Common Number Prefixes, Number Prefixes 1-10

Common Number Prefixes, Number Prefixes 1-10! A prefix is an affix that comes before the word’s stem. When you add it to the beginning of a word, it becomes a different term. Prefixes generated from numerals or other numbers are known as numeral or number prefixes.

Number Prefixes in English

Below are some common number prefixes in English:

Number Latin Greek Examples
1 uni– Mono- Universe,  uniform
2 bi– du– Di– bimonthly, binoculars,
3 –tri Tri– tricycle, triathlon
4 quadri– Tetra– quadruple, tetramer
5 quin– Penta– quintuplet, pentavalent
6 sext– Hexa–  hexagon, sextuplet
7 septem–septi– Hepta– heptameter, heptagon
8 octa– oct– Octo– octagon, octahedron, octaves
9 novem– Ennea– November, Enneagram
10 decem–deci– Deca– decahedron, decimal
100 cente– cent– Hecto– centennial, centenary
1000 mille- milli-­ Kilo- kilogram, millenary
Many multi– Poly– Polygon, polyester
Half semi- Hemi– hemisphere, semiannual

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