Remove V3, V2, Remove Past Tense and Past Participle

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Remove V3, V2, Remove Past Tense and Past Participle

Below are the v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 forms of Remove:

Base form (V1) remove
Past Tense (V2) removed
Past Participle Form (V3) removed
‘ing’ form (V4) removing
S / es/ ies (V5) removes


Definition of a Verb: A verb is a word that expresses an action (such as eat), an event (such as happen) or a state (such as exist).

Verb Forms: There are many different forms of verbs in English.

  • The base form (V1) of a verb is just the word: (eat, happen, exist).
  • The -ed form (V2) is used as a past tense: (ate, happened, existed).
  • The -en form (V3) is used as a past participle: (eaten, happened, existed).
  • The -ing form (V4) is used as a present participle: (eating, happening, existing).
  • The -s form (V5) is used when the subject is he, she, or it: (eats, happens, exists).
  • Irregular verbs have unpredictable forms: (go, went, gone).
  • Regular verbs have predictable forms: (walk, walked, walked).

Learn most common verbs forms in English.

Here is the V1(base form), V2(past simple), V3(past participle), in English.

V1 V2 V3
abate abated abated
dive dived dived
rest rested rested
retain retained retained
warn warned warned
bring brought brought


mix mixed Mixed
taste tasted tasted
place placed placed
say said said
tire tired tired
need needed needed
roll rolled rolled
solve solved solved


miss missed Missed
surge surged surged
type typed typed
begin began begun
frame framed framed
smile smiled smiled
cry cried cried
throw threw thrown
note noted noted


recite recited Recited
touch touched touched
omit omitted omitted
rain rained rained
shave shove shaven
punish punished punished
sink sank sunk
stop stopped stopped
absorb absorbed absorbed


hear heard Heard
pay paid paid
stress stressed stressed
carry carried carried
own owned owned
set set set
prove proved proved
see saw seen
fly flew flown
shine shone shone


trust trusted Trusted
lick licked licked
open opened opened
try tried tried
sight sighted sighted
talk talked talked
recast recast recast
stand stood stood
march marched marched
abide abode abode
melt melted melted
shed shed shed
abash abashed abashed
point pointed pointed


value valued Valued
decay decayed decayed
misuse misused misused
study studied studied
leer leered leered
limp limped limped
mind minded minded
move moved moved
note noted noted
pay paid paid
pray prayed prayed
rebuild rebuilt rebuilt
say said said
sail sailed sailed
scold scolded scolded


share shared Shared
spoil spoilt spoilt
spring sprang sprung
stoop stooped stooped
stress stressed stressed
sink sank sunk
swot swotted swotted
tire tired tired
type typed typed
warn warned warned
water watered watered
yield yielded yielded