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Verbs With Prepositions List

Important Verbs with Prepositions List!

The prepositional phrase contains prepositions that help us to understand the sentence. Here is the fine collection of prepositional verbs that involves important prepositions with examples.

Important Verbs with Prepositions List

This list contains important verbs with prepositions. You can download Pdf of this list from the end of this lesson.

  • Back out
  • Aware of
  • Avenge on
  • Avail of
  • Authority on
  • Attribute to
  • Attend to
  • Attend on
  • Atone for
  • Astonished at
  • Assure of
  • Associate with
  • Assent to
  • Aspire to
  • Ashamed of
  • Ascribes to
  • Arrive in
  • Arrive at
  • Argue with
  • Argue against
  • Aptitude for
  • Approve of
  • Appropriate to
  • Approach to
  • Appoint to
  • Apply to
  • Appeal to
  • Appeal for
  • Apologize to
  • Apologize for
  • Apart from
  • Anxious about
  • Antidote to
  • Answerable to/for
  • Answer to
  • Answer for
  • Annoyed with
  • Annoyed at
  • Angry with
  • Angry at
  • Amused with
  • Ambitious for
  • Amazed at
  • Alternative to
  • allude to
  • Allotted to
  • Allegiance to
  • Alive to
  • Alighted at
  • Alight from
  • Alarmed at
  • Aim at
  • Agree with
  • Agree to
  • Agree on/upon


Verbs with Prepositions List Examples

Here is the list of important verbs with prepositions in sentence examples:

  • Bring up: He was brought up by his brother.
  • Break in: A robber broke in his house last night.
  • Bound for: The train is bound for Lahore.
  • Born to: A son was born to her last year.
  • Born in: He was born into a poor family.
  • Born of: He was born of poor parents.
  • Boast of: Never boast of your health or wealth.
  • Blush at: She was blushed at the name of her fiance.
  • Blow up: Patriots blew up the arsenal.
  • Blow out: Please, blow out the lamp.
  • Blind to: I am not blind to my weaknesses.
  • Blind in: Neha was blind in one eye.
  • Bless him: Allah blessed him with a son.
  • Blame for: Do not blame her for your failure.
  • Biased against: Why he is biased against me?
  • Bent upon: Ali is bent upon going abroad.
  • Beneficial to: Walking is beneficial to health.
  • Beware of: Beware of pick-pockets.
  • Bestow on: Allah has bestowed many blessings on us.
  • Belong to: Salma belongs to a noble family.
  • Believe in: We believe in one Allah.
  • Beg for: He begged for mercy.
  • Beg of: He begged of the Principal for leave.
  • Become of: Nothing has become of his case.
  • Bear out: I shall bear out his honesty.
  • Busy with: These days I am busy with exams.
  • Burst into: He burst into tears.
  • Brush up: We must brush up on our English.
  • Cling to: Man clings to hope even on death bed.
  • Clear from: He was cleared from the charge.
  • Clash with: Do not clash with others.
  • Cheat of: Do not cheat anyone of your friendship.
  • Certain of: I am certain of my success.
  • Cease from: The students have to cease from agitation.
  • Charge with: Usman was charged with theft.
  • Cautious of: I am cautious of what I say.
  • Caution against: I cautioned him against being late.
  • Catch at: A drowning man catches at a straw.
  • Carry out: He has to carry out my orders.
  • Carry off: He carried off many prizes.

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