Collective Nouns For Things

50 Collective Nouns For Things List in English


If you’re an ESL student looking to improve your English skills, one area you may want to focus on is collective nouns. These are words that refer to groups of things, and they can be tricky to use correctly. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the most common collective nouns for things in English, so you can brush up on your usage before your next test or exam. Keep reading to learn more!

List of Collective Nouns For Things

  • Fall of Snow
  • A chest of drawers
  • Festival of Balloons
  • Belt of Asteroids
  • Quire of Newspapers
  • Troop of Mushrooms
  • Rope of Pearls
  • Galaxy of Starlets
  • A galaxy of stars
  • Garland of Sonnets
  • Anthology of Prose
  • Rouleau of Money
  • A harvest of wheat
  • A cluster of coconuts
  • Fleet of Vehicles
  • A collection of coins
  • A reel of film
  • Quiver of Arrows
  • A comb of bananas
  • Flight of Aeroplanes
  • A string of pearls
  • Roll of Coins
  • Round of Drinks
  • Bits of Information
  • A forest of trees
  • Flight of Steps
  • A ream of paper
  • Purse of Winnings
  • A bundle of sticks
  • Embarrassment of Riches
  • A group of islands
  • A catalogue of prices
  • Culture of Bacteria
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • Battery of Artillery
  • A heap of rubbish
  • Pod of Peas
  • Flight of Stairs
  • Convoy of Lorries
  • Swirl of Paisleys
  • A clump of bushes
  • A block of flats
  • Bowl of Flour
  • A fleet of ships
  • Fleet of Cars
  • A wad of notes
  • A hand of bananas
  • Pocket of Oranges
  • A bowl of rice
  • Dicker of Hides
  • A hedge of bushes
  • Pack of Cards
  • Agenda of Tasks
  • Rope of Onions
  • A book of notes
  • Convoy of Trucks
  • Punnet of Strawberries
  • Anthology of Poems
  • Range of Mountains
  • A set of clubs
  • A bunch of keys
  • A cloud of dust
  • Fleet of Boats
  • Fitting of Sails
  • Batch of Bread
  • Serving of Spoons

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