Future Indefinite Tense,10 Examples of Future Indefinite Tense

future indefinite tense examples

Future Indefinite Tense, 10 Examples of Future Indefinite Tense! The future indefinite tense, often known as the future simple tense, is used to represent an action that will occur in the future. The future indefinite tense is used to represent an action that has not yet occurred. It is used to represent an action that will take place in the future.

Structure: Subject + Helping Verb + Main Verb + Object

Main Verb: 1st form of the verb, e.g. eat, play, buy, etc.

Example of Future Indefinite Tense Sentences

  • He will get admission to your school.
  • Sara will teach English.
  • Ali will be a teacher.
  • I will marry her.
  • They will run fast.
  • I will give him a gift on his birthday.
  • They will buy a car.
  • He will go to school
  • She will sing a song for me.
  • He will buy a burger for me.
  • My father will eat an Apple.
  • He will meet me at the school.
  • She will wear old pajamas.
  • Harry will play football.
  • I will play cricket.
  • This house will paint.

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