigravity Anticivism
Antibiotherapy Anticrossing
Anticipatedly Anti-microbial
Anti-Palestinianism Antipapal
Antichagasic Anti-story
Antideterminism Antibiotical