Iso Prefix: Words That Start With Iso

Iso Prefix

What is an Iso Prefix? It is a prefix that is used in front of a word to indicate a measurement. For example, the word “kilogram” has the iso prefix “kilo” in front of it which indicates that it is 1000 times the size of a gram. The word “meter” has the iso prefix “meter” in front of it which indicates that it is 100 times the size of a centimeter.

Iso Prefix Words Meanings

Isobath Meaning

Isobath meaning is the measure of how deep a sound wave travels in water. The word “iso” means “equal” and “bath” means “depth.” An iso bath is also known as an acoustic impedance meter. It is used to measure the speed of sound waves in a fluid. By knowing the speed of sound waves, you can calculate the depth of the fluid.

Isochor Meaning

An isochor (from the Greek iso, “equal,” and choros, “space”) is a curve in mathematics that is invariant under translation. In other words, it is a curve that preserves the same shape when moved in any direction. Isochors are used in physics to model the behavior of particles in a vacuum.

Isoform Meaning

Isoforms are one of the ways that proteins can be different. Isoforms are proteins that are very similar to each other, but have a small difference in their amino acid sequence. These small differences can cause big changes in how the proteins work. Isoforms are made when the DNA is copied, and sometimes there can be mistakes in the copying process. This can cause different isoforms of a protein to be made. Isoforms can also be made when a protein is modified by a chemical reaction.

Isogamy Meaning

Isogamy is the form of sexual reproduction whereby two cells, or gametes, are similar in size and shape. In contrast, anisogamy is the form of sexual reproduction whereby one cell, or gamete, is significantly larger than the other. The term isogamy derives from the Greek words iso (equal) and gamos (marriage), signifying that the two gametes are of equal size. Isogamous organisms produce genetically identical offspring.

Isohyet Meaning

An isohyet (iso- meaning “equal” and -hyet meaning “rainfall”) is a line on a map that connects points of equal rainfall. Isohyets are used to measure precipitation, and the lengths of the lines indicate how much rain falls at each point.

Isonomy Meaning

The word isonomy comes from the Greek words iso (equal) and nomos (law). It means equality under the law. In a society with isonomy, everyone is treated equally under the law, regardless of their social status or wealth.

Isopach Meaning

An isopach map is a map that shows the thickness of a sedimentary rock layer or coal bed. The thickness of each layer is measured in units of feet or meters. Isopach maps are used to help miners and other workers who drill for oil and gas determine where to drill.

Isotach Meaning

An isotach (plural: isotachs) is a line on a map or chart that connects points of equal wind speed. The name comes from the Greek words iso (equal) and tachos (speed). Isotachs are used to depict wind speed, weather patterns, and other meteorological data.

Isotopy Meaning

Isotopy is a branch of mathematics that concerns the study of objects that can be mapped to one another by a continuous deformation, such as stretching or bending. In other words, isotopy is the property of being able to deform an object without breaking it. Mathematically speaking, two objects are said to be isotopic if there exists a continuous function from one to the other that preserves angles and lengths. The word “isotopy” comes from the Greek words “iso” (meaning “same”) and “topos” (meaning “place”).

Isozyme Meaning

Isozyme meaning is a term used in biology to describe the specific proteins that are responsible for the chemical reactions that occur in a living cell. Isozymes are important because they allow cells to carry out many different biochemical processes simultaneously. Isozyme meaning can be further understood by studying the structure and function of these important proteins.

Words That Start With Iso

Isoeccentrically Isomerizing
Isochrysene Isostatically
Isocracies Isotherm
Isocyanuric Isocausal
Isografts Isoelectrophoresis
Isoechogenic Isoallotype
Isocephalism Isoascorbic acid
Isobioclimate Isoeffective
Isomorphically Isometric
Isoantigens Isopropyl
Isogenous Isocaproaldehyde
Isogametes Isoacid
Isogram Isogonic
Isoelastic Isochemical
Isomerization Isocephalic
Isoallergen Isoleucines
Isoechoic Isotones
Isobiflavonoid Isanthesic
Isocyanoacetate Isotheral
Isochronisms Isocheims
Isochronal Isochasmic
Isodop Isocandela
Isomerized Isoleucine
Isoaporphine Isodiphasic
Isoabsorption Isodipeptide
Isotherms Isohyets
Isolationisms Isoproterenols
Isocolchicinoid Isochime
Isologues Isodemographic
Isochronally Isocaproic acid
Isoform Isoprenalines
Isophote Isotonicity
Isobutene Isoalloxazines
Isobutyrate Isotopies
Isotachs Isoantibodies
Isostacies Isolines
Isobathytherm Isochromene
Isosteric Isopachs
Isometries Isobaric
Isogrivs Isoborneol
Isocost Isocortical
Isotropies Isocholesterol
Isopodan Isoandrosterone
Isomeric Isocontour
Isodynamical Isogametic
Isostasy Isodose
Isostatic Isomorphic
Isobutanes Isoclinal
Isochromatic Isodiazene
Isotonically Isantherous


Isoeffect Isocyanates
Isologous Isoamylase
Isozymes Isopod
Isoedunol Isobifacial
Isobilateral Isocrystal
Isomer Isoclines
Isopach Isosmotic
Isanomaly Isozyme
Isogamy Isospories
Isocetane Isodiametric
Isodulcite Isoalantolactone
Isostasies Isobath
Isograft Isochore
Isodecoder Isoenzymes
Isobares Isodistance
Isobutane Isochor
Isallobar Isodoublet
Isometrically Isobenzofuran
Isodisomy Isocurvature
Isoglossic Isomerize
Isoallelic Isocyanide
Isoapoptotic Isogony
Isoglossal Isoagglutinin
Isograms Isohel
Isogenic Isochromatid
Isochronous Isotheres
Isocarboxazid Isocitrate
Isomerase Isolog
Isocyclic Isogon
Isopods Isoalloxazine
Isocitral Isochromosomal
Isoagglutinins Isoclinals
Isocentre Isoaddition
Isoantagonistic Isobutenes
Isodirectionality Isopleth
Isoniazid Isopycnic
Isostacy Isolable
Isologsisolead Isograph
Isoclinics Isoline
Isochoric Isoactin
Isodispersion Isoacceptor
Isocryptomerin Isografting
Isocurve Isocortex
Isodicentric Isoenzymatic
Isolating Isomerizations
Isophotal Isoprenoid
Isocrat Isochromosomes
Isoelectrical Isocyanate
Isoclinic Isomorphisms
Isocholesterin Isocaloric


Isodiabatic Isobarism
Isografted Isogamies
Isogonics Isogons
Isobathic Isoactinic
Isohyet Isopleths
Isonomy Isooctane
Isolates Isodimorphic
Isocovariance Isodensity
Isocracking Isobar
Isoleadsisologue Isocatechin
Isolatable Isotropic
Isodesmosine Isodimorphous
Isobavachin Isotonicities
Isographs Isochrons
Isoattenuation Isobase
Isoeffectively Isocrystalline
Isomorphous Isometry
Isotopy Isolators
Isoduplication Isochlorogenic acid
Isoanabase Isoconazole
Isogonals Isotropy
Isoneral Isodichotomous
Isoantagonism Isocaproic
Isocentrically Isobutyraldehyde
Isoascorbate Isodual
Isoallele Isogonies
Isochores Isoandrographolide
Isocoumarin Isolated
Isocarboxazids Isochrone
Isosmotically Isotope
Isoenzyme Isoenzymic
Isoconfigurational Isodense
Isomorphism Isothere
Isoelectronic Isoniazids
Isocheim Isochromane
Isophotes Isogeny
Isolator Isospory
Isoallotypic Isogamete
Isocapnia Isocenter
Isosceles Isocitric acid
Isoalkane Isomerism
Isobutyric Isocentric
Isobaths Isodichroic
Isocracy Isocellular
Isodrosopterin Isoecho
Isoanethole Isotopic
Isozymic Isochimes
Isobutyl Isocolic
Isothermally Isochronously
Isopodans Isocausality


Isotach Isolate
Isodaucene Isomerases
Isoantigenic Isobergapten
Isoconjugate Isodynamic
Isobutylenes Isocharge
Isogones Isoelectrofocusing
Isotopically Isobacteriochlorin
Isoboundary Isoaspartyl
Isoallergenic Isobars
Isochrones Isobutylene
Isooctanes Isocatabase
Isotypes Isomerous
Isoprenes Isoboldine
Isoprenaline Isocolchicide
Isogone Isoprene
Isomerisms Isomorphs
Isoabsorptive Isoeccentric
Isochorismate Isoamidone
Isogriv Isoasarone
Isocapacitary Isodiametrical
Isoplethic Isoasparagine
Isotone Isodrome
Isocyanic Isospins
Isotopes Isobarisms
Isoaspartate Isolationism
Isoattenuate Isomers
Isocalorific Isoconic
Isoantigen Isoantibody
Isodirectional Isochron
Isocedrane Isotactic
Isogeneic Isohels
Isobaryonic Isothermal
Isodisperse Isometrics
Isolationist Isobutadiene
Isanomal Isoamylene
Isonomies Isoderivative
Isodimorphism Isohyetal
Isotypic Isonomic
Isochronism Isocitric
Isolationists Isocolloid
Isapostolic Isolation
Isocryptolepine Isotype
Isogonal Isocapnic
Isoaldehyde Isoclonal
Isochromanone Isobare
Isochors Isogamous
Isoelectric Isopropyls
Isoproterenol Isolations
Isobutyls Isomerizes
Isotonic Isogloss
Isospin Isoazimuthal
Isomorph Isocline
Isocyanic acid Isochromosome
Isobarometric Isobutamben
Isoglosses Isodecyl