Common Number Prefixes, Number Prefixes 1-10

Number Prefixes

Common Number Prefixes, Number Prefixes 1-10! It’s important for ESL students to learn common number prefixes so that they can better understand written English. In this blog post, we’ll go over the most common number prefixes 1-10. Learning these prefixes will help you with reading and writing in English.

Number Prefixes in English

Below are some common number prefixes in English:

1) Uni-

Meaning: One

Example: Unicorn

2) Bi-

Meaning: Two

Example: Bilingual

3) Tri-

Meaning: Three

Example: Triangle

4) Quad-

Meaning: Four

Example: Quadruped

5) Quint-

Meaning: Five

Example: Quinquennial

6) Sext-

Meaning: Six

Example: Sextuplet

7) Sept-

Meaning: Seven

Example: September

8) Oct-

Meaning: Eight

Example: Octopus

9) Dec-

Meaning: Ten

Example: December

10) Undec-

Meaning: Eleven

Example: Undergraduate

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