Mis Prefix: Words That Start With Mis

Mis Prefix

When adding a prefix to a word, it’s important to choose the right one. A prefix changes the meaning of a word, so it’s important to use the correct one to avoid confusion. The prefix “mis” is often used incorrectly. It should be used only when the original word is wrong or when something is not as it should be. For example, “I’m sorry” is incorrect because it should be “I apologize.” “Misery” means unhappy, so if you’re feeling bad, you might say “I’m in misery.

Mis Prefix Words Meanings

Mischief Meaning

The definition of mischief is “harm or injury caused by evil intent,” but to most people, mischief simply means playing harmless pranks and causing general mayhem. It’s the classic childhood pastime, and it’s a way to blow off some steam and have some fun. But what happens when mischief goes too far?

Miserable Meaning

There are countless words in the English language with multiple meanings. One such word is “miserable.” To one person, it might mean “sad” or “unhappy,” while to another, it may connote feelings of physical discomfort, such as cold, hunger, or thirst. In some cases, the word can have both a positive and negative meaning, depending on the context in which it is used.

Misery Meaning

Misery can have different meanings for different people. To some, it may represent a time of great sadness or hardship. To others, it may be seen as a state of mind that is full of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Regardless of how misery is interpreted, it is generally regarded as being a negative experience.

Miss Meaning

Miss Meaning is an interesting art project by artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. For the project, Fazlalizadeh wheatpasted large posters of women’s faces in various cities. Each poster has a quote from a woman about why she uses the term “miss” to refer to herself.

Missile Meaning

Missiles have always been a large part of warfare, and their use has evolved over the years. Missiles can be used for many different purposes, such as delivering nuclear weapons, destroying enemy aircraft or tanks, or hitting enemy targets from long range.

Mission Meaning

Mission meaning is something that is often discussed and contemplated by individuals who are a part of or affiliated with the military. There are many different ways to look at mission meaning, but for the most part it can be described as the purpose of one’s actions while in service. Many people within the military feel that their actions must have a greater purpose than just self-preservation or advancement, and they look to their mission statement to provide guidance and clarity on what this higher purpose may be. For some, finding mission meaning is essential to their ability to do their job effectively, and can be a powerful motivator.

Missionary Meaning

Missionaries are people who dedicate their lives to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. They may go to other countries to preach, or they may stay in their own country and work with people who have different religious beliefs. Missionaries may also do humanitarian work, such as helping to build houses or schools in poor areas. They often put their own lives at risk in order to help others.

Mist Meaning

Mist meaning is something that can be difficult to understand. It has many different uses and can be interpreted in many ways. To some people, mist is simply a type of weather phenomenon. To others, it has spiritual or mystical connotations. In general, mist is seen as a symbol of change, mystery, and uncertainty.

Mistake Meaning

Mistake meaning is often difficult to determine. The reason for this is that mistakes can have different meanings, depending on the situation. Sometimes, a mistake is simply a mistake – an error that needs to be corrected. However, in other cases, a mistake can be seen as something more significant – a sign that something is wrong.

Mister Meaning

What does mister mean? Most people would say that it is a term of respect used for a man. But there is more to it than that. The word has a long and varied history, with many different uses.

Mistress Meaning

Mistress is a term used in many different ways, often with different meanings depending on the context. Generally, mistress refers to a woman who is in a relationship with a man who is already married. This can be a mutual agreement between the two parties, or it may be an affair that the man is having on the side. In some cases, mistress may also refer to a woman who is in charge of something or someone, such as a business or household.

Words That Start With Mis

Mislocalize Misformation
Mismatch Misrecord
Mismake Misotheist
Misdescriptive Misacquisition
Mishna Miscue
Misevaluate Mismedication
Misbox Misaccentuation
Misnumber Misinformative
Missay Misabort
Misstatement Misdefend
Misdemeanant Miscalibration
Misconnection Mismarriage
Missionary Misogynist
Misrehearse Misbrief
Misdivision Mishmee
Misd. Misaction
Misaffected Misreligion
Misact Misogynize
Mischler Misgrowth
Misallocate Mismean
Misonidazole Mission-critical
Mise Miss a beat
Mischke Misbuild
Miscreance Miscomputation
Mischief-maker Miserable
Miscegenative Misalter
Mischan Miscreative
Misaki Mismark
Mismothering Misclick
Mischief Mishope
Mishappen Misbreed
Mishold Mislodge
Misdirectedly Misarticulation
Misactivate Misdial
Mishear Misreckon
Misedition Miss out
Misnominal Missaying
Misincorporation Misinstruction
Misparsing Misregulated
Misguilt Mischancy
Mistic Misaffect
Misocapnic Miscomprehend
Mislactation Mishy-phen
Misaddress Misimprint
Misaccent Mister
Misquotation Misdraw
Miserere Miseasy
Misorientated Miscegenistic
Miscome Misevent
Miscategorisation Miss right


Misseek Misra
Misspecified Misprint
Misordering Missionize
Mistral Misallotment
Misborn Misdescribe
Mischling Missiological
Miscirculation Mismeasure
Misoprostol Misinput
Misiak Misleader
Misdescriptiveness Misdefinition
Misassign Misly
Misinspire Mishnah
Mischievousness Misbeget
Misdivide Misha
Misfortune Misfield
Misjudgment Misc
Mistrustfully Mislive
Misprocess Misbear
Misinterpret Misdirector
Misinformation Misogamist
Mislead Misselbrook
Misanalysis Mishappy
Mislike Misrule
Misobservation Miserly
Misinterpretable Misconnect
Mispatch Miscontent
Miskenning Misassociate
Mistletoe Misdate
Mislaid property Misproportioned
Misanko Misfiling
Misconjugation Miscueing
Misdefense Misandry
Miscounseling Misapprehension
Misíthra Misluck
Miscaption Miscatalogue
Miscost Misdealer
Mismate Misophonia
Misconfigure Misnomer
Misspeller Misanthropic
Misannotated Misbecomingly
Misaminoacylation Misguidance
Missa cantata Misbreathe
Miscalculator Mismanage
Miscreator Miscellanist
Misarrange Misanga
Misrely Miscellaneous charge order
Misobserve Mise en place
Misstate Misty
Misexpound Misjudger
Misprision Misnurture


Mispaired Mischaracterise
Misbill Miscopy
Miserabilism Mispractice
Misencode Miṣr
Missegregation Missel thrush
Mismeasurement Misarrayed
Misarticulate Misdecide
Miserablism Misaffirm
Mistle Misprescribe
Mishap Misrepresenter
Miscredent Misrefer
Misrepute Misogi
Misdiagnose Misanthropically
Mislocution Misology
Mispaint Mise-en-scene
Misdetermination Mispronounce
Mischarge Misread
Mishave Misle
Missed approach Miscegenation
Miscare Misfit
Missal Mishnaic hebrew
Misbestow Misrepresent
Misdeed Misaffection
Misbrew Misqualification
Misenheimer Mismodel
Miserection Mischief night
Misonomy Misogynous
Miscounselling Misdisposition
Misrecollection Misdoubtful
Misin Misgracious
Missilery Mispay
Missis Misprediction
Misdecision Misinformer
Misbecome Mislore
Misattached Misconstruation
Miscleavage Misadorn
Misinform Misuse
Miserliness Mischiefmaker
Misinfer Mispatterned
Miscreate Misappraisal
Misbeliever Misogynic
Mishar Mischance
Mistery Misown
Misaim Mispack
Misexpress Miskolc
Misunderstand Mismeter
Misintention Misgroup
Misfolded Miser
Miss fidditch Miscapitalise
Miss lucy Misconfident
Misako Misevaluation
Misincentive Misprogramme
Miserabilist Misdiet
Misraise Misinterpreter
Miscapitalize Miscegenous
Misogyny Misally
Misask Misbearing
Mischievous Misapplication
Mistressmind Mischannel
Misgovern Misselect
Miscalendar Misinformedly
Misdeal Missell
Mischna Misseltoe
Misheed Misoperate
Miscertify Miss the boat
Miss fire Mispredict
Miseating Mischevious
Misery lit Mislin
Misprice Missed abortion
Misbode Mislight
Miscreation Misintended
Misorderly Misclassify
Mishra Misliker
Misdeeming Miscognize
Misfire Misalliance
Misaminoacylate Misogynistically
Miscaptioned Misconsecrate
Misknowledge Miscatalog
Mis-hit Misopedia
Misandrism Misandronist
Mise en scene Misogynously
Mis-sell Misperson
Misaccusation Mishyphenation
Mismove Mispackage
Misreadable Misb
Mistiness Misattribution
Mispickel Mistreat
Misaccumulated Misbid
Miseducation Miscegenator
Miss the point Misconjecture
Misabsorb Misconvert
Misrecognition Misbaha
Missaukee county Misandrist
Mishmi Missie
Misaggregation Misdevelopment
Misbirth Misascribe
Missel Misconster
Misfile Miserableness
Mis-spelling Misrepresentative
Misinsertion Mispronunciation


Missable Misappearance
Misadd Misreckoning
Mismapping Misboard
Miscontinuance Miss oneself
Misassessment Miscellaneously
Miscomfort Misperception
Mismating Missemblance
Misexplication Misincorporate
Misrender Misconceit
Mismatchedness Misphrasing
Misarchist Misclosure
Misbind Miso
Mishoe Misobedience
Misannotate Misregulation
Miscontrol Mishmash
Misfare Misplan
Miscall Misjudge
Misère ouvert Misericordia
Misdiagnostic Misforgive
Misanalyze Miscategorization
Misdemean Mispunctuation
Misery loves company Misamplification
Mislink Mishappening
Misapprehensive Misconfiguration
Misnamer Misrhyme
Mismanager Misregard
Mislocate Misapply
Mischiefful Misphrase
Misexpression Mispaging
Misidentification Misbecomingness
Mislocalisation Misguidedly
Misdeclaration Mis-history
Miscellane Misfeatured
Misdistinguish Misomusist
Mischieve Misgovernment
Misguggle Misadminister
Mishandle Misedit
Misknow Miscommunicate
Misassumption Misscanned
Mismannered Miserably
Miscegenational Misandrous
Misesean Mispricing
Misdevote Misrepeat
Misdoubt Misinstruct
Misproduction Misken
Misdesign Misallot
Miskeep Mishapt
Misbutton Misassert
Mistranslation Miscut
Misener Misopaedia
Misdiagnosis Mistreatment
Misattribute Misportray
Misload Misty-eyed
Misbegotten Mispronouncer
Miscommunicative Misbidding
Mis-tucked Misdevelop
Mislikeness Misdistribution
Misery whip Misogynistical
Misère Misadvisedly
Misogamy Mischeck
Misinformant Miscorrelation
Misremember Misdoom
Misaventure Misintelligence
Misocapnist Misseeming
Misdoubting Mispurpose
Misbisection Misconcern
Missy Misbefall
Mishigas Misconceipt
Misliver Miscalibrate
Mischanceful Misinference
Misdirectional Misproceeding
Miscrop Misportrayal
Miscitation Mischunk
Misadaptation Misaccumulation
Misfeel Misroute
Mischieving Misplant
Misdetection Miscolouring
Misascertainment Missed call
Miscounsel Misbranded
Misanswer Misacceptation
Misdemeanor Misproportion
Misbrander Misleadingness
Misdefine Miscegenate
Miscategorize Miskito
Misbegun Mislearn
Misadjustment Missense
Misselection Misinspiration
Misappropriate Misfortunate
Misimprovement Misdemeanour
Miseducator Mispassion
Misko Misoshiru
Misbegot Missive
Mistrial Misprize
Misidentify Misalphabetized
Misrespect Misery index
Misjudgement Misannotation
Misallocation Misdeliver
Misfocus Misappreciation
Misconjugate Mispunctuate
Misdelivery Misopedic


Misland Miss the mark
Mispersuade Miso-
Misrelate Miscoloring
Misogynism Misdesert
Misconstrual Mistranslate
Miscoloured Misdirection
Miscegeny Misregistration
Misavise Missed-call
Mismatchment Misaward
Misincorporated Misasked
Mischiefe Mislayer
Misfirer Miscommunication
Miskick Misogynise
Misattend Mischmetal
Misallied Misliving
Misassume Mise en espace
Misclaim Misal
Misissue Misassociation
Misadapt Miscalculation
Mistrust Misestimation
Miseration Miscancel
Miscegenetic Miscredit
Mish-mash Mishima
Misdo Misdetermine
Misimpression Mist
Misloading Misfeature
Misappreciate Misdrive
Misanalyse Misophobia
Misconception Misbelieving
Mispense Miscellany
Misemphasize Mischoose
Misbehave Mispayment
Miskindle Mispair
Misadjust Misassembly
Mishnical Mischivous
Mise en scène Misprise
Misparaphrase Misblow
Miscentering Misrendering
Misbehavior Misrede
Mislie Misdirective
Miscreed Misappreciative
Mischristen Miscredulity
Mis-apostrophize Misacylation
Misexplain Misjoinder
Misosophy Misconstruer
Misapproximation Mistakenness
Misseem Mispen
Miss a trick Misologist
Mislove Mislabour
Misbestowal Misreport
Misdispense Misrelation
Misprogram Mistuning
Misconduct Mishcup
Misadvised Miscite
Missus Miskal
Misconclusion Misogynistic
Misguess Miscount
Misremembrance Misrepresentational
Misfashion Misbehaver
Misderive Misformat
Mishuga Misleadingly
Misappear Misbudget
Misname Misomaniac
Misfeeling Misguidingly
Mismated Miscolour
Misdescription Misbelieve
Misbehavioural Misbrand
Misappraise Mischiefmaking
Misguide Mistakeable
Mislay Missed approach point
Misappropriation Misentreat
Misl Misalign
Misissuance Misassignment
Misregardful Misform
Mislippen Mispoint
Mischievously Misplay
Misrecollect Misquote
Mischaracterisation Missa
Misseldine Misattachment
Miscarriage Misadministration
Misascription Misodendraceous
Mishappiness Misrepair
Mischoice Mispersuasion
Miscorrection Misproud
Misbehavioral Misadventurer
Misidentifier Misaligned
Miseducative Misplead
Misopinion Misanthropy
Misael Mishnaic
Mishallowed Misadvise
Misadventur’d Misreporter
Misaccuse Misesian
Misdistribute Misplacer
Missioner Misaccentuate
Misobservance Miscorrelate
Miscleaved Misguidedness
Mish Mismarket
Misplease Miscomprehension
Misproduce Miscolored
Misdiscover Misadvice


Misbelief Misogynoir
Miseducate Mislocalization
Misesteem Misperformance
Misbehaviour Misemphasis
Mishing Misconceiver
Miscibly Miscorrect
Misease Misimplement
Misruly Misletoe
Misemployment Mispursuit
Miscarry Miscellaneous
Mishler Misgrade
Misimagination Mishit
Misapprehend Miskin
Misintend Mismeeting
Misbefitting Misincline
Misadvertence Misblame
Misoneist Mispleading
Miscellaneousness Misdight
Mis-typing Misotheism
Misplacement Miscast
Misshapen Miseryguts
Miscible Mislist
Misposition Mispairing
Miscreancy Mishnic
Misdialing Miscellaneum
Misanthropical Misdrawing
Misadventure Misrecall
Mischievious Misoperation
Misparse Misjustice
Miscreant Misarray
Misrank Misoriented
Misgiving Misfall
Mislinkage Mismail
Misregister Misbalance
Misanthropize Mistakable
Misozoic Misrepresentation
Mismanners Misorder
Mistrustful Mischaracterization
Mis-dealer Mishpucka
Misjudgingly Mislodged
Misoneism Misimprove
Misattune Misassess
Misinterpretation Misericorde
Misinvestment Mishmosh
Misqualify Misliking
Missalette Misorient
Miskeying Mistress
Miscreaunt Mispresent
Miscellanarian Misattunement
Miscalculate Misomania
Mislabel Misemploy
Miscure Misanneal
Misconstruable Misnumbering
Missile Misprison
Misprescription Mismarking
Misremembering Mishegaas
Miscoordination Mispriming
Misbeat Misorientation
Misandric Misrecite
Misentry Miscanthus
Mispolicy Misexplanation
Misplace Misappropriator
Misbede Mispaginated
Misdoer Mishegoss
Miss Mislen
Misgrown Misenite
Misrated Misfold
Misnomed Misacknowledge
Misinformedness Mismarry
Miss. Missilry
Miscoined Misreceive
Miscibility Mischaracterize
Misreference Mistakenly
Mise en abyme Misactivated
Mistily Mis-association
Misrecognize Misbeseem
Missee Mismap
Misarrangement Misdirect
Misspecification Misomaniacal
Mismigrated Misspeaking
Misconstruction Mistype
Misperceive Misper
Misperceiver Mise-en-scène
Misconstrue Miss thing
Miserablist Misacylated
Miscatch Misericord
Misclass Misophonic
Misogamous Miskell
Misestimate Miseased
Misdeem Mislook
Miss the memo Misquoter
Miss off Mislocation
Misgraffed Misassemble
Mischnic Misanthrope
Misfaith Mischallenge
Misclassification Misapprehensively
Missed miscarriage Miserite
Miscreated Misc.
Miskey Misadventurous
Misallotted Mismatcher


Misnomial Misactivation
Miscleave Misdeclare
Misfeasance Miscontentment
Misconsequence Missen
Misjoin Misblend
Misruler Misconstruct
Misadventured Misaccount
Misallegation Misotheistic
Misallege Misfeasor
Misconversion Mishandler
Misrecital Misenter
Miscirculate Misrate
Mistime Misplacedness
Miss thang Missend
Miscolouration Miscensure
Mismanagement Mishpocha
Miss emma Miscapitalization
Miscarriage of justice Misner
Mispositioned Misformulation
Misnia Misalignment
Misdread Misexposition
Misanthropist Misconceive
Miscapitalisation Misfeed
Misspell Misconvey
Mispraise Misdirectedness
Mispositioning Misnote
Misguider Miscategorise