50+ Contractions List in English, Contractions Words

Contractions List in English

50+ Contractions List in English, Contractions Words! There are many contractions in English, and they are all made up of two words. The first word is always a verb, and the second word is always a pronoun. For example, “I am” becomes “I’m.” When you use contractions, your sentences sound more natural and fluent. In this post, we will list all of the common contractions in English. We will also explain the meanings of each contraction. Let’s get started!

Contractions List in English

I am  I’m
He is  he’s
Was not  wasn’t
We are  we’re
She is  she’s
They have  they’ve
I have  I’ve
Do not  don’t
You are  you’re
She will  she’ll
You had  you’d
Who will  who’II
I will  I’d
We would  we’d
There is  there’s
We will  we’II
Here is  here’s
He will  he’II
You will  you’II
We have  we’ve
Does not  doesn’t
Is not  isn’t
Could not  couldn’t
What is  what’s
Are not  aren’t
Must not  mustn’t
That is  that’s
Did not  didn’t
He had  he’d
It has  it’s
He would  he’d
She would  she’d
Will not  won’t
You would  you’d
It will  it’II
Can not  can’t
Had not  hadn’t
She has  she’s
Should not  shouldn’t
Were not  weren’t
Who is  who’s
Have not  haven’t
They are  they’re
It is  it’s

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