20 Signs & Symbol Name in English

Signs & Symbols and Names

20 Signs & Symbol Name in English! ESL students often have difficulty understanding the meaning of signs and symbols. This can be especially true when it comes to names. Many students may not know that their name is a sign or symbol. In fact, every name has a meaning and history behind it.

By understanding the origins of their name, ESL students can better appreciate its significance. In this blog post, we’ll explore the meanings and histories behind some common names. We’ll also learn how to say them in English. Hopefully, this will help our ESL readers better understand the world around them! Thanks for reading!

Signs & Symbols Names

_ Underscore
[ ] Square bracket
/ Slash
; Semicolon
Quotation mark
? Question mark
. Period, decimal, point
% Percent
( ) Parenthesis


# Number sign
Less than
Greater than
! Exclamation mark
$ Dollar sign


, Comma
: Colon
{ } Brace
* Asterisk
Apostrophe, prime
& Ampersand

English Symbol Name in Detail

1. Underscore (_)

In English language, we use underscore for different purposes. It can be used as a joining character, as a marker for emphasis or to indicate that something is missing.

2. Asterisk (*)

An asterisk is a small star-shaped symbol (*) used in writing. It is used to add emphasis, indicate a pause in a sentence, or to show that a word is being used as a name.

3. Ampersand (&)

The ampersand (&) is a symbol used in writing. It is a joined form of the Latin word et meaning “and”.

4. At Sign (@)

The at sign (@) is a symbol found on keyboards. It is used in email addresses and social media handles.

5. Hashtag (#)

The hashtag (#) is a symbol used on social media platforms. It is used to mark keywords or topics in a post.

6. Percent Sign (%)

The percent sign (%) is a symbol used to denote percentages or ratios. It is written as a percentage or as a decimal.

7. Dollar Sign ($)

The dollar sign ($) is a symbol used in writing. It is used to represent U.S. currency or to indicate prices.

8. Plus Sign (+)

The plus sign (+) is a symbol used in writing. It is used to indicate addition or positive numbers.

9. Minus Sign (-)

The minus sign (-) is a symbol used in writing. It is used to indicate subtraction or negative numbers.

10. Division Symbol (/)

The division symbol (/) is a symbol used in writing. It is used to show the division of one number by another.