100 Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Sentences Pdf

Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Sentences

Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Sentences Pdf!

What are Phrasal verbs in English?

Phrasal verbs are phrases that indicate actions. They are generally used in spoken English and informal texts. They help us to understand the meaning of sentences. Phrasal verbs list is given below….


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List of Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Sentences

1 Account for:

give a good reason for some action or expenditure

I cannot account for his foolish behavior at the marriage party.


2 Agree to:

to say that one will do or allow something

He agreed to our request.


3 To attend:

to look after

I have a-good doctor attending to me.


4 Back out:

withdraw from an engagement or contract.

He backed out of the contract at the last moment.


5 Back up:

to support, to sustain

He is always ready to back up his friends,


6 Beat back:

to push back

The Army beat back the terrorist in 1965.


7 Blind in:

Unable to see

I am blind in one eye.


8 Boil over:

If a liquid boils over, it flows over the side of the container.

Keep an eye on the milk, do not let it boil over.


9 Bridge over:

to reconcile two parties that have mutual differences.

Let India and Pakistan bridge over their differences about Kashmir.

10 Brood on,

Muse on

Let us brood over the cause of our failure in the examination.


Phrasal Verb list with meaning and Sentences – Image 1

Phrasal Verb list with meaning and Sentences


11 To brush aside:

to refuse to pay attention

The principal brushed aside my application.


12 Buy of:

to bribe some

It is not difficult to buy politician off.


13 Clean up:

to make the place clean

The painters always clean up when they finish painting.


14 Clear away:

to remove articles, usually in order to make space

Please clear away these papers to make this place beautiful.


15 Clear up:

to become fine after the clouds or rain.

I hope, the sky will soon clear up.


16 Catch up:

To snatch or take up suddenly

Please catch up with your friend in his studies.


17 Catch at:

to lay hold of

A drowning man catches at a straw.


18 Close down:

shut permanently

National Bank closed down some of its branches in the village.


19 Close up:

to come nearer together.

Please close up a little, so that there may be room for the rest to sit in.


20 Concede to:

to yield, to grant

Better concede to all his needs.


List of Phrasal verbs with meaning and Sentences – Image 2

Phrasal Verb list with meaning and Sentences


21 Conform to:

in agreement

Our college conforms to its old traditions.


22 Confide in, to: 

to share a thing or secret with a persons

Do not confide your secrets to manage to everyone.


23 Cope with:

To manage

I cannot cope with my recent problems.


24 Crop up:

to appear or arrive unexpectedly.

A new difficulty cropped up and we delayed our journey to Lahore.


25 count on, upon:

to trust

I cannot count on your help in time of trial.


26 crow over:

to exult over a vanished adversary, to boast.

He crowed over me because he had a car and I had none.


27 Cry down:

to make a little of

The success of our cricket team was cried down by its enemies.


28 Cry for

to cry with the object of getting a thing

The child is crying for his toys.


29 Cry out against:

to protest

People cry out against the high rates of electricity.


30 Cry out:

to shout

She cried out with pain as she was shot at in the leg.


Phrasal Verb list – Image 3

Another list of 100 Phrasal Verbs

31 Deal out

to distribute

A judge should deal out equal justice to all.


32 Deal with:

to treat ill or well.

He deals w il with his customers.


33 Die out/Die-off

All the talks about war will die out in the long run.


34 Die away:

to become gradually fainter.

The cries of wounded soldiers died away.


35 Die down:

to become gradually

The riot in the city soon died down.


36 Die out:

to become extinct of some custom, race or species of animals

The evil customs will die out soon.


37 Do in:

to kill somebody or oneself

They were professional killers who did in Saleem.


38 Do out:

She did the room out completely.


39 Draw up:

to make a written plan or agreement

My lawyer drew up the agreement and we signed it.


40 Draw-back: 

to recite, to recoil

It’s difficult to draw back now; the plans are all made.


Phrasal Verb list with meaning – Image 4

Phrasal Verb list with meaning and Sentences


41 Draw out:

to elicit the opinion of a person.

The police managed to draw him out in the end.


44 Drop-in:

Pay a short unnoticed visit

He dropped in at my house to enquire about my health.


45 Drop out:

to retire from a plan.

I wanted to take the exam this year but later on, dropped it out due to illness $6.


46 Drop off:

to decrease in the number

His attendance dropped off in the class.


47 Egg on:

to instigate, to urge on

Who egged you on to quarrel with your old friend?


48. Fall across :

to lower prices

Prices of cotton have fallen across the market.


49 Fill in/ up:

to complete

I had to fill in / up three forms to get my new passport.


50 Find out:

to discover

He was unable to find out the correct answer.


List of Phrasal Verbs with Sentences – Image 5

Phrasal Verb list with meaning and Sentences


51 Fix up:

to arrange something for some one

I got the travel department to fix the trip up



52 Hand in:

to give a hand.

I handed in my resignation to my officer.


53 Hand on:

to pass a thing on to another hand

This packet of biscuits was not for me; I handed it on to my friend.


54 Hand over:

to surrender authority

I handed over the charge to the new headmaster.


55 Hand out:

to bring out a thing from and put it forward with the hand

I handed out my book to the servant in the morning


56 Hand down:

to pass on (traditions/ information)

This legend (Jug) has been handed down from father to son.


57 Hand about/ around:

to loiter or wait.

He hanged about/around the office of the president to have a chance to speak to him.


58 Hang on:

to continue clinging to something

He will hang on to his old house till the last day of his life.


59 Hang over:

to suspend over

The discussion of this case can easily hang over to the next day.


60 Hush up:

to make someone quiet

Hush up the T.V is on.

Some Phrasal Verbs with Meaning – Image 6

61 Knock off:

stop Work for the day.

English workmen usually knock off at 6 a.m.


62 Knock about:

to eat or drink excessively

He knocked about two bottles of milk in ten minutes.


63 Knock down:

to fall, to over turn

He knocked his opponent down in boxing.


64 Knock out:

hit someone hard that he falls

In the boxing competition, he knocked out his opponent.


65 Knock against:

to strike against

The goods placed in the car knocked against each other.


66 Knock up:

to ensure by knocking.

Knock me up at ten in the morning


67 Let down.

to lower

He let me down before the officer by his insulting remarks.


68 Let in

to allow to enter.

I didn’t let him in the meeting.


69 Let out

to lease or hire

He let out his car on hire.


70 Lock up:

to put in a locked place.

She locked up her ornaments in a box.


Phrasal Verbs – Image 7


71 To pass through:

To experience

He has learned a lot after passing through the hardships of life.


72 Pay up:

to pay money owed in full.

He paid up the loan to the bank last month.


73 Pick-up:

i-to raise or lift a person, ii- to learn without efforts.

He picked up the child and carried him to his house. OR

He picked up his lesson of English very soon.


74 Pick out:

to choose, to select

Here are the books; pick out the one you like.


75 Play on,

Do not play on violin at the time of prayer.


76 Play with:

to engage in, to have fun with

Let me go and play with the children.


77 Pry into:

to inspect closely

Do not pry into the secrets of others:


78 Push for:

make repeated and urgent requests for, demand

The workers are pushing for higher wages.


79 Ring up:

I shall ring the manager up tomorrow.


80 Ring off:

He rang off before I could ask his name.


Image 8 – Phrasal Verbs List

List of Phrasal Verbs


82 Ring out:

make a sudden sharp

A sharp noise rang out.


83 Round up:

drive or bring together

The police rounded up the criminals.


84 Rub out:

to erase pencil or ink marks

Please rub out the wrong statement in your letter.


85 Rub up:

to revise one’s knowledge

I am going to England next month to rub up my knowledge of English.


86 To rule out:

to disallow, to leave out

We must not rule out the possibility of bad weather.


87 See off:

Accompany an intending traveler to his train/ plane.

I went to the railway station to see my brother off.


88 See-through:

to discover a hidden attempt to deceive

I saw through this new trick in the business and refused to become his partner.


89 See out:

accompany a departing guest to the door of the house.

When the guests leave, he usually sees them out.


92 See over:

to go into every room, examine it often with a view to buying or renting.

I may like to see your house over as soon as possible.


93 See to:

to look after.

Please see to the food till I am away.


94 Sell out:

sell out that you have

He sold out his property in his old age.


95 Show off:

to make a show-off

She has gone to the wedding party to show off her new dress.


96 Shut up:

to confine or imprison.

The S.P has shut up the criminals for the night.


97 Sit down:

to place oneself in a seat

He sat down and told a long story.


98 Sit out:

to sit till all is done

We saw out till the lecture ended.


99 Stamp out:

root out

Try to stamp out corruption from the country.


 100 Stand out:

to be conspicuous

This house stands out from others due to its red color.


Phrasal verbs

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