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dawn vocabulary for css

Dawn vocabulary for CSS PDF! Here is the list of all the most common and frequently asked words in CSS exams. These words are listed with their meanings. This list of words and meanings is very useful if you want to speak move advance English. This vocabulary will improve your vocabulary.

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Dawn Vocabulary For CSS – With meanings

dawn vocabulary for css dawn vocabulary for css dawn vocabulary for css

Dawn vocabulary List

Words Synonyms
Intonation tone of voice
Capricious whimsical; changeable
Acumen sharpness of mind
Alleviate make less serve; reduce
Mandatory compulsory
Lithe flexible; supple
Marred spoiled; ruined
Barring To restrict or confine
Amassed accumulated
Affability friendliness; cordiality
Affluence wealth; opulence
Insurrectionist rebel; combative
Litigious seeking legal remedies
Animosity hostility; hatred; ill-will
Endorse Back, Certify, Indorse, Second, Support,
Irony something unexpected; words to convey the opposite meaning
Lucid clear; explained
Alacrity speed & eagerness
Abstruse Difficult to comprehend
Ameliorate make better; improve
Tenor The higher of the two kinds of voices usually belonging to adult males, Strain
Augment increase in size or number
Languid Lacking energy; weak
Intuition sixth sense; gut feeling
Anachronistic out of normal time range (Root — chon always implies the time)
Jeopardize put at risk; endanger
Immunity Freedom or exemption from any charge
Intemperate not moderate; excessive
Arable cab be cultivated; fit for pillowing
Adulation worship
intrigued interested and curious
Cerebral concerned with thinking
Adroit skillful (Maladroit = clumsy)
Aberration deviation; abnormality
Manipulative deceptive; skill-full at handling people
Legitimate to make legal; give approval to
Juxtaposition placing two things next to each other
Lavish to spend freely(v); costing a lot
Arcane esoteric; obscure; known only to few people
Amalgam mixture
Intermittent on & off; not continuous; spasmodic
Irresolute lacking firmness of purpose; hesitant
Insolvent bankrupt
Autocrat absolute ruler; dictator
Autonomy self-government
Barrage bombardment; stream (of abuse etc.); continuous attack
Belabor over-emphasizing
Belied contradicted
Belittlers people who criticize/disparage
Boorishness rudeness; ill-mannered
Brevity briefness
Bypass avoid; find a way around
Byzantine excessive; decadent
Cacophony noise; din
Callous cruel & unfeeling
Candid truthful; straight forward;
Ditch Chuck, Dump, Trench,
Complicity The state of being an accomplice; participation in guilt.
Immunity Freedom or exemption from any charge
Divulge To make public; to several or communicate to the public, Disclose
Riva To stand in competition with Inception
Hilled Anything did or said to enforce the will
Tactile concerned with the sense of touch
Zenith summit
consensus Agreement
Insurgent A person who rises in revolt against civil authority
Bid To invite; to call in; to request to come.
Plunder robbery

css vocabulary words css vocabulary words pdf dawn vocabulary for ielts

Dawn Vocabulary Words list

Words Meanings/Synonyms
Sculpture The art of carving, cutting, or hewing wood, stone, metal
Beret type of cap Corpulent
Endurance staying power; patience; stamina
Hackneyed common and over-used
Jurisprudence science or study of law
Novel new; unusual
Placate pacify; soothe; calm
Relegate dismiss to a lower position
Taciturn quiet; saying little
Zealot fanatic
Bestial behaving like a beast; brutal
Corrugated highly folded
Enduring lasting
Novice a beginner; tyro
Hallowed worshiped; consecrated
Juxtapose place next to
Placebo harmless medicine
Hallowed worshiped; consecrated
Juxtapose place next to
Placebo harmless medicine with no effect; dummy medicine
Remorse regret; sorrow; contrition
Sycophant bootlicker; flatterer Zeal
Notoriety infamy; known for wrongdoing
Pivotal of central importance
Regale entertain
Judicious correct in judgment; wise
Zeal enthusiasm
Pivotal of central importance
Notoriety infamy; known for wrongdoing.
Mused brooded, pondered, though
Startled alarmed
Glanced gazed, looked
Slender lean, narrow
Flimsy delicate, fragile
Foggiest vaguest, dimmest
Plague disease, Epidemic
Long strap long tie, long buckle
Snatch clutched, gained
Tug drag, jerk
Stoop bow, bend
Latching hooking
Credence belief, trust
Exasperating full of anger
Salvation rescue, escape
incredulity doubt
Triumph Elation, success
Delirium insanity, fever
Wrath anger
Havocs Devastation
Engraved carved, imprinted
Wore down overcame, dominated
Crowning prize
Mourning Deploring, weeping
Heifer young cow or young bull
Flushed Feverish, glowing, hot
Coaxed Allured, beguiled
Disgust hatred, displease
Admonished advised, rebuked
Clenched closed tightly, pressed firmly
Splinter Fragments, bits
Desisted ceased
Perpetually eternally, immortally
Parable Allegory, fable
Aptly properly, correctly
Culinary kitchen related
Sergeant solider with high rank
Clung adhered, attached to
Stern back end of a ship
Endued bestowed, enriched
Consent assent, approved, comply
Decree Command, dictum
Goiter large swelling of throat
Quack fraud, imposter
Mallet hammer
Compel bulldoze, drive
Wretch poor
Exhorted admonished, advised
Prodigious colossal, huge
Colossal huge, giant
Stolid heavy, unemotional

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