Plural Of Rhinoceros In English, Rhinoceros Plural Form

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Plural Of Rhinoceros In English, Rhinoceros Plural Form

Rhinoceros Plural Form:

Singular Plural
Rhinoceros Rhinoceroses

Definition of Singular and Plural: The terms singular and plural refer to the grammatical number of a noun or pronoun.

A singular noun or pronoun refers to one person, place, thing, or idea, while a plural noun or pronoun denotes two or more people, places, things, or ideas. When a singular noun or pronoun is paired with a plural noun or pronoun, the grammar is said to be in the dual form.

In English, there are two different ways to make a word plural. Most of the time you just have to add an -s/-es to the end of the word, as in “cat” becoming “cats”, or “game” becoming “games”. With some words, though, you have to change the spelling a bit more, as in “man” becoming “men”, or “child” becoming “children”.

100+ Singular and Plural Nouns List

Singular Plural
grouse grouse
hoax hoaxes
flush  flushes
leggings leggings
series series
try tries
cod cod
news news
scissors scissors
watch watches
concrete concrete


kiss kisses
pajamas pajamas
son in law sons in-laws
bus buses
doldrums doldrums
loaf loaves
police police
aircraft aircraft
mess messes
jackfruit jackfruit
splash splashes
dwarf dwarves
swine swine
aquarium aquaria


eyeglasses eyeglasses
furniture furniture
mango mangoes
dictionary dictionaries
knowledge knowledge
deer deer
tooth teeth
nanny nannies
rendezvous rendezvous
child  children
passionfruit passionfruit
lego lego
story stories
octopus octopi
squid squid
potato potatoes
whitebait whitebait


motto mottoes
fish fish
tomato tomatoes
bourgeois bourgeois
mouse mice
calf calves
cattle cattle
fruit fruit
plateau plateaux
nucleus nuclei
smithereens smithereens
tax taxes
tuna tuna
chateau chateaux
tongs tongs
education education
family families
wheat wheat
wife wives
arch arches
shambles shambles
monkfish monkfish


volcano Volcanoes
beach beaches
luggage luggage
ides ides
party parties
shelf shelves
trousers trousers
abyss abysses
eggfruit eggfruit
scratch scratches
sugar sugar
baby babies
halibut halibut
binoculars binoculars
fungus fungi
moose moose
reflex reflexes
alumnus alumni


hovercraft hovercraft
chassis chassis
wharf wharves
oasis oases
reindeer reindeer
foot feet
goldfish goldfish
accommodation accommodation
scarf scarves
circus circuses
shrimp shrimp
domino dominoes
premises premises
correspondence correspondence
fax faxes
jeans jeans
crisis crises
knickers knickers
mullet mullet
copy copies


homework homework
analysis analyses
food food
gallows gallows
knife knives
oxygen oxygen
quiz quizzes
species species
help help
stitch stitches
chalk chalk
fly flies
curriculum curricula
flares flares
spy spies
you you
half halves
salmon salmon


atlas Atlases
head head
greenfly greenfly
lady ladies
cherry cherries
pike pike
hoof hooves
iris irises
corps corps
waltz waltzes
elk elk
thief thieves
emphasis emphases
trout trout
grapefruit grapefruit
sheaf sheaves
echo echoes
pants pants
offspring offspring
penny pennies
caribou caribou
city cities


woman Women
wood wood
cannon cannon
clippers clippers
syllabus syllabi
breadfruit breadfruit
hippopotamus hippopotami
clothing clothing
thesis theses
person people
spacecraft spacecraft
poppy poppies
tweezers tweezers
bacterium bacteria
bison bison
nail clippers nail clippers
pass passes
crossroads crossroads
elf elves
axe axes
shorts shorts
barracks barracks
batch batches
aluminum aluminum
stone stone
starfruit starfruit
kudos kudos
headquarters headquarters
tornado tornadoes
alms alms
neurosis neuroses
leaf leaves
sheep sheep


insignia Insignia
runner up runners up
brush brushes
dice dice
flour flour
advice advice
church churches
man men
pliers pliers
haddock haddock
index indexes
memorandum memoranda
hero heroes
shellfish shellfish
wash washes
dungarees dungarees
chinos chinos
life lives
jewelry jewelry
mattress mattresses
nose noses
possum possums
royal  royals
staff  staffs
cantaloupe cantaloupes
daisy Daisies
fire fires


hose Hoses
luggage luggage
motif motifs
phd phds
race races
sister in law  sisters in law
talent  talents
usage  usages
change changes
diagnosis diagnoses
maximum maximums
novation novations
pouch pouches
runner up  runner ups
stare  stares
time  times.
consensus consensus
entree entrées
group groups