Common Verb Preposition List with examples

Common Verb Preposition List with examples PDF


Common Verb Preposition List with examples PDF!

Preposition examples of more than 500 daily conversational and most frequently speaking sentences. The prepositional phrases contain prepositions that make the sentence more meaningful and make it easy to understand. Here is the complete book that contains maximum prepositional phrases used in daily conversation.

Common Verb Preposition List

  • Cure of
  • Cruel to
  • Crave for
  • Count on
  • Correspond with
  • Correspond to
  • Despair of
  • Desist from
  • Desirous of
  • Deprived of
  • Depend on
  • Deliver to
  • Delight at
  • Delight in
  • Delete from
  • Defraud of
  • Deficient in
  • Defer to
  • Dedicate to
  • Dear to
  • Deal out
  • Deal with
  • Deal in
  • Deaf to
  • Dawn on
  • Dwell at
  • Dream of
  • Donate to
  • Distinguish between
  • Dissatisfied with
  • Dispose of
  • Displeased with
  • Dispense with
  • Dispense to
  • Dismiss from
  • Disobedient to
  • Disgrace to
  • Discriminate between
  • Differ with
  • Differ from
  • Die for
  • Died with
  • Die of
  • Die from
  • Die by
  • Devoid of
  • Devote to
  • Deviate from
  • Destined to
  • Eager for

Common Verb Preposition List with Examples

  • Cure of: He was cured of Malaria.
  • Cruel to: Do not be cruel to the poor.
  • Crave for: The poor always crave for good days.
  • Count on: You can count on my help in this matter.
  • Correspond with: Do you correspond with my ideas?
  • Correspond to: His bearing corresponds to his father.
  • Despair of: Do not despair of success in life.
  • Desist from: He could not desist from telling a lie.
  • Desirous of: Iqbal is desirous of going abroad.
  • Deprived of: His father deprived him of his property.
  • Depend on: Never depend upon a fool.
  • Deliver to: The postman delivered a letter to me.
  • Delight at: Ali was delighted at the arrival of his brother.
  • Delight in: I take delight in reading books.
  • Delete from: I deleted some paragraphs from my essay.
  • Defraud of: The cheater defrauded the villagers of his money.
  • Deficient in: He is deficient in common sense.
  • Defer to: The case was deferred to the next session.
  • Dedicate to: Salma has dedicated her life to social works.
  • Dear to: Life is dear to everyone.
  • Deal out: Deal out the Zakat among the poor.
  • Deal with: Nobody likes to deal with him.
  • Deal in: He deals in cloth.
  • Deaf to: He was deaf to my advice.
  • Dawn on: The truth will dawn on him soon.
  • Dwell at: He dwells at a far off village.
  • Dream of: He is dreaming of becoming a judge.
  • Donate to: He has donated his property to the school.
  • Distinguish between: Death does not distinguish between rich and poor.
  • Dissatisfied with: He is dissatisfied with your work.
  • Dispose of: I have disposed of my old bike.
  • Displeased with: I am displeased with him.
  • Dispense with: I dispensed him with his services.
  • Dispense to: We dispensed Zakat to the poor.
  • Dismiss from: He was dismissed from service.
  • Disobedient to: Do not be disobedient to your parents.
  • Disgrace to: This job is a disgrace to you.
  • Discriminate between: We should not discriminate between them.
  • Differ with: I differ with you in this matter.
  • Differ from: Mangoes differ from melons in appearance.
  • Die for: The baby was dying for more cakes.
  • Died with: The hunter died with his own gun.
  • Die of: He died of typhoid.
  • Die from: The child dies from suffocation.
  • Die by: Many people died by violence.
  • Devoid of: He is devoid of moral courage.
  • Devote to: Anwar has devoted his life to human service.
  • Deviate from: Never deviate from your principles.
  • Destined to: The success was destined to me.
  • Eager for: He is eager for winning the First Prize.

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list of verbs and preposition in english Common Verb Preposition List with examples list of verbs and preposition in english Common Verb Preposition List with examples


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