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Online Education Programs!

The e-learning and online course market are soaring to new heights and estimated to be worth $325 billion by 2025.

Online education is the best way to learn in the situation of Coronavirus, and that’s it online education becomes the most trending topic on the internet.

Online education programs are very useful because these are available in vast categories and you can simply select your category and start learning.

Surely if you are going for an online education program then you will be having a degree, which must be called an online education degree.

There are millions of programs that are offered by the system of these online education centers, but our topic in this article is related to English Learning.

So we will talk about the online education Program related to English learning only.

What are the best Online English Education Platforms?

We are going to answer this query in this lesson. So let’s find out.

After research many hours and experiences we have concluded our result to the best 5 online education platform for English that offers online education programs and courses for you.

All the five are Paid websites and you will have to pay them some amount to buy their online course, so if you want to invest some money then you must have to go with one of these Courses otherwise you can skip the next Five and start reading the free Programs here.

So, here is the list of best online education platforms.

  1. One Minute English

One Minute English is the biggest platform for learning English online. They offer Paid Online English courses, which are masterly designed and first they take a test to test your credibility and your level of English.

One minute English had three phases of English Learning Course:

  • Testing
  • Planning
  • Implementing

In the first phase they offer you different tests that will test your criteria of English and then in the second phase they will start planning the best suitable course for you will they will offer to you at a reasonable price and then your Couse session starts. Starting Point is related to the strategy of Implementing.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is the biggest online education center that offers programs of online education at some reasonable prices. On this website, you can make a course of yours and sell it too. So if you are a teacher then there is a chance that you can earn money from this website.

Udemy has a monthly Traffic of millions with millions of online education courses that they offer to you for some price for sure.

  1. AbaEnglish

Next in the list is AbaEnglish, this online education platform offers you online courses in different variations. The best part of this Website is that it offers you a 7-Day Free Trial. This trial helps you find out whether this online education program suits your best interest or not.

So if you are going to pay a website for an online course then I would say you better go with this website because this will not a waste of money for sure.

  1. Coursea

Coursea is the biggest name in the race of the English Online Education Platform.


Coursea is the most professional Online Education Platform, they work on every kind of educational courses and there teaching staff is the most friendly and experienced one. So if you are looking for all of these qualities mentioned below then you must go with this platform.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Change how you speak English
  • Improve your pronunciation and fluency
  • Increase your English vocabulary
  • Identify how culture influences your speech
  • Use culture to help you speak correctly
  • Demonstrate the best body language for different cultural settings
  • Know statements, questions, and responses for different settings and situations
  1. British Council

British Council is no doubt the well-known and most experienced in the field of online education programs and platforms.

How do they work?

Learn English @ British Council would be one of the most suitable ideas if you want to learn in a complete professional Environment. They offer you an LMS and a Professional Degree at the end.

Staff is the most well-known and experienced just because of the reason that they are one of the ancestors of this field.

They will offer you an LMS where you will manage your Informational Details and Your Marks of different tests will be uploaded onto this LMS, this makes this online education platform to get a Badge of Professionals in the Field.