Simple Words and Opposite, Simple Opposite Words for Kids in English

Simple words and opposite

English words can have more than one meaning. Some words are simple, with one meaning. Other words have opposites, meanings that go in the opposite direction. Learning these simple opposite words can help your English become more accurate and fluent. Let’s explore some common simple opposite words!

ESL students, did you know there are many English words with opposite meanings? These are called simple opposite words. Learning these can help improve your fluency and accuracy when speaking English.

What is the opposite word?

An opposite word is a word that has the opposite meaning of another word. For example, the words hot and cold are opposites. So are the words big and small.

When two words have opposite meanings, we call them antonyms.

How kids can learn opposite words?

One way to learn opposite words is to think of things that go together.

For example,

  • we eat food and drink water.
  • We wear clothes and take them off.
  • We live in houses and work in offices.

When you think of things that go together like this, it can help you remember the opposites.

Let’s try another example!!!

If you think of a cat, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe it’s a dog. Or maybe it’s milk.

Cats and dogs are opposites, and so are cats and milk.

Here are some more examples of simple opposite words:

natural – artificial
brief – long
man – woman
awake – asleep
on – off
clever – foolish
shiny – dull
hard – easy
tiny – huge
laugh – cry
married – single
bad – good


supporter – opponent
in – out
open – closed
closed – open
wet – dry
regret – satisfaction
entrance – exit
messy – neat
before – after
top – bottom
light – dark
happy – sad


unity – division
little – big
funny – serious
special – general
honest – dishonest
modern – ancient
blank – completed
wide – narrow
pretty – ugly
employed – unemployed
thick – thin


junior – senior
many – few
awful – excellent
sunny – cloudy
import – export
visitor – host
remember – forget
even – odd
together – separate
left – right
tall – short
interesting – boring
more – less
boy – girl
tight – loose
kind – cruel


victory – defeat
rich – wealthy
far – near
peace – war
difficult – easy
poverty – wealth
dim – bright
start – finish
hot – cold
sharp – blunt
ally – enemy
up – down
long – short
full – empty
visible – invisible


rich – poor
fancy – plain
night – day
cheap – expensive
single – married
healthy – sick
truth – lie
liquid – solid
give – take
skinny – fat


heavy – light
opposite – same
deep – shallow
normal – strange
child – adult
major – minor
ask – reply
sweet – sour
inside – outside
useful – useless
rude – polite
love – hate
fast – slow
amateur – professional
youth – adulthood
powerful – weak
early – late
sunny – cloudy
humid – dry