Mono Prefix: Words That Start With Mono Prefix

Mono Prefix

The Mono prefix is used to identify words that are derived from the Latin word monos, meaning “one.” When a word is prefixed with mono-, it means that the word refers to a single entity or instance. For example, the word monoculture refers to a single culture that is dominant in a specific area. Likewise, the word monologue refers to a speech that is given by one person.

Mono Prefixes Words Meanings

Monarch Meaning

The Monarch butterfly is a beautiful creature that has long been associated with change, new beginnings and growth. The Monarch’s annual migration is an amazing sight to behold as millions of these butterflies make their way from Canada to Mexico. What many people don’t know, however, is the symbolic meaning behind this incredible journey.

Monarchy Meaning

The word “monarchy” comes from the Greek words “monos” meaning single and “arkhein” meaning rule. In its simplest form, a monarchy is a government ruled by a single person. But what does that mean? What are the benefits and drawbacks of monarchy?

Some people might argue that monarchy is the most natural form of government. After all, humans have been living in societies with chiefs and kings for tens of thousands of years. There are some clear benefits to monarchy.

Monk Meaning

What does the word “monk” mean? The word “monk” has a few different meanings. It can refer to a member of a religious order who lives in a monastery, under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. It can also refer to someone who has taken a solemn vow of poverty. In either case, monks are usually dedicated to prayer and spiritual contemplation.

Mono Meaning

Mono meaning is traditionally a religious term, referring to the single divine principle underlying all reality. In English, it can also be used to describe things that are united or unified. For example, you might say “the colors on my palette are all monochromatic,” meaning they are all variations of one color. When used in the context of computer programming, “mono” typically refers to a programming language that is designed for use on a single platform or device.

Monologue Meaning

When most people think of a monologue, they think of a long speech given by one person. However, the term monologue actually has a broader meaning. A monologue can be any type of discourse or conversation between two or more people. It can be a dialogue in which one person dominates the conversation, or it can be a more equal exchange of information and ideas.

Monopoly Meaning

Monopoly is a board game that has been around for centuries. It is a game that consists of players taking turns rolling dice and moving their pieces around the board, with the goal being to buy as many properties as possible and to drive other players out of the game. The game can be won by either bankrupting all of the other players or by making them agree to sell all of their property to you.

Monorail Meaning

Monorails have been around for centuries, but their popularity has increased in recent years. What is the meaning of monorail?

A monorail is a single rail system that transports passengers or goods. It is often used in urban areas, and can be a more efficient way to move people and goods than other forms of transportation, such as cars or buses.

Monosyllable Meaning

A monosyllable is a word that has one syllable. Monosyllables are often the most basic words in a language. They are usually easy to pronounce and have a simple meaning. English has many monosyllables, including words like “the,” “and,” “I,” and “you.” Monosyllables can be used to create longer words by combining them with other monosyllables. For example, the word “the” can be combined with the word “end” to create the word “thend.

Monotone Meaning

There is a misconception that because monotone voices are boring, they must have little meaning. This is not the case. Monotone voices can be used to great effect to deliver powerful messages. For example, in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”, the main character, Andy Dufresne, uses a monotone voice when he delivers his final speech to the court. In this speech, he explains why he killed his wife and her lover. By using a monotone voice, Dufresne ensures that his words have maximum impact.

Monotonous Meaning

The dictionary defines monotonous as “dull and unvarying in tone or effect.” Most people would agree that there is nothing exciting about a life of monotony. But is there more to this word than meets the eye?

When most people think of the word monotonous, they imagine a life devoid of excitement or change. A job where you do the same thing day in and day out. A relationship where you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. While this may be true for some cases, there is more to monotony than just boredom.

Words That Start With Mono Prefix

Monorhinal Monodelph
Monognathic Monoglottism
Monotoxicity Monorimed
Monometalism Monoalkynylation
Monolayered Monobiotinylated
Monopipe Monotransrepressor
Monodelphous Monobutyl
Monocytic Monotone function
Mono-verse Monocline
Monocilium Monochronous
Monoballismus Monomythic
Monolithicness Monoclinism
Monoresistant Monopathic
Monoglucose Monoamidite
Monocenter Monotheistically
Monoaluminum Monodomy
Monocarpous Monoester
Monomeric Monocortical
Monoaminergic Monoclines
Monomorphically Monopnictide
Monoblast Monochlorobiphenyl
Monoses Monoousious
Monomerization Monoplane
Monopyrenous Monocarpellate
Monoicously Monosulphide
Monociliated Monodrama
Monoarylation Monosilylated
Monoisotopic Monoprophylaxis
Monodactyly Monorchism
Monoexponentially Monomorphemic
Monosymmetric Monoptotes
Monotonously Monocrotaline
Monoubiquitylation Monopsychosis
Monophyletic Monodic
Monopsonies Monogenean
Monophenyl Monogenerational
Monoceroses Monoskiers
Monoavidin Monothelete
Monostand Monopteral
Monoxylon Monosulphuret
Monocanalicular Monogynists
Monomath Monocerous
Monocoques Monosodium
Monophage Monoterpenoid
Monotints Monocentrid
Monoracially Monohull
Monotosylation Monophthongal
Monoacetate Monoanionic
Monomodal Monoaural
Monophone Monolayer
Monopolisms Monoovulatory
Monorchiid Monoacids
Monopoliser Monotroch
Monophosphoester Mononucleosome
Monoskis Monoautochronic
Monobenzyl Monocytopenic
Monograph Monoski
Monogrammatic Monoxylons
Monooxygenase Monogamian
Monopolism Monopoiesis
Monoclonal antibody Monoclinal
Monokaryotisation Monoousian
Monodendrimer Monocaprylate
Monosemic Monomolecularly
Monocled cobra Monochordist
Mononymy Mononeuritis
Monotrocar Monocytes
Monocarpellary Monokine
Monopodia Monochloroethane
Monorhinic Monothalmic
Monosynaptically Monopolised
Monoglacial Monorubidium
Monolater Monotrichic
Monoacylate Monomythical
Monogenetically Monophenolase
Monodendron Monogenesis
Monobactam Monolinuron
Monopteron Monoptera
Monothelitic Monohybrid
Monocrat Monofuels
Monoplex Monomineral
Monoinfected Monophonically
Monosymptomatic Monosome
Monomoraicity Monoaminoxidase
Monologued Monographically
Monoiodotyrosine Monocularly
Monoamide Monospace
Monoculars Monoaryl
Monometric Monosyllabled
Monolete Monoarachin
Monosteles Monodactylous
Monocellular Monostrophic
Monoline Monologised
Monotony Monotypes
Monographist Monosomal
Monophysitic Monogenists
Monodisciplinary Monosporous
Monologises Monopodes
Monopodial Monocots
Monosized Monocephalus


Monoflagellate Monoblack
Monodelphian Monophyte
Monogoneutic Monotonized
Monosensitized Monophenol
Monotonically Mononymous
Monoubiquitin Monanthous
Monogeneric Monactinal
Monotheist Monogermane
Monoparental Monostratal
Monovalence Monaxial
Monotiling Monotectoid
Monothetic Monophosphorylated
Monoicy Monophosphatase
Monobridged Monoubiquitinate
Monotonical Monoantennary
Monofractal Monomodular
Monometallist Monoamniotic
Mononymic Monorganic
Monopotassium glutamate Monocoat
Monocarpy Monaxonic
Monoglyceride Monodeuterated
Monosodium glutamate symptom complex Monotonic function
Monoamines Monorchid
Monoene Monosubstitution
Monoenoic Monophyly
Monophonies Monoprotonated
Monomachies Monomethylester
Monorhine Monostratified
Monoclonality Monounsaturate
Monoubiquitinated Monocolonization
Monolatry Monophobias
Monomethacrylate Monoblue
Monopolite Monosexual
Monobander Monochromatically
Monophthongally Monocarp
Monoarthritic Monomethod
Monoacetoxylation Monoparticular
Mononitride Monoskiing
Monologs Monobath
Monologize Monoptote
Monophobia Monophase
Monogreen Monomorphisation
Monomethylamine Monogenetic
Monocyclic Monoglyme
Monochelate Monofunctionality
Monoliths Monadelphy
Monofixation syndrome Monoiodoacetate
Monofuel Monomaniac
Monobrominate Monologue
Monomark Monocled
Monolipopeptide Monongalia County
Monohaloarene Monoterpenic
Monadelphous Monoculturally
Monomodally Monognathid
Monohydric Monoprogramming
Monomialize Monorhymed
Monoamory Monoubiquitinylation
Monolithium Monotreme
Monopolist Monopaternal
Monothiol Monoclone
Mononitration Monofluoride
Monodromic Monorhymes
Monochasium Monooctanoin
Monodigit Monolectic
Monophotonic Monophosphorylation
Mononational Monomictic
Monopoly Monogony
Monocrurate Monoassociated
Monocarbene Monomethylation
Monopulses Monofactorial
Monocotyledon Monorchidic
Monochloramine Monolatrous
Monolithicity Monopthong
Monokidney Monospaced
Monandrous Monoecism
Monothiohemiacetal Monophagous
Monoraphid Monoreduction
Monoecisms Monodominance
Monobrowed Monomerize
Monosporic Monologists
Monomethyl Monogamies
Monogenistic Monotectic
Monoheme Monodehydroascorbate
Monoalkoxylated Monolingualism
Monoadenylated Monocytoid
Monocropped Monotonous
Monocable Monothelism
Monotimbral Monosies
Monopersonal Monomolecular
Monody Monodynamic
Monogenoid Monoceros
Monotube Monomachia
Monosaccate Monofunctional
Monotonizes Mono no aware
Monoletheism Monolinguistic
Monomethylase Monobloc
Monovular Monofunctionalization
Monothiophosphate Monolaters
Monooxygenation Monopodium
Monomyelocyte Monoculist


Monosexism Monogenous
Monomethylhydrazine Monotask
Monoxide Monologues
Monoperiodic Monopods
Monoacylation Monoaxial
Monohedral Monodispersely
Monophobic Monocotyledonous
Monoclade Monoderm
Monogastric Monometrically
Monodimensionally Monostichic
Monochrome Monohydrochloride
Monopropellant Monose
Monosomies Monopulse
Monogeny Monoetherate
Monoclinals Monoacid
Monogenism Monosyllabic
Monocolored Monotone
Mono County Monobenzone
Monolithically Monogerm
Monotheisms Monocycles
Mononormativity Monobrows
Monospecies Monopoler
Monopod Monochronic
Monochorionic Monophysitical
Monocoque Monoamine
Mono-brown Monopolies
Monocomponent Monoassociation
Monostylar Monotrichous
Monohalogenation Monoaurally
Monobacterial Monoidal
Monotown Monoracial
Mononegavirus Monologic
Monoblepses Monomode
Monometallism Monobromated
Monoplegia Monodogmatic
Monoi Monosexuality
Monocolonize Monoecies
Monoharmonic Monophosphoryl
Monoletheist Monoubiquitylate
Monochromosomic Monoalkylated
Monotherapy Monoantibody
Monotones Monoadenylation
Mononitropyrene Monoplast
Monododecyl Monosegmentally
Monostyle Monophyletic group
Monocyte Monossicular
Monoidally Monohydrated
Monocarbon Monoacetone
Monoresistance Monogenies
Monoethanolamide Monolatrist
Monodisperse Monoderivative
Monomachy Monogalloylated
Monochiasmatic Monoglutamate
Monocracy Monobenzoate
Monoplegias Monokinetid
Mononomial Monoazido
Monotonize Monoglot
Monocultural Monomerous
Monocarbonic Monocoordinated
Monogamous Monoarsenide
Monopartite Monorail
Monogamously Monogamish
Monofunctionalised Monopolarity
Monologise Monologuise
Monocracies Monography
Monopsonic Monofunctionalized
Monospecificity Monospermous
Monocarboxylic Monocrystalline
Monophosphothiamine Monoacylglyceride
Monoazo Monopodies
Monoalkylglycerol Monosaturated
Monochromes Monolateral
Monoacetylated Monocytopenia
Monothelite Monofilament
Monochemotherapy Monoxides
Monodelphic Monophagies
Monoclinous Monoalveolar
Monogrammed Monotremes
Monodentate Monotransitive
Monosynaptic Monostely
Monosporulation Monoadducted
Monodactyl Monoglacialist
Monored Monorhyme
Monoisopropylamine Monostichous
Monostrophe Monoalkene
Monochasial Monomethyltransferase
Monotocous Monosemies
Monosomics Monophthong
Monotargeted Monotonist
Monopile Monotasking
Monopalmitoyl Monomitic
Monoicous Monotriglyph
Monoalkylation Monoplanes
Monolaurate Monoepoxide
Monogynist Monophthongization
Monoelectronic Monocrop
Monomial Monobrow
Monoscriptal Monodesmosidic
Monosemous Monopolized
Monomerically Monotheism


Monofin Monoethnic
Monoaxially Monocellularity
Monophlebid Monophonic
Monoinfection Monologies
Monocoloured Monophasia
Monocotyls Monograms
Monophysitist Monostichs
Monochromatized Monopsonistically
Monomineralic Monotelosomic
Monosilane Monothalamous
Monostomous Monogramed
Monocistronic Monophosphokinase
Monoclausal Monocratically
Monolinguism Monophenol monooxygenase
Monoconidial Monophthongize
Mononumerosis Monotoneity
Monophoton Monoubiquitylated
Monomycin Monojet
Monoacetylation Monocrotophos
Monogeneans Monotelephone
Monorchids Monophobics
Monoskier Monopalmitate
Monogon Monomers
Mono-fracture Monodies
Monoanion Monorden
Monoterpene Monotomous
Monokini Monodrame
Monogamists Monoblepsis
Monocrats Monoborate
Monochroics Monopsonistic
Monoammonium Monoseme
Monoclonals Monoethanolamine
Monoastral Monoterminal
Monoculturalization Monoporate
Monoaminylation Monotreatment
Monophylum Monohydroxylated
Monodromy Monophysitism
Monocrotic Monoaromatic
Monoprotected Monolithic
Mononucleotic Monobrominated
Monopolistically Monochromist
Monoglycosylated Monoecy
Monographer Monomethylate
Monophosphide Monopeptidyl
Monophenylbutazone Monoreligious
Monocarpic Monohierarchic
Monolexical Monogamy
Monoarthralgia Monodomain
Monoliteral Monothelitism
Monosialylated Monomicrobial
Monodoping Monoalphabetically
Monobaramin Monopulse radar
Monolabeled Monoparticle
Monoscopic Monopolization
Monoskiings Monoanaesthesia
Monology Monoplace
Monolaurin Monochlamydeous
Monopolisation Monoesters
Monogalactosyldiacylglycerol Monothioacetal
Monohydride Monolithism
Monocotyl Monograptid
Monocephalous Monocarboxypeptidase
Monotheists Monosodium glutamate
Monohybrids Monosulfur
Mononucleated Monopody
Monodon Monobranched
Monoalkyl Monoprionidian
Monocephalic Monocarbonyl
Monolithiation Monoglucuronide
Monofloral Monologuize
Monolog Monomania
Monom Monographous
Monoballism Monometalist
Monopolymer Monoplastic
Monogenist Monopisthocotylean
Monoalkylate Monotheistic
Monotonality Monomachist
Monounsaturated Monoploidy
Monostable Monoagent
Monophyodont Monosyllabically
Mononym Monomorphological
Monomer Monomerise
Monohydroxy Monolatrism
Monotonic increasing Mononitrate
Monoprenylated Monogrammist
Monologized Monophthongisation
Monosomes Monotint
Monoplanist Mono-unsaturate
Monodynamism Monochroic
Monocity Monocation
Monoacetyl Monograming
Monosyllabical Monogonies
Monopolise Monome
Monochromasia Monoarticular
Monocerin Monoscopically
Monodigitoxoside Monopteroi
Monommatid Monophosphate
Monoideism Monodictyphenone
Monoexponential Mononuclear
Monocardian Monopolizes


Monoolein Monometallic
Monopole Monogramme
Monocrystal Monoubiquinated
Mononom Mononucleolar
Monosemy Monoarthritis
Monochlorinated Monobody
Monographed Monosymmetrical
Monoacetal Monospecific
Monocot Monomaniacal
Monochalcogenide Monogynian
Monostylous Monochord
Monorails Monotonic decreasing
Monocrotism Monocular
Monochromatism Monoubiquitination
Monolinear Monocopy
Monopotassium Monobromide
Monochromatic Monopolar
Monophrasis Monopolarly
Monometers Monochromic
Monophyllous Monochlorid
Monosulcate Monoenergetic
Monodimetric Monotextured
Monochromatization Monochords
Monotal Monotonal
Mononeuritis multiplex Monocolor
Monohydroxybenzoate Monological
Monogonont Monodist
Monocentric Monosepalous
Monobrachial Monotrochs
Monosemically Monokinis
Monotropic Monologuist
Monotransactivator Monogrammic
Monochromator Monocentral
Monoculous Monodont
Monocalcium Monoacylglycerol
Monomane Monotropaceous
Monofluorophosphate Monopolylogue
Monosialoganglioside Monoaminosaccharide
Monoisotope Monotoning
Monogrammous Monoclinate
Mononitrobenzene Mononormative
Monoacidic Monoallylated
Monosulfide Monomachias
Monoalkoxide Monopsonist
Monothecal Monodispersity
Monochiral Monogeneses
Monomethoxy Monogamic
Monomerisation Monologged
Monopode Mononyms
Monovalency Monaural
Monacid Monotonises
Monogranular Monodispersive
Monoplacophoran Monocarps
Monopsony Monocle
Monotonies Monochloride
Monopathophobia Monopolists
Monosaccharide Monophony
Monogenic Monoconjugate
Monopolize Monotransregulator
Monogynies Monobasic
Monoao Monoacetin
Monomyarian Monoctanoin
Monocarbide Monogenicity
Monoketal Monoreme
Monofil Monotungstate
Monoaxenic Monogrammer
Monostele Monopolistic
Monoplotting Monoazide
Monomethine Monoaldehyde
Monolith Monoclimax
Monodomous Monobromination
Monomialization Mono-theism
Monographic Monoserotype
Monoethyl Monoclonal
Monoband Monoglots
Monochromacy Monoglucosylated
Monointercalator Monomials
Monomethylfumarate Monoxylous
Monospermic Monophagy
Monocycle Monoplanar
Monoploid Monoaluminium
Monotrysian Monocule
Monomyelocytic Monogenisms
Monotypic Monoplegic
Monociliate Monodists
Monopetalous Monodactylid
Monodigital Monoprint
Monosis Monophialide
Monophialidic Monoheterosexual
Monosegmental Monochasia
Monosperm Monosyllable
Monotonise Monoarylated
Monotonicity Mononucleotide
Monomino Monocultured
Monoaxon Mononucleate
Monoandry Monochromaticity
Monolayerlike Monomyth
Monoclinic Monogonal
Monosomy Monodical
Monocitrate Monosporidial
Mononucleosis Monoalgal
Monoion Monoblock
Mononucleosomal Monoestrous
Monothecous Monosyllabism
Monoculturalism Monophote
Monommid Mononeuropathy
Monostability Monoacrylate
Monosilver Monocationic
Monointercalation Mononymously
Monospermy Monochorionicity
Monocentrically Monodramas
Monotrematous Monocropping
Monophysite Monotomid
Monoparametric Monorchidism
Monolatries Monochromatize
Monocompound Monolithal
Monohulled Monoazidation
Monochromosomal Mononuclidic
Monodirectional Monofunctionally
Monothematically Monocausal
Monophosphonucleoside Monolignol
Monochromat Monologging
Monoimine Monoglycosyl
Monoprotic Monophosphane
Monothematic Monomanias
Monotypy Monobronchodilator
Monochromatosome Monophthongise
Monoamine oxidase Monocytosis
Monodically Monozygous
Monopoly money Monolayers
Monostelies Monostylistic
Monokaryotic Monometer
Monoauricular Monosyllabicity
Monotype Monochromated
Monochorea Monosomic
Monocaliber Monoecious
Monochromy Monohex
Monobaraminic Monopolises
Monocistronically Monosulfiram
Monohydrate Monographical
Monoploids Monogram
Monofils Monomorphous
Monohydrocalcite Monogyny
Monoalphabetic Monokaryon
Monoenergetically Monotonousness
Monomicrobic Monamide
Monoblastic Monocolonisation
Monodominant Monocratic
Monotoned Monoglacialism
Monopolylike Monotelic
Monobosom Monostearate
Monospermal Monothionic
Monocarboxylate Monocolpate
Monoculture Monochlorinate
Monobaric Monophosphorylate
Monothioglycerol Monooleate
Monomoraic Monoflagellated
Monotheistical Monophasic
Monogenically Monopoles
Monoid Monoclonated
Monotonally Monoaxenically
Monopolizer Monomorphic
Monopteros Monoatomic
Monopitch Monosilicide
Monotonic Monothionic acid
Monoubiquitinase Monophylies
Monomorphism Monophylly
Monotemporal Monoargumental
Monosuit Monographs
Monotopic Monoalkenylated
Monostatic Monohulls
Monocolony Mono-ene
Monobob Monologuing
Monomarks Monophyletism
Monopeptide Monogrammal
Monosymptom Monotransitivity
Monologist Monodontid
Monochamol Monoallelically
Monoubiquitinylated Monolexemic
Monocarbonate Monotonised
Monokinetic Monomaniacs
Monokines Monophyletically
Monoacyl Monozygotic
Monomaniacally Monochlorination
Monocolour Monogenoidean
Monostome Monochromosome
Monofrequency Monocarbonylation
Monotextural Monocotic
Monosensitization Monovalent
Monoallelic Monodramatic
Monogyne Monoargumentality
Mononitro Mono theism
Monovacancy Monoboard
Monaxon Monoadduct
Monofluorinated Monograde
Monostelic Monogamist
Monologizes Monospherical
Monopathy Monoligated
Monocharged Monogynous
Monostotic Monostich
Monosubstituted Monolingual
Monolepton Monodimensional
Monoraciality Monocaprin
Monoreduced Monocephaly
Mononegaviral Monolingually
Monolinguist Monotherapeutic
Mono-ii Monosulfuron
Monocles Monorchisms
Monomorph Monophosphohistidine
Monooleoglycerol Monocellate