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What are Prefixes?

Prefixes are the letters that sit before a stem to make new words. These letters are also called affixes. Affixes generally have no meaning on their own but can form meaningful words by sitting before/after the stems. In the case of prefixed words, affixes sit before the stems of the words. Here you will get prefixes list a to z PDF.

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Here are the most used prefixes list is given, you can download this list at the bottom.


Anti- (against)

antidote — a cure that acts against poison

antihero — an unlikely hero, a hero who goes against the norm


Astro- (star)

astronomy – the study of stars

astronaut – a person trained to travel to the stars


Ambi- (both) 

ambidextrous — capable of using both your right and left hands

ambivalent — open to both or multiple interpretations of something


Bi- (two)

biannual — two times a year

bicycle — a vehicle with two wheels

binoculars — a viewing instrument with two lenses


Co- (together)

cohabitate — live together

cooperate — work together


Con- (against or opposite)

contradict — to say the opposite thing as someone else

confront — to go against someone or something


De- (down)

descend — to go down

deflate — to be emptied, taken down


Dis- (opposite or not)

disappear — to do the opposite of appear; to vanish

dissatisfied — not satisfied


Em- (to make or put into)

empower — to make powerful

embrace — to put into a hug

Extra- (more than)

extraordinary — more than ordinary, special

extravagant — more elaborate than it needs to be


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Prefixes List A to Z


Fore- (before or front)

foresee — to see before it happens

forehead — the front of the head


Hetero- (different)

heterosexual — attracted to a different sex

heterogeneous — used to describe a group of many different things


Hind- (after or back)

hindsight — to see or understand after something happened

hindquarters — back legs of an animal


Homo- (same)

homogeneous — of the same kind

homosexual — attracted to the same sex

homonym — two words that are pronounced the same


Im- (opposite or not)

impossible — not possible

impractical — not practical


In- (opposite or not)

incomplete — not complete

incompatible — not compatible


Inter- (between)

international — between nations

interactive — action between people or objects


Mal- (bad or wrong)

malfunction — functions wrongly

malicious — bad or evil


Mid- (middle)

midpoint — the middle point

midnight — the middle of the night

Mis- (wrong)

misfit — a person whose attitude or personality is wrong for a group

mistake — to do something wrong


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25 Important Prefixes List


Mono- (one) 

monotheistic — belief in one god

monocle — glasses for just one eye


Non- (without)

nonsense — without sense

nonfiction — without elements of fiction


On- (near or connected)

online — connected to the internet

onlooker — someone watching from nearby


Pan- (all)

panorama — a complete view of all the area

pandemic — a disease that covers all of a country or the world


Ped- (foot)

pedal — a lever operated by your foot

pedestrian — a person walking on foot


Post- (after) 

postpartum — after birth

postscript — an added note after a letter


Pre- (before)

prefix — letters that come before a word to change its meaning

precaution — taking caution before something happens

preview — a partial view before you see the rest of something


Pro- (forward or for)

proceed — to move forward

pro-government — for the government


Re- (again)

repeat — say it again

revisit — visit again

reconstruct — build again


Semi- (half)

semicircle — half a circle

semi-formal — halfway between casual and formal


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Prefixes List A to Z


Sub- (below)

subzero — below zero

submarine — a vessel that travels below the water


Sur- (over)

surpass — to go over what was expected

surreal — bizarre, to be over what’s normal


Trans- (across or changed)

transportation — to travel across a space

transform — a change in appearance


Tri- (three)

tricycle — a vehicle with three wheels

triangle — a shape with three sides


Twi- (two)

twins — two people born at the same time

twice — happening two times

Ultra- (beyond)

ultrasonic — a frequency beyond human hearing

ultraviolet — beyond the spectrum of human vision


Un- (opposite or not)

undone — not done

uncomfortable — not comfortable

unbelievable — not believable


Uni- (one)

unicorn — a fictional horse with one horn

unicycle — a vehicle with only one wheel


Ambi- (both)

ambidextrous — capable of using both your right and left hands

ambivalent — open to both or multiple interpretations of something


Under- (not enough)

understaffed — not enough staff

underperform — to not perform well enough


Up- (higher or better)

uplift — to lift something or someone higher

upstairs — the higher level of a house


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25 Important Prefixes List



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