Con Prefix: Words That Start With Con Prefix

Con Prefix

Some prefixes have been around for a long time. The prefix “con-” is one of them. It comes from the Latin word “com,” which means “together.” So, the word “conceive” means to bring together in thought or action. The word “conference” comes from the same root and means a meeting or gathering of people. Other prefixes are more recent additions to English. The prefix “emo-” comes from the word “emotion.

Con Prefixes With Meanings

Concede Meaning

In any game or sport, there is always a winner and a loser. When one team is losing, they may choose to concede, or give up, in order to end the match. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as saving players from further injury, preventing the other team from scoring more points, or simply conceding defeat.

There are different types of conceding that can take place during a game. A player may choose to concede by walking away from the game, throwing in the towel, or admitting defeat. A team may also concede if they are losing by a large margin and there is little chance of recovering. In some cases, teams will agree to end the match early if it is clear that one side is going to win.

Conceding has both positive and negative aspects.

Concise Meaning

Concise meaning is the most important aspect of communication. When we communicate with others, we want to be sure that we are understood. This is not always easy to do, especially when there are language barriers. However, by taking the time to use concise meaning in our conversations, we can be sure that everyone involved understands what is being said.

Conclude Meaning

When you conclude something, you bring it to an end. This can be a process, such as when you finish a project, or it can be a discussion, such as when you reach a final decision. In either case, concluding means that you have reached the end of something and that there is no more to say on the matter.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the conversation or project is over. It just means that you have come to the end of what can be said for now. You may still have more work to do, or more decisions to make, but those will come later. For now, it’s time to move on and conclude meaningfully.

Concord Meaning

When you think of the word “concord” what comes to mind? Most likely, it is a feeling of peace and agreement. Concord is a state of harmony in which different elements are combined. In music, concordance refers to the combination of chords that sound pleasant together. When two or more things are in concordance with each other, they are in agreement or harmony.

The word “concord” has its roots in the Latin word “concors,” meaning “of one heart.” The first use of the word “concord” in English appeared in the 14th century and meant “agreement.” The current definition of concord is “a harmonious state resulting from the combination or interaction of elements.

Congregate Meaning

Congregate comes from the Latin word congregare, meaning “to bring together.” Congregate has a few different meanings, but all involve people coming together. The most common use of the word is to describe when people come together in one place. For example, a group of people might congregate in a park to have a picnic. Another use of the word is when people come together for a religious service. Congregation is another word that is related to congregate and has the same meaning.

Connect Meaning

In our fast-paced, constantly-connected world, it’s easy to lose sight of the meaning behind things. We’re so busy multitasking and jumping from one thing to the next that we don’t stop to think about why we’re doing what we’re doing. We forget to connect with the people and things around us.

But taking the time to connect with meaning can be incredibly rewarding. When you connect with something meaningful, you’re able to appreciate it on a much deeper level. You see past the superficiality and get to the heart of what matters.

Consensus Meaning

Consensus meaning is a key part of effective communication. When everyone involved in a discussion agrees on the meaning of a word or phrase, they can more easily communicate their ideas. This is especially important when working with a team or in a collaborative environment.

One way to achieve consensus meaning is to use a common definition or glossary of terms. This ensures that everyone is using the same language to describe their ideas. It can also help to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

Consequence Meaning

The word “consequence” has a few different meanings, all of which are important. The first is that consequences are the results of something that has been done. These results can be good or bad, but they always happen because of what has been done. Another meaning of consequence is that something is important because of the results it will have. This might be a decision someone makes, or an event that will happen. Finally, consequences are also what happens when someone breaks a law or rule. This might be going to jail, getting fined, or being kicked out of school. All of these things are called consequences because they are the result of breaking a rule.

Convene Meaning

The word convene has a few different meanings, all of which are important to understand. The first is that it can be used as a verb, meaning to come together for a meeting. The second is that it can be used as a noun, meaning the act of coming together for a meeting. Finally, it can also be used as an adjective, meaning having the power or authority to call a meeting. All of these definitions are important in different contexts. For example, if you’re trying to schedule a meeting, you’ll need to use the verb form to get everyone together. If you’re already at the meeting and want to know who called it, you’ll need to use the noun form. And if you want to make sure your boss has the power to call meetings, you’ll need to use the adjective form.

Convince Meaning

In order to convince someone of something, you need to present evidence that supports your point of view. This can be done in a number of ways, but the most important thing is to make sure that your argument is clear and concise. You should also be prepared to answer any questions that your audience might have. If you can successfully do all of these things, then you’ll be well on your way to convincing your listeners of whatever it is you’re trying to say.

Words That Start With Con Prefix

Congeneric Consultative
Consonant Conacre
Concavity Contiguity
Conjure Contactable
Concertedly Contributive
Condillacian Concatemerized
Congratulation Conjugally
Conciliate Converge
Contingent Congregationalist
Confrontationism Conj
Concentration camp Contention
Conduction Consignee
Continuation Conspiracy
Confusion Confrere
Contone Configurability
Contradictorily Condominium
Consommes Convoke
Contrastingly Connectiveness
Congenitally Congregation
Conformational analysis Confusedly
Contemnor Construction
Contemptuously Controversialist
Consistence Connote
Congressional Confider
Contraflow Conde
Connectable Conscientization
Construct Conformature
Confidant Contractor
Considerateness Constrict
Confit Consolingly
Confrontative Contrast
Continental Confucius
Conformational Convolution
Contemporaneity Confessionalism
Conclusive Consequentially
Contiguous Conservatively
Conformability Conciliatorily
Conurbation Concierge
Contextualise Confers
Conciliatory Concentration
Concatemerization Contango
Contemporaneously Coney
Constitutively Consol
Contrastable Confoundedness
Contentless Construed
Contagiousness Conceivably
Confinement Confrontationality
Conservatorium Contextless
Consoling Conjuror
Contemporarily Consist
Constriction Conflictive
Constitutionalism Condyloma
Concessive Conman
Consubstantial Conviviality
Conodont Contributor
Contrabass Config
Congruous Containable
Concher Confidential
Contemptibly Congestive
Congenially Concertina
Contrasuggestible Conceptualize
Constructionally Conchology
Conceptualisation Controversially
Contextual Conservatory
Consequentialism Concessively
Conventionary Conundrum
Conventionalism Conque
Consumers Confirm
Confrontationally Congratulate
Contradicter Context
Consecutive Conibear
Consults Confiscatory
Conical Continuative
Concertation Conditional
Confer Conceptualizable
Convertible Contrastively
Condescendence Controller
Conducive Conservatoire
Contented Contuse
Connexion Concourse
Consolute Convertibility
Consummatory Congeniality
Contaminant Conger
Confide Convocation
Concatenation Confluence
Condescension Conquer
Contractual Confusional
Concelebration Conductor
Continentality Conquistador
Confidently Confront one’s demons
Constable Condensation
Conscious Contingently
Convulsion Contaminative
Concurs Consecrate
Conditioner Contributional
Conceivable Conflation
Conventionally Controul
Connectionism Conspires
Confiding Conflict
Conjugals Conflab


Condensable Controllability
Congruently Contravene
Congruity Congenital
Conceal Contextualisation
Constabulary Constitutionalize
Confraternal Conveys
Contractorization Continuator
Consulship Conscientious
Consists Conchitic
Conception Convincement
Conformant Confuse
Conchoidal Consonantal
Concernedly Condiment
Conform Conductance
Conquerour Consecutively
Conglomerate Conium
Contribute Confute
Convect Conservationism
Conversationist Contributory
Conchiglie Conclusively
Concentricity Conformingly
Conrod Confliction
Constitutional Contextualization
Convalescent Conferee
Congestion Confessedly
Consequentialist Connotative
Connotate Contradiction
Contacted Conspiratorial
Contours Contemner
Congratulatory Contravention
Conference-goer Consolably
Content Conceptualization
Configurational Consignment
Convergent Consent
Concentre Conserve
Constructivism Conservativism
Conformable Conjunctivitis
Contexts Concessionary
Contacts Coniferous
Conjugate Conforti
Connoisseurial Containerization
Concern Contemplate
Confiture Conjointly
Conclave Convenes
Concoct Contrivance
Consarn Conscription
Constrictor Consumerism
Confuciusornithid Convergently
Convoys Conductress
Convincingly Confessione
Convolute Consign
Conscientiously Conformal
Contingence Concretely
Consociational Construal
Continentally Conifer
Conchiform Consolidate
Conceptualistic Connectedness
Constituent Convince
Conventionality Confocal
Contentful Conjunctiva
Confraternity Condensational
Conciliarist Concatenate
Contractive Constitutionalized
Contig Consoled
Consulate Constitutionality
Concision Concessionaire
Consistency Consensually
Contemptibleness Connectin
Continuum Consumption
Consuls Consul
Conapt Contact
Confidante Conjoint
Conditionability Conterminous
Containment Contraction
Confœderate Conjectural
Conditionality Consolidator
Contrite Continuant
Contiguously Contradictor
Conchie Convenience
Consummately Condensible
Contend Conyrine
Consciously Contrary
Convexes Continuity
Containerisation Constant
Conflict-ridden Console
Conventional Concertato
Consensus Confoundingly
Conjunctively Conant
Contravener Conqueror
Contributary Conversion
Connate Contrive
Conjunctly Conceptual
Conciliarism Contextualize
Contagion Confrontable
Constipation Conviction
Conglomerateur Confederacy
Confederate Con sordini
Conning Contriver
Constative Conductivity
Contrariety Conation


Concavo-convex Conus
Congruence Constancy
Confessional Conker
Confœderacy Concretise
Constructively Contraceptive
Connection Conservationist
Consternation Concatemeric
Contrarious Concisely
Concurrence Confucianist
Congressman Contraindication
Constructor Congener
Conspicuousness Contrarian
Conformastatic Contorts
Condie Convival
Confronter Conduct
Constitute Conventionalist
Contd Concurrently
Conversationalist Contort
Congregationalism Consumed
Concussion Conglomeration
Configurable Contentedness
Conformation Continuously
Consistory Converse
Contextuality Condylar
Condenser Contactual
Concentrator Condole
Confront Contractural
Concomitant Convents
Consultancy Connivance
Considerate Conceptualism
Condottiere Concretisation
Conversationally Conclude
Consciousness-raising Conservancy
Concretization Conservativeness
Contained Connex
Conjecturally Consecration
Contredanse Contractualism
Contentious Contains
Conquistadorial Contents
Configural Confectioner
Convention Consequent
Constrainedly Conventioneer
Conjunctival Concelebrant
Confidingly Conscienceless
Concience Concert
Confirmatory Contraception
Contretemps Concoction
Concordancer Connubial
Condensation product Conversate
Conveyable Convergency
Contentment Concealment
Convective Cone
Connatural Conder
Consigner Connotive
Contracyclical Consociationalism
Conceit Condescendingly
Converso Conventual
Consumptive Conga
Condignity Conchoid
Confident Consensual
Confidentiality Con-artist
Concavely Conversation
Congrats Consequentiality
Condignly Conchifer
Contumacy Convalescence
Conformality Condescender
Constitutive Conchite
Concretionary Concernment
Concealer Confutable
Condensation reaction Confluency
Concupiscence Confederal
Concelebrate Controvert
Contractarian Contradict
Contributorily Constableship
Conserver Conjuration
Control-freak Conspicuous
Congee Controlment
Consanguinity Confrontationist
Condicion Controllably
Consanguineous Construes
Conscience Confederation
Concomitantly Condere
Connective Condensery
Conjunction Confects
Conveniently Coneflower
Contiguousness Congruously
Concentrically Confabulate
Contralateral Concertino
Concreteness Conceptualist
Conchiolin Consciousness
Convulsively Constituency
Contemplative Convallaria
Confounding variable Contemporary
Concretize Conduciveness
Confect Concert-goer
Conformistic Contemptible
Congregational Conversative
Continuous Conspectus
Contestatory Condenseness
Conveniency Contentedly


Congresswoman Confoundable
Consistently Conferment
Contentiousness Conjugation
Contextualism Configure
Conformance Conformal mapping
Contracture Conservational
Conjugality Conjunctural
Condom Consideringly
Conformer Consolers
Concave Convicts
Contusion Conquerer
Constant-velocity Contriteness
Concede Confoundedly
Concession Concanavalin
Conching Concussively
Cont. Conteyne
Condemn Consortium
Consomme Confesse
Congeal Condensibility
Confraternization Confidence
Conforaneous Contrasty
Condors Consider
Convenient Condensed matter
Contrabassoon Context-free
Confederative Configurator
Continually Convincedly
Contradictoriness Contumelious
Contently Convection
Congeries Contemn
Contour Contrariness
Confutation Convolvulus
Convened Confusingly
Connexional Concestor
Connotational Converter
Conchy Contender
Contactee Concelho
Controvertible Concha
Contextually Congruency
Contradictory Concubinage
Condensed matter physicist Confessio
Contends Concentratively
Consultive Conspiratorially
Connie Continuo
Concrete Confoundment
Conceptualise Consumerist
Contraposition Concise
Consonance Conspicuously
Contentiously Conformal optics
Conatively Contumely
Contrastiveness Conformator
Constraint Concretion
Condo Conics
Conformably Conformism
Contrapositive Convoy
Constitutionalization Conclusiveness
Consult Conformist
Consanguine Consumes
Condor Constructionism
Consubstantiation Conformableness
Contrapunctus Conformationally
Contrasts Confucianism
Consorts Convergence
Concurrency Contractile
Continual Conchiglioni
Confrontation Conscript
Connotation Concentrative
Conservator Convert
Conveyer Consignor
Controversial Contortion
Convey Confiteor
Conciliatingly Contextualist
Connive Connector
Conceptus Concerted
Conchifragous Conceptuality
Convolve Condemningly
Continue Conchectomy
Condense Cony
Conspecific Contractionary
Contrivedly Conic
Continent Conatus
Contrapuntally Congest
Connectivity Confiscation
Concubine Congress
Convex Conf
Contra Consumer
Constructive Confusability
Conative Condimental
Condone Consulted
Condonation Conventicle
Concurrent Condescendingness
Convects Conflate
Concent Condensation trail
Conversance Confronté
Conjuncture Constellation
Condign Connectedly
Concord Conveyancer
Condensation point Concomitance
Contrarily Conservative
Consolation Constructivist
Consolatory Convertase


Conveyor Contemporaneous
Conformally Conciliar
Contumacious Conceive
Cont Considerately
Connect Convalesce
Convectional Conspire
Continuance Confirmative
Contagious Conjunto
Cond Contempt
Concatemerisation Conferral
Conscientiousness Contestant
Conveyancing Consideration
Concessory Consummate
Contestable Concertante
Conference Contract
Contemptuous Contrapuntal
Condemner Convector
Condescendency Contraindicate
Conspired Confocally
Condylomatous Conflagration
Convented Conservatism
Condensin Consultation
Confectionery Conclusion
Congenial Consoles
Conjunct Conservation
Concat Condition
Conscientous Consular
Conk Convene
Controllable Conchiferous
Conformistically Condensability
Concordant Contactor
Convulse Contraption
Container Concept
Conservationally Contralto
Congenic Consequently
Conciliator Confounder
Consummation Contritely
Contortionism Contrition
Consoler Constitutionalist
Confess Contrariwise
Convulsive Contraband
Concentratedly Convenor
Conjugal Confab
Contradistinction Conversational
Congruent Controls
Contingency Constitution
Concur Continence
Consistent Conduce
Confabulation Concentric
Concentrical Confessionalist
Concuss Confine
Consolidation Concessional
Contradictious Conciseness
Condignness Conjoin
Confound Constructible
Contaminate Congelation
Concerto Conductorship
Constrictive Condolence
Confucian Connoisseurship
Constrain Connectionist
Conceptive Confection
Convertor Context-sensitive
Constructional Conversant
Conglomeratic Convict
Contribution Connectology
Contrastive Contractually
Conn Contestability
Confirmable Conciliation
Conversely Confessor
Convenorship Contractility
Convivially Constructionist
Control Const
Confiscate Conflictual
Confetti Concordance
Concolor Conquest
Confidentially Convener
Conditionally Confectionary
Confession Considerable
Conchinine Conveyance
Contestation Conversazione
Construe Concordat
Confluent Convexity
Contemplatively Conjecture
Concentrativeness Consultant
Constantly Consentingly
Condisciple Consulter
Confusable Contessa
Conspiration Contumaciously
Conjurer Concetto
Consubstantiality Conj.
Convent Configuration
Condescend Conner
Controversy Confirmation
Concettism Conduit
Condensed milk Consensuality
Conal Contest
Condyle Conductive
Convivial Contratenor
Concocter Considerably
Contests Constitutionally
Conformateur Conch
Congregate Controversiality
Contactless Condemnation
Conjunctive Consequence
Contemptibility Consumeristic
Conservatorship Conspirator
Confrontment Consequential
Contrived Connoisseur
Conceptually Contrariant
Conscientize Contemplation
Contemptuousness Condemnable
Confluently Concatemerize
Condemnatory Continuingly
Consort Condiction
Confrontational Contortionist
Condescent Concentrate
Conspicuity Consumable
Convivium Conformity
Confused Constants
Contamination Contain
Contravariant Condensate
Controlee Conceited
Converts Consume