Verbs Followed By Prepositions

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List of Verbs Followed by Prepositions!

The prepositional phrases contain prepositions that make the sentence more meaningful and make it easy to understand. Here is the complete book that contains maximum prepositional phrases used in daily conversation.

List of Verbs Followed by Prepositions

Here is the list of verbs followed by prepositions:

  • Confer on
  • Confer with
  • Conductive to
  • Condole with
  • Condemn to
  • Concede to
  • Conceal from
  • Compromise with
  • Comply with
  • Complementary to
  • Complain to
  • Complain of
  • Competent in
  • Compete with
  • Compete for
  • Compare with
  • Compare to
  • Commit to
  • Comment on
  • Come down
  • Come by
  • Collide with
  • Collaborate with
  • Clothed in
  • Close to
  • Cope with
  • Co-operate with
  • Converse with
  • Convenient for
  • Control over
  • Contribute to
  • Contrary to
  • Contempt for
  • Content with
  • Consult with
  • Conspire with
  • Consist in
  • Consist of
  • Conscious of
  • Consent to
  • Congratulate on
  • Confront with
  • Conform to
  • Confine to
  • Confident of
  • Confidence in
  • Confide to
  • Confide in
  • Conspire against

List of Verbs Followed by Prepositions Examples

  • Confer on: The V.C. conferred this degree on him.
  • Confer with: I confer with my father in every case.
  • Conductive to: Fresh air is conductive to health.
  • Condole with: I condoled with him on the death of his mother.
  • Condemn to: He was condemned to death.
  • Concede to: He concedes to my request.
  • Conceal from: Ali conceals nothing from me.
  • Compromise with: I could not compromise with him in this matter.
  • Comply with: The boys had to comply with my orders.
  • Complementary to: Tea is complementary to dinner.
  • Complain to: She complained to me against Mariam.
  • Complain of: Musa complained of the rude behavior of the clerk.
  • Competent in: Usama is competent in his job.
  • Compete with: He competed with others for the prize.
  • Compete for: Many players competed for the prizes.
  • Compare with: Do not compare the copy with the original.
  • Compare to: I compare him to a lion in physical strength.
  • Commit to: Lee committed to suicide.
  • Comment on: Do not comment on anything unjustly.
  • Come down: His fever has come down.
  • Come by: Hamza came by a beautiful watch.
  • Collide with: A car collided with a bus yesterday.
  • Collaborate with: My son collaborated with me on this book.
  • Clothed in: He is clothed in rags.
  • Close to: This road is close to heavy traffic.
  • Cope with: He coped with his difficulties manly.
  • Co-operate with: We must co-operate with others.
  • Converse with: I conversed with my teacher on this topic.
  • Convenient for: It is convenient for me to stay here.
  • Control over: I have control over my passions.
  • Contribute to: We should contribute to the National fund.
  • Contrary to: Your behavior is contrary to your claim.
  • Contempt for: Why you have so great contempt for your lover?
  • Content with: Man must be content with his lot.
  • Consult with: I consulted with my father in this case.
  • Conspire with: You conspire with him to defeat me.
  • Consist in: The beauty of this picture consists in its balance of colors.
  • Consist of: The hotel consists of 60 beds.
  • Conscious of: He is not conscious of his duties.
  • Consent to: I consent to your plan.
  • Congratulate on: I congratulate you on this success.
  • Confront with: He confronted with the enemy bravely.
  • Conform to: Some people still conform to old beliefs.
  • Confine to: She was confined to bed.
  • Confident of: Imran is confident of his success.
  • Confidence in: I have full confidence in Iqbal.
  • Confide to: He confides me in every matter.
  • Confide in: Do not confide in him, he is a liar.
  • Conspire against: Do not conspire against your friends.

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