Correlative Conjunctions List, Definition and Examples Pdf

Correlative Conjunctions List, Definition and Examples

What are correlative conjunctions?

Correlative conjunctions are pairs of words that correlate two equally important clauses or phrases in one complete thought.

Here is the list of correlative conjunctions

As … as He’s not eating as fast as he can.
Both … and Sana can both write and read.
Either … or He has either juice or milk.
Hardly … when I had hardly made the tea when he wakeup.
Neither … nor Neither sunny nor his friend is fat.
No sooner … than We had no sooner come out than rain started.
Not only … but also Not only George but also Alina is from Australia.
Rather … than I would rather play than stay at home for work.
Scarcely … when Scarcely had I gone to shower when the baby wake up.
So … as Her performance isn’t so bad as Ali’s.
So … that He performs the trick so fast that nobody understands it.
Such … that She is such a sharp girl that she got the first position in the class.
The more … the more The more work hard, the more you will get.
Whether … or We makes it, whether she eat it or not.